Strategies to Optimize Your eCommerce Home Page

    As the headquarters of NASA’s human space program and energy industry, Houston has made a name for itself, thanks to its engineering expertise.

    But Houston’s eCommerce industry is still in its infancy, considering its population growth compared to similar-sized metros. Experts believe that eCommerce sales could hit $1.5 trillion in the next five years. And Houston can meet the industrial real estate demand for an additional 1 billion sq. ft. eCommerce space.

    Optimizing your eCommerce website, especially the home page, is a sure-shot way to increase your sales and make the best use of the region’s bright prospects. Leading experts in Houston web design companies specialize in building and enhancing customized eCommerce websites with the most profitable features. Here are some of the top strategies to optimize your eCommerce home page to guarantee higher traffic on your business website.

    Present A Clear Value Proposition

    The Greater Houston Area boasts over 300 eCommerce companies, with a CB rank of 25,407 and the top funding types being equity crowdfunding and private equity.

    In such a highly-competitive eCommerce landscape, you need to treat your eCommerce home page as your online storefront to stay one step ahead of your competitors. When you display your site’s value proposition and competitive advantage on your home page, it inspires and compels your customers to make purchases.

    Top experts invest time in understanding your products and services. They then differentiate your brand from others and develop a unique value proposition, thus increasing conversions.

    Add a Visible Search Box

    Houston is home to nearly 950 online prospecting-worthy Shopify stores, under various categories, such as fashion, travel gear, automobile, arts and industrial.

    Your site visitors will explore your home page, and if interested, the potential buyers will look for options to search for products they need. Experts suggest that site search capabilities increase conversion by 50%.

    Top professionals with expertise in Houston web design strategies aim to display a prominent search box at the right position and generate accurate results.

    Feature Your Best Products and New Arrivals

    People visiting Houston love purchasing unique branded products, from Texas boots, jams and marmalades, artisan chocolates to souvenir tumblers.

    When you display popular items and new arrivals in various categories, it contributes to improving potential customers’ decisions to purchase your products.

    Web designing experts do all the research to identify the products that can bring you better conversion rates.

    They then provide you a list of popular products and new arrivals that you can display on your eCommerce home page, thus attracting your repeat customers.

    Feature High-quality Product Images on Your eCommerce Home Page

    Being a dynamic city with an outstanding workforce, Houston presents an excellent potential for businesses like lawn and landscaping, photography and real estate.

    If you are into such businesses, having bright and attractive images on your eCommerce home page can make all the difference.

    Leading specialists help you make a positive impression on your clientele with high-quality images relevant to your brand and offered services.

    Keep Your eCommerce Home page Design Mobile Responsive

    As per Space City’s latest trends, the home page design should be highly-mobile responsive, with broken grids, card-based layouts and color blocking.

    Your eCommerce home page design should have the same look and feel as exploring it on a laptop, even when your customers navigate through it on their smartphones.

    Experienced professionals help you fix a design that allows your customers to have a seamless browsing experience of your eCommerce home page on their mobile devices. It ensures they make confirmed purchases, even when they are on the go.

    Ensure Your eCommerce Home Page Loads Quickly

    In Houston, over 80% of residents have access to high-speed internet, with service providers like AT&T, Frontier and Xfinity providing excellent coverage.

    If you wish to make this facility’s best use, ensure your eCommerce home page loads at high speed since even a delay of 100 ms can reduce conversions by 7%. When you engage experts, they will handle your website technicalities, like server performance and bad plugins.

    Include Social Sharing Features in Your eCommerce Home Page

    Like the customers in other regions, over 70% of Houston consumers recommend a brand to others if they have an excellent social media service experience.

    You can increase your social media presence and attract more clients by giving your site visitors incentives to share your brand on various social media platforms. Leading specialists provide this feature in the form of credit points and discounts, ensuring your brand reaches a more extensive customer base.

    Final Words

    Houston will host the Small Business Expo in November this year; it will cover various industries, including eCommerce.

    Consult a reputable Houston web design expert for optimizing your eCommerce home page. You can then genuinely benefit from Houston’s thriving eCommerce and digital marketing landscape, thus making profit margins exceeding your expectations.

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