7 Best VPN for Gaming: Epic Pwnage, Low Ping

    You do not have to experience geo-blocking any further. Now you can easily play games, outgrowing the geological boundaries. If you wish to stay anonymous while playing the game, you need to know the best VPN for gaming. Gaming is one of the most favorite leisure time activities; on the other hand, some people take it as a profession.

    VPN can save your money and provide you with better connectivity at the same time. It improves the overall online experience. Gaming is one of the most lucrative markets in the world today. We can even set aside the profit perspective. Even then, the available number of users that play games just for fun is very high. However, games are of multiple varieties.

    It is essential to know about the best VPN for gaming purposes

    This is because some games are often restricted due to their location or government policies. While console and emulator games exist, most gaming communities play games on either PCs or mobile phones. As more and more games are being developed, various requirements for them are also getting updated. However, many games are available in selected countries only. Other games are unavailable in specific networks or locations. If you want to bypass this geological ban on a game, using a VPN is your best bet.

    VPN for gaming purposes is widely used, and it can provide the gamer with multiple benefits. For instance, games that are not available in a particular country or region can be easily played. Sometimes, online gamers prefer to stay anonymous while joining a server. VPNs can help in doing that too.

    VPN or a Virtual Private Network creates a gateway for your data connection. This process hides your IP address from your Internet Service Provider. As a result, your location can be falsely generated from any part of the world. This, in turn, can help in bypassing the geological block on the access of any game. Apart from this, using a VPN also makes your network much safer and secure. Even in places of highly unstable network connectivity, using a VPN can help you stabilize your ping. This is a crucial point in playing online games.

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    Why Do You Need Best VPN for Gaming?

    A gaming VPN mainly helps in making the connectivity to a game server despite any location-based blocks. However, it is not necessary to use VPNs in all of the games you play. Some games may experience a temporary ban in your country. In such cases, using a VPN is the best solution. Recently in India, PUNG Mobile got banned by the government for violation of privacy policies. Since all of the Indian servers for this game were shut down, users could not connect to it usually. The use of VPNs helped the gamers to be able to connect to the PUBG Mobile servers, though.

    However, it is essential to note that merely using a VPN can only bypass the block imposed. Many Indian users were able to access PUBG Mobile. However, there were still issues regarding high ping and volatile data connection. For this reason, you must choose the best gaming VPN to resolve such issues.

    The best VPN for gaming are not just tools that can help you play a game. Instead, they will help you play a game without any worries. Some of the critical points as to why we need good VPNs for gaming are summarised below:

    • Bypassing the block on geographical location imposed by ISPs or government policies.
    • Completing the purchase of games that are not accessible in a particular location.
    • For maintaining anonymity while joining an online server of any game.
    • For making the connection safe and secure and preventing DDoS attacks.

    Hence, it is quite understandable why a good VPN is necessary to enhance your online gaming experience.

    Best VPN for Gaming

    The need for the use of VPN has already been discussed above. Some of the best VPN for gaming that is quite popular among the users will be presented below. All of the VPNs listed below have their own sets of pros and cons. However, for most users, the pros provide more advantages than the cons of demerit. All these VPNs have been reviewed on different sets of parameters. All of their features have also been discussed in detail below.


    If you are in the mobile gaming community, you have undoubtedly heard of and the potential it holds. Considered the best free VPN for gaming, this is probably the most widely used VPN for gaming purposes globally. This VPN user base is vast, and it provides safe, fast, and reliable services for network connectivity.

    This VPN mainly works on the Cloudflare server. They decided to go against the usual Google servers, and it has helped in better connectivity overall. Cloudflare is remarkably internet optimized, and some people even consider it to be faster than Google servers. Initially, was not a VPN when it was first launched. It merely provided a different gateway for network connectivity. However, the developers decided to add their Warp feature to the app. This nearly made a good VPN for getting a safe and secure connection.

    The best thing about using is that the Warp feature is free for its users. Moreover, many VPNs slow down internet speed. That is not the case with, as it switches to a faster cloud server. Users will also be able to remain anonymous while using this VPN to join random online servers. According to the privacy policy posted by this app, user data is not collected or stored in any way. Hence, users can be assured that their personal information remains safe. This is an essential aspect as many VPNs can compromise your personal information to bypass internet blocks.

    Detailed Features

    Most users of have reported that the change in internet speed after and before connecting to VPN is negligible. It will be wrong to say that there are absolutely no changes. However, it is so small that the users may not even notice the difference in their internet speeds. Packet loss is unavoidable, but it is not anything significant to worry about.

    The ping also remains unchanged with the use of this VPN. Moreover, higher ping networks may show a much lower stable ping when is active. With free services, this app offers much more than many other paid VPN applications in the market.

    There are both paid and free versions of, though. The free version uses the Warp feature for providing a secure connection to its users. As for the paid version, there is the Warp+ feature. For users to avail themselves, they need to pay around 1 dollar per GB. The paid version is premium, and it provides even better services with better connectivity and speed. However, the Warp feature or the free version is enough for most users.

    The only con present in is that users will not be able to choose a location. In other VPNs, a particular location from anywhere in the world can be pinpointed. With, users will get allocated to a random place. However, it still will do the job for you. So, no significant complaints from the users either.

    2. NordVPN

    NordVPN is one of the best VPN for gaming and is quite popular among other types of users. It has been downloaded the maximum number of times among any VPN present in this list. It is safe to say that this VPN is trusted widely due to its fantastic service and features.

    Apart from the typical functionalities that any VPN provides, NordVPN provides many additional features. The most selling point of this VPN is its performance concerning its charges. It is one of the most affordable VPN services you will ever find. There usually are discounts available for new users of any purchase. Additionally, the 2-year plans are presented with a vast discounted amount. With all considerations, you have to pay around 3.71 dollars per month, while these two yearly plan is active.

    NordVPN also has a large number of servers around the world. It is to be expected from a VPN that provides its service in over 59 different countries. There are over 5400 plus servers, and all of them are used quite well. In other words, despite the significant number of users, you will not have any problem acquiring their services. When it comes to reliability and speed, NordVPN is an excellent choice for gamers. Games such as Counter-Strike, COD, PUBG, and many more are easily playable with this VPN. Users have never complained about issues such as low internet speed or high ping.

    Detailed Features

    NordVPN is also one of the safest VPN services out there. Users can rest assured that their privacy is well maintained and their data is secure. This VPN is also multi-device compatible. Also, it has advanced features such as sync across devices. If you need to use NordVPN on your phone, you do not need a separate license. One single NordVPN account can connect up to 6 devices simultaneously. Hence, no restrictions on multiple devices as well. Uses can also stay anonymous while playing different online games. Your IP will not be visible, and you can surf the net or play games while maintaining anonymity.

    The other essential features of NordVPN include the encryption of data. This VPN has military-grade encryption of the data for their users. Hence, security is much better. There is also a double VPN mode available, which is extremely helpful to the users. Additionally, NordVPN maintains a strict no-logging policy for the users. There is also a provision to use an internet kill switch for swift connection termination. 

    IP leaks are guaranteed not to happen with NordVPN. The NordVPN app is also highly stable. It is equally effective in android, iOS, Mac, or Windows devices. Apart from gaming, NordVPN also works well with Netflix for streaming content that is not available in your country. Speed drop and ping issues are not present either.

    As for some cons, NordVPN services’ purchase via iTunes in-app store does not provide any refunds. Since this is a premium service, users may want to test it out before paying. However, there is no provision for any free trial period. The 30-day money-back offer does exist, though. Also, NordVPN is unavailable for people residing in China, which is a downer.

    3. ExpressVPN

    ExpressVPN is one of the most widely used VPNs in the world at present. Mainly used for general purposes, it is also beneficial while playing games. According to Google Play Store statistics, this VPN has been downloaded the most times last year. It offers a wide range of features and has extensive global services.

    There are over 169 different global locations in which ExpressVPN have their servers. Due to its extensive nature, many people consider this VPN as highly reliable for playing games. It also provides the utmost stable services. As a result, users do not face drops in net speed or high ping in their gaming sessions. No cases of getting suddenly disconnected have been reported by ExpressVPN either.

    As for additional functionalities, users can use split tunneling. This is a unique feature of ExpressVPN that allows users to use apps selectively. For instance, users can select which apps they want to use with a VPN and which apps to use without it. This can be done simultaneously, and different apps can be routed differently to network connectivity. Hence, you will be able to do multiple tasks on different IPs if that is required.

    Detailed features

    One thing to note before opting for ExpressVPN is that it is not cheap. It provides premium services and also charges quite an amount for doing so. As a result, many gamers tend to avoid ExpressVPN due to its expensive pricing policy. However, all good things come at a cost, and one cannot complain about their services.

    To provide one of the best VPN services for gaming, ExpressVPN charges around 194.20 dollars per user per year. There is a discounted scheme available for new users, though. A new user has to pay only 99.95 dollars for the first year. The service period is also extended to 15 months instead of 12 for this price. Next year onwards, the usual fee is charged.

    The bypassing feature of ExpressVPN is handy. Region-specific blocks can be easily bypassed, and games and applications can be accessed without any hassle. There is no possibility of your IP getting leaked either. So, you can be sure to remain anonymous in the random game servers. The app is fully compatible with multiple platforms, such as Nintendo, PS, Xbox, Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android.

    ExpressVPN is reliable against DDoS attacks and provides a secure internet connection. It provides support across different platforms and has a guarantee of money back in 30 days. The only con of this VPN is that it is expensive.

    4. Cyberghost VPN

    When it comes to affordable best VPN for gaming, it is tough not to mention Cyberghost VPN. Whenever a list of best VPN services is created, Cyberghost VPN is always there. It is highly reliable and provides safe and fast network connectivity for playing games.

    It provides its services globally. Over 90 different countries are under the service area of Cyberghost VPN. Since its servers are so widely spread, users generally connect to the ones that are nearby. This, in turn, reduces the ping. Also, the internet speed is hardly changed. As a result, connectivity becomes better and faster in a much more secure environment.

    For better security of user’s data, Cyberghost VPN follows a policy of no logging. This essentially means that the logs of the users are not stored in their servers. Hence, you will not have to worry about the leakage of your private data. Maintaining the user’s privacy is one of the strong points of this VPN, after all.

    Cyberghost VPN is also available on different platforms for the benefit of users. Even in platforms like Linux, Mackintosh, or Android TVs, this VPN will work in all such platforms. For online gamers, Cyberghost VPN is compatible to be used in all types of consoles. It even works in browser extensions. This is one of the most readily usable VPN services in the market.

    Detailed Features

    As already stated before, Cyberghost VPN is one of the most affordable VPN services. It always provides discounts to users. The cost of annual plans is discounted heavily. There are different pricing policies. The basic one starts from 2.81 dollars only, and it can extend up to 13.47 dollars. For the majority of gamers, having the basic plan of Cyberghost VPN is more than enough.

    Another advantage of using the Cyberghost VPN is that it does not alter the Wi-Fi speed at all. Most online gamers do have a Wi-Fi connection. Using this VPN with Wi-Fi is the ultimate combination for playing games. The connection ping is significantly reduced. This, in turn, enhances your overall gaming experience.

    There are hardly any issues associated with this VPN. However, in the rare case it occurs, you can contact the 24×7 live customer support anytime. All your queries and issues will be promptly responded to. With around 6600 servers worldwide, Cyberghost VPN provides excellent connectivity, no matter where you are.

    Even with affordable rates, it provides a connection to up to 7 different devices simultaneously. With the support for multiple platforms, using it in laptops, PC, and mobile phone raises no issues. This VPN also helps in blocking ads and malware attacks.

    As for the cons, users are advised to set up this VPN manually. This will provide a much better speed and stability than the default settings.

    5. IP Vanish

    When it comes to searching for the best VPN for gaming, different users will have other choices. IP Vanish is one of the highly recommended VPNs that is used by gamers recently. Users can try it without worrying about money, as this VPN guarantees 30 days money back.

    IP Vanish provides its services across 75 different countries in the world, which is impressive. There are over 1200 other servers, and each one of them allows for secure and stable network connectivity. Ping issues are not present in this VPN. Even though the loss of packets is not entirely unavoidable, it does not affect the network speed. In some areas, you can even experience a better ping while playing with IP Vanish. Many online gamers prefer this VPN as it provides stable ping through games.

    Users also have the full authority to choose exactly which server they want to connect with. On its activation, you will see multiple servers. These will be sorted according to their ping and country. Since your IP vanishes, you can even access exclusive country games from any part of the world while using this VPN.

    Detailed Features

    For better compatibility, IP Vanish is available on most platforms. For instance, it works perfectly well in Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. The Android app also allows the user to enable split tunneling. As stated earlier, users can use this feature to work on multiple apps with different IPs.

    When it comes to pricing policy, IP Vanish is slightly on the costlier side. There are both monthly plans and yearly plans available for the users. For new users, though, there are discounted prices for the first year. The discounts vary with different plans. After the first year, the standard plan costs around 12 dollars per month or 144 dollars per year. Other pricing policies are also available, which is available on their website.

    One of the significant advantages of using IP Vanish is that the connections are unmetered. All users will also get up to 250 GB of encrypted cloud storage space, along with Sugar sync. This VPN also uses a SOCKS5 web proxy. This helps in automatic connection with the servers that have comparatively lower latency.

    As for cons, IP Vanish does not work in China. So, the residents of China have to look for different alternatives.

    6. Surfshark

    Surfshark is another one of those VPNs which is considered to be great for online gaming. This VPN is quite affordable and has many features. Overall, this VPN is great for gaming, as well as for surfing the internet. Any type of user will be satisfied with what Surfshark has to offer.

    It provides stability over any type of connection. As a result, it is recommended for gamers who face high ping issues. Also, bypassing blocks based on region is very easy with Surfshark. Games that are exclusively released for different countries can also be played with this VPN.

    There are over 1700 different servers of Surfshark that are always active and running. They have their services worldwide, and the app can be used on various platforms as well. One of the best features of using Surfshark is that users will have no limit for VPN usage. No matter where you are, you will always get unlimited bandwidth.

    Like any other top VPN, Surfshark also has the split tunneling feature. In Surfshark, this feature is known as whitelister. You will be able to select apps for VPN usage and normal usage simultaneously. Selected apps will be able to bypass VPN when this feature is used.

    For Amazon Prime Video, CBS, Hulu, Netflix, or ESPN, you will be able to access content from all places. For games that have not yet been released in your country, you can get access to them. This is especially beneficial for beta tester gamers, who can get early access to their favorite games.

    Detailed Features

    The pricing policy of Surfshark is quite decent at 12.49 dollars per user per month. However, new users are provided with a significant discount. For instance, every new user will be charged 2.49 dollars only for two years. After that period, normal pricing resumes.

    Multiple platforms, such as Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android, are all supported by Surfshark. Additionally, this is one of the safest VPNs for gaming at present. It blocks all types of ads. Surfshark also acts as a protector against malware attacks by keeping the connection secure. User logs are not stored either. Hence, your data will be safe. The existence of the internet kill switch is also beneficial.

    Ping related issues and network speed reduction does not occur at all. However, one thing to keep in mind before opting for Surfshark is their customer support. It is not very supportive, and social media accounts are not very active as well.

    7. Vypr VPN

    The latest VPN on this list of best VPN for gaming is Vypr VPN. It is comparatively new in the limelight. Even though its user base is not so huge, many gamers are opting for it slowly and steadily. Vypr VPN provides unparalleled speed in network connectivity. The ping is also reduced significantly.

    There are over 700 different servers of Vypr VPN around the world. It provides safety in the connection by eliminating all the unnecessary third party processes running in the network.

    To ensure that the user data is safe, it protects public Wi-Fi services. This means that users need not be worried about connecting to public Wi-Fi anywhere. Whenever the public Wi-Fi is connected, Vypr VPN will be automatically turned on. The presence of the kill switch is also beneficial. Even though disconnection of this VPN is very rare, on the off chance it disconnects, you don’t need to worry. If it ever happens, internet access will get instantly blocked by an automated procedure.

    Detailed Features

    The pricing of Vypr VPN is around 13 dollars per month. However, new users do get a significant discount on this VPN as well. New users will get a massive discount of up to 81 percent in the first year of service.

    Since Vypr VPN is highly reliable and fast, more and more gamers turn their attention to it. Also, this VPN has one of the most stable internet connection records in recent times. In online gaming, especially in competitive ones, a good connection is necessary. Low ping is essential for competing with full strength, as even a fraction of a second can affect the results in competitive games. Hence, many new gamers have switched to Vypr VPN and have shared positive feedback.

    As for cons, Vypr VPN has only 700 servers at present, which is relatively low comparatively. However, it is to keep in mind that Vypr VPN is growing, and you can expect more servers to be developed shortly. That said, it is still a reliable VPN that provides stable, safe, and fast network connectivity.


    No one wants to face issues with high ping while playing online games. No matter how good your connection is, you must have faced it more or less. Also, random servers are not always capable of maintaining data privacy. Malware and phishing attacks are quite common on many websites. Hence, it is necessary to know about the best VPN for gaming. This, in turn, can help you get a stable net connection, as well as keep your data safe.

    Even though gaming is the main parameter on which these VPNs were chosen, they can be used for all purposes. That said, different gamers have different needs. It is always recommended to use multiple such VPNs before choosing one that suits your needs best.

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