It is undoubtedly a no new fact that mental health does take an alarming toll on us sometimes. Many of us take it seriously, but many cannot accept that mental health is equally important as physical health. Having good mental health also ensures good physical health. While many people may not be comfortable taking therapy and talking to therapists face-to-face, they can always opt for online counseling. Hence, you can easily avail therapy within the comforts of your home’s walls.

    Therefore, in today’s article, we will discuss online counseling and the benefits of online therapy.

    What is online counseling?

    Online counseling or online therapy is the professional mental health services provided by a therapist or a psychologist, or a psychiatrist on the internet. Hence, the services are provided through chats, video conferences, and webcam. Moreover, it is also known as cyber-counseling, tele-counseling, e-counseling, and e-therapy. When people opt for online therapy, they do it with the coexistence of psychotherapy counseling or traditional face-to-face counseling. With the increase in internet connection and broadband services, the need for online therapy has considerably risen.

    So, when you take online therapy sessions, you will meet with professional therapists and Reiki coaches. They will provide your online consultations and will talk with you to keep your mental health at peace. The main aim of online counseling is to keep your mental health sane and perfect while sitting on your couch at your home.

    Why choose online counseling?

    If you have been struggling with mental health lately, and cannot consult a therapist due to COVID-19, then the best solution is online therapy. Online therapy is not just limited to your mental health, but with online therapy, you can take healing yoga and exercise as per your geographical area, time, and comfort. A lot of people are suffering from depression and anxiety nowadays. Every 2 in 3 people suffers from anxiety and depression. Hence, it becomes essential to take online counseling. BetterHelp has been providing online therapy for years now. It has helped a lot of people deal with their mental health skillfully and comfortably.

    You do not have to miss your office or college hours to consult a therapist. You can quickly join a live video session and clear out your queries. Self-healing is the best approach to get back your mental strength on your hands. And, this is precisely what an online therapist provides you. Moreover, you can also watch online healing session videos on your laptop, iOS, and Android. To get the best results, get in touch with the therapists at BetterHelp.

    Moreover, you cannot just seek help for yourself; you can also opt for marriage counseling, couple counseling, or counseling for your kids. Therapists and mental health providers at BetterHelp are highly trained and best at their work. They have dedicated their years and hard work to treating people in need.

    Benefits of online therapy with BetterHelp

    There are many benefits of online counseling. Some of them are listed below:

    1. Accessibility

    The best advantage of online therapy is its accessibility. It does not matter what your age or gender is; you can access it from anywhere. All you have to ensure is that your internet connection is perfect. You are always welcome to seek guidance, advice, and treatment through psychotherapy. Whether you live in the cities or the countryside, you can quickly consult a mental health provider at BetterHelp.

    Moreover, the ones who are differently-abled can consult a therapist from the comforts of their homes. Also, online therapy has proven to be highly efficient and successful in treating young children and teenagers. Children can become nervous or shy while talking face-t0-face directly to a therapist. But, within their room’s comfortable walls, children can open up easily.

    1. Affordable

    If you think that online therapy is costly, then let us burst the myth; it is not. Online counseling is cheaper than in traditional counseling. Moreover, it is affordable for the client and the therapist. You do not have to pay for anything extra. Pay for your counseling sessions.

    Moreover, you do not have to pay for transportation or food. You have to sit on your bed or your couch and take the therapy sessions. You do not have to miss your classes or put your child at daycare to visit your therapist.

    1. Convenience

    Taking online therapy is highly convenient as well. You do not have the headache of scheduling an appointment with the therapist. Moreover, you can seek consultations at any point in time. It can be in the morning or even at night whenever you are free. At BetterHelp, you can schedule an appointment easily 24 hours prior. You can choose your convenient time. Studies have proven that people who are uncomfortable speaking to strangers face-to-face have opted for online counseling. Virtual sessions are more helpful for people who are highly introverted and shy. Moreover, e-counseling is time-saving as well.

    1. Social Embarrassment and Obscurity

    Taking therapy sessions for mental health is still a stigma. A lot of people might feel embarrassed to consult a therapist openly. So, within closed doors, you can easily share your problems with your therapist online. This one reason has made online therapy widespread and highly acknowledgeable amongst hundreds of people. Online therapy ensures anonymity and convenience.

    Moreover, while speaking face-to-face about their trauma, love affairs, bad times, etc., people might feel comfortable. They may also miss out on specific vital points. So, when you are opting for online therapy, you can share your experiences via text messages as well. You can email as well. This creates a level of honesty and confidence between the client and the therapist. Hence, with online mental health treatment, people can easily lead their life.

    Mental Health providers at BetterHelp use different cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, and humanistic approaches to different clients.

    Summing Up!

    With people staying at home more often and hooked to their smartphone and laptop’s screen, e-counseling is becoming more and more popular. Besides anonymity, convenience, and trust, online therapy is a boon to differently-abled and introverted people. BetterHelp ensures the best and trustworthy consultations to help you deal with your mental health. Therefore, if you have been feeling low or anxious, or your marriage is in trouble, then book an appointment now. Visit BetterHelp to seek help for yourself, or you and your partner, or your child.

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