Stellar Repair for Outlook- Product Review

    Microsoft Outlook is the second most popular email client after Gmail, and it is estimated to be used by more than 400 million users worldwide. What makes Outlook so popular is that it has a great interface, it is well-integrated with contacts and calendar, provides offline access to email, has a well-developed search functionality, and more.

    Due to these reasons, organizations worldwide use Outlook as the de-facto communication tool for their employees.

    This popularity also brings up the question of safety. Since so much communication passes through this email client, an Outlook crash is the last thing you’d want to handle.

    Reasons for Outlook crash

    There are many reasons why your Outlook can crash and some of them are,

    • Very large PST files that store data
    • Use of incompatible add-ins
    • Non-installation of the latest updates
    • Conflict with other programs

    The reasons are really endless, but what eventually happens is you end up losing your valuable data.

    While it may be hard to prevent crashes completely, you’d want a tool that would recover the data when Outlook crashes. Though there are many built-in Outlook repair tools, they don’t work effectively at all times.

    And for such dire situations, you have Stellar Repair for Outlook. Let’s see a bit about this tool.

    Stellar Repair for Outlook

    This Outlook repair tool comes from the renowned Stellar Info, a company known for its top-notch repair tools for all popular products.

    This is a specialist PST repair tool that comes with the following features.

    • Recovers mailbox from large PST files
    • Retrieves deleted Outlook mailbox items
    • Provides a preview of the recoverable data, so you can decide which data must be recovered
    • Fast and an easy way to recover your data
    • Intuitive user-interface
    • Recovers and stores data in multiple formats
    • Splits or compacts the PST and exports it to Office 365
    • Saves the mailbox data at a location of your choice

    The biggest highlight of this tool is its simplicity. You can recover all the data from your mailbox, regardless of how technically adept you are.

    Using Stellar Repair for Outlook

    Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use this Outlook pst repair tool.

    • Download Stellar Repair for Outlook.
    • Double-click the downloaded file and the installer will open. Navigate through the wizard and accept the default values. Finally, click on install.
    • Once you’ve installed, launch this tool by double-clicking the icon
    • As soon as you open, a pop-up window will come up to prompt you to enter a filename or browse through the file system to find the file you want to repair.Once you locate the file, select, and click the “Repair” button to start the repair and recovery process.When the PST repair file has completed its work, a list of files is displayed on the left-side pane. You can click on each file to preview its contents before deciding whether you want to recover it or not.After you’ve selected the files for recovery, choose the format in which you want to save them.That’s it! You can open the file and recover your data.

    As you can see, this tool is simple and yet extremely powerful. Its intuitive interface covers all the complexity that happens in the background and from your standpoint, it’s happiness again!

    Don’t you think this is a must-have tool in your repertoire of recovery tools?

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