Best Robot Kits to Start Building Today

    As robotics gains traction in our technological world, schools and educational institutions start integrating it into curricula. Due to high gamification levels, building and programming machines impact analytical and STEM skills.

    Many adults want to join the fun too. Luckily, the market is full of hobbyist’s dream kits, which empower anyone to start building.

    Let’s explore the options for everybody: from a novice to a pro.

    4M Table Top Robot Kit

    For Beginners

    This mechanical crab is for kids ages eight and up. It’s an enjoyable and educational tool to develop creativity and spark interest in science.

    The fun begins at assembly. While there are a few parts, putting it together is still simple due to detailed instructions. The activated machine uses proximity sensors and edge detectors to “walk,” change direction, and avoid obstacles.

    Makeblock mBot Robot Kit

    Entry-Level Engineering and Programming

    Makeblock mBot teaches robotics to children and beginners. The kit contains everything you need for the successful application of the product at school and home.

    The collection provides everything in the box: parts, commands, and learning material.

    Start at the base and build up your coding skills by playing with controls and commands. In addition to mBlock, mBot supports the Arduino C text-based programming language. Another perk of this kit is the peer collaboration and shared design and programming experience. 

    Bioloid STEM Standard Kit

    Beginners to Advanced

    This collection of parts and necessary directions includes 21 weeks’ worth of learning. It includes the building of the following seven robot samples:

    1. Sequential Command Robot
    2. Bug Fighter
    3. Tumbler
    4. Line Follower
    5. Digital Piano
    6. Motorcycle
    7. Avoider

    With each android, you’ll be able to advance your skills and make your way through the excitement of creating a functioning machine.

    Build Your Robot

    If You Feel Confident and Adventurous

    As we can see, making robots is inspiring and energizing enough in a contained environment of a preset assortment of tools and parts.

    Envision the joy if you created one out of your imagination!

    Here’s what you need to do:

    1. Decide what you want to build
    2. Create a sketch
    3. Model it in 3D
    4. Print or buy the body components
    5. Order the electric parts
    6. Assemble
    7. Program
    8. Play, reprogram, and explore!

    If you’ve already had experience with the assemble-ready kits mentioned above, it’ll be straightforward. However, it can get messy if you’re a novice. First of all, you need to wrap your head around all the hardware components like Zener diodes, resistors, capacitors, motors, and many more.

    This endeavor needs rigorous planning, but the satisfaction from it can be hundredfold!

    Thymio Robot

    Best for Learning to Code

    If hardware engineering isn’t your cup of tea, this cute high-tech looking white machine could be your friend. It’s an out-of-the-box solution built for advancing your robot programming skills. You can load six pre-programmed behaviors and modify them using five languages, including Scratch and Blockly.

    The Thymio website includes lessons, learning materials, and teacher stories to get you and your kids inspired to build your imaginative world.

    Look Forward

    As robotics integrates with artificial intelligence and machine learning, human-made androids become increasingly fascinating. As a result, the hobby of the past becomes a lucrative profession. Why not start exploring it today?

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