5 Steps to Secure Your Devices

    Any devices connected to a network or the internet are likely to prove vulnerable to a security breach without the right security protocols and measures in place.

    Using a company like Essential IT can often prove to be a smart move when they have the know-how and technical ability to protect your devices.

    There are also some essential steps that you can follow in order to help secure your device.

    Here are some key pointers to consider.

    Make sure your Wi-Fi connection is secure

    One of the steps that are of paramount importance is the need to take the right steps when it comes to making sure that your internet connection is as secure as possible.

    When you consider that your internet connection is the gateway to all of your connected devices it has to be a top priority to take steps that make your connection less of a potential security risk.

    One of the classic mistakes that you need to avoid is simply relying on the default settings that come with your router and assuming that it will deliver sufficient protection.

    Encryption is the way to go

    One of the essential layers of protection that you should consider using is to encrypt your web traffic.

    It is straightforward to achieve this aim if you arrange to have a virtual private network (VPN) to provide you with an important added layer of security.

    Remember to accept important updates

    It is absolutely essential that you update your devices regularly. This is because the updates are designed to fix security flaws that have been discovered.

    Every day that goes by without having the updated software version on your device increases your vulnerability and raises the prospect of your data being compromised.

    Don’t disregard update prompts.

    Your smartphone requires extra security attention

    Most of us tend to be welded to our smartphones and couldn’t imagine going through the day without using it regularly.

    It is worth remembering that your smartphone is likely to be way more than a simple device for making calls and this is why you need to take extra steps to protect its contents.

    It is not that difficult to arrange to protect your phone with an endpoint security solution but it would be a smart move when you consider what you are carrying around with you. You should also consider encrypting any sensitive data that is on your smartphone.

    Make sure you use a firewall

    Firewalls are sometimes viewed as an overkill are even a bit of a nuisance, and the temptation is then to turn it off and rely on other security efforts.

    A firewall is specifically designed to create an effective barrier that prevents unauthorized access to your data. It is strongly advised that you review your level of firewall protection and even consider adding an extra business network firewall to boost your defenses.

    Resist the temptation to turn off your firewall protection as it could be a decision that comes back to haunt you.

    If you take these necessary steps to protect your devices and keep your data secure it should improve your chances of avoiding a serious security breach.

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