The Role of Comodo SSL In Securing E-commerce Transactions

    Introduction- The age of E-commerce

    It is an era where E-commerce transactions are becoming popular. Brace yourself to see even more! This trend is not just stopping anytime soon. Today, consumers can make all kinds of purchases from anywhere around the globe. Courtesy of fast internet and advancements in technology, the number of online shoppers, has skyrocketed, especially in the recent past. The increase in the number of online shoppers has, in turn, led to an increase in the number of online transactions. According to an analysis report released by United Nations Conference on Trade Development, the total E-commerce sales hit $25.6 in 2018. Then the Covid-19 pandemic came and accelerated the application of digital solutions in the selling and purchasing activities. As more and more people continued to stay and work from home to contain the spread of the virus, Ecommerce transactions became the most appropriate alternative. In June 2020, E-commerce websites recorded the highest number of internet traffic.

    Indeed, in the recent past and in the years to come, E-commerce will be an indispensable ingredient in the global retail industry. With this trend also comes challenges. One of the greatest challenges facing E-commerce websites is the cybersecurity threat.

    Security of E-commerce Transactions

    If you are to make it in the E-commerce industry, then security should be given the utmost level of attention that it deserves. Cyber attackers usually go after E-commerce websites, try to intercept the transactions for their benefits. E-commerce websites, thus, remain a lucrative hotspot for hackers. According to a Deloitte report, in 2018, 32.4% of all successful cyber breaches targeted e-commerce platforms.

    E-commerce security refers to all the measures, strategies, and resources that are put in place to ensure safe online transactions. It encompasses all the protocols that protect all those that take part in online buying and selling. Several E-commerce security solutions should be installed to ensure secure transactions. They include SSL encryption, firewalls, frequent data backups, frequent security checks, and audits, among others. In this article, I will major in the SSL certificate because of the crucial role in securing E-commerce transactions. The article will further narrow down to the Comodo certificate, which you need for proper and maximum security to your E-commerce transactions.

    SSL Encryption in E-commerce Transactions

    The Secure Sockets Layer is a secure communication protocol tasked with identifying your website server and encrypting all the communications transmitted between your servers and the users’ browsers. You might also have heard about the TLS. There is nothing different between TLS and SSL. TLS is just a technical name that refers to the newest versions of SSL.

    SSL certificates are vital in securing online transactions. In doing online transactions, your customers will be required to submit their personal information such as their full names, email addresses, physical locations, and phone contacts. They will also need to submit their financial details, such as credit card information, debit card information, and vital financial records. All this information ought to be protected from the reach of cyber intruders. The SSL certificate is best suited for this role. It is the more reason why you need to buy an SSL certificate for your website.

    When a web visitor visits your website, which has been fortified with an SSL certificate, his/her browser will request to share the server’s identity. The server will respond by sending a copy of the SSL certificate to the browser. The browser will have to check the SSL certificate copy to ascertain whether the certificate can be trusted. The browser will identify the issuer of the SSL certificate and accept or reject the certificate.

    If the browser accepts, then the server will initiate a secure session with the server. On the other hand, it rejects, it will issue a warning message to the website visitors. In the case of a trusted SSL certificate, the user is assured of all his transactions’ security. The user can then browse through the website without any fears of insecurities.

    To secure online transactions, a website will need to provide the required encryption level by merely buying an SSL certificate. Apart from just securing your online transactions, an SSL certificate will also help in identity authentication and improve your rankings in the Search Engine Results Pages.

    That said, you have no option but to buy an SSL certificate. When buying the certificate, always make sure that you get one from a trusted certificate authority. For as far as the security of E-commerce transactions is concerned, the Comodo certificate is highly recommended.

    Why Comodo SSL Certificate?

    The Comodo SSL certificate assures you of the highest degree of encryption you need to keep your transactions safe. The certificate will reinforce the security of your website by using 256-bit encryption. This level of encryption will keep cyber attackers far away from your website. No hacker will think about breaching your website. With this level of encryption power and strength, you will not worry about insecurity threats to your online transactions.

    You also need a certificate that is trusted by organizations around the globe. The Comodo SSL is that kind of certificate. The Comodo SSL is arguably the best and most central certificate authority in the world. According to a recent poll conducted by W3Techs, the international market share of Comodo now stands at 41.3%. No company can achieve such a market share for nothing. The company needs to be efficient, have excellent customer service, and offer nothing but quality products. This is precisely what comodo is doing.

    Another aspect that Comodo shines in is customer service. In case of any problem with the SSL certificate operation, their SSL experts will always be available to help. This is an essential aspect, especially in need to secure your online transactions. Any hitches on your SSL certificate should be solved with immediate effects before they can become catastrophic. With comodo, the solution is just a phone call away.

    Among the many advantages of using a Comodo SSL certificate is the price. The Comodo certificate comes at affordable and cheap prices. No certificate authority has provided efficient SSL certificates that offer the highest encryption levels, like the Comodo SSL. A Cheap Comodo SSL certificate could be useful in encrypting your online transactions as the most expensive certificate from other authorities. Want to save money while receiving the highest level of encryption? Perhaps you should consider buying just a cheap Comodo SSL.


    Online transactions have become so popular and common. People now prefer buying online, selling online, and making payments for purchases online. This trend has seen E-commerce stores transact vast amounts of money and resources. Where there is money, there will be a lot of hackers trying out several methods to try and intercept the transactions. Proper security measures should thus be installed to ensure secure online transactions. With other measures, the SSL certificate can be instrumental in securing e-commerce transactions; knowing how and the best kind of SSL certificate is a steppingstone in achieving safe online transactions. I highly recommend the Comodo SSL certificate for this task. Buy one today and keep your E-commerce transactions safe.

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