How are Mobile Phone Stores Profitable

    You can see mobile phone stores one after another on the side of the road. There are different types of brands. But the overall number is quite large. Although there are many stores, we find that the traffic of these stores is not large. And we can see that there may be no one in the store. So how do these mobile phone stores make money? This article will teach you how these stores are profitable.

    No matter how many mobile phone stores there are on a 100-meter-long road, it is not surprising, especially in towns. But to be honest, these small mobile phone stores can’t sell many mobile phones in one year. Since selling mobile phones cannot bring profits to these stores, the rents of stores have always been high. So how do these mobile phone stores survive?

    You may not believe that 40% of a mobile phone store’s profits come from accessories such as data cables. Especially in the era when smartphones are popular, the profits generated by data cables sold by smartphone store can be much higher than the profits generated by selling mobile phones.

    Another is that the profit of repairing mobile phones is also very high. However, private stores that sell HUAWEI phones may suffer a bit, because most HUAWEI phones have a warranty. After the warranty period expires, maybe the phone should be replaced. However, private stores selling HUAWEI mobile phones will not close down. Because of the high quality of HUAWEI products, HUAWEI products are now very popular. These stores can also make high profits by selling HUAWEI mobile phones.

    Specifically, there are currently three types of mobile phone stores. The first type is a store operated by one person or a couple. This kind of store generally covers a relatively small area and generates thousands or thousands of pounds in income every month. The area of ​​a general store is about 40 square meters. This kind of store needs a particularly good service, so there will be more repeat customers nearby. Generally speaking, this kind of store handles more than 5 mobile phone repair business every day, and sells more accessories. If the store owner has HUAWEI Band 5 to measure the number of steps, he will find that he will take about 10,000 to 20,000 steps every day just to get the accessories to the customer. The second type is the business of selling mobile phones attached to the mobile phone card business hall. The profit of this kind of store is very considerable. However, because these stores require manpower, the expenditure will be higher. The mobile phones sold in this kind of stores are generally accompanied by the sale of mobile phone cards. As long as these phones are still in use, they will bring a steady stream of profits to these stores.

    How are Mobile Phone Stores Profitable

    The above is all that this article brings to you. I hope this article can bring you information about whether the mobile phone store can be profitable.

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