Save Yourself The Pain Of Creating Expensive Invitations, Let E-vites Do The Job

    Online invitations, or e-vites, have become a popular trend. Whether it is an invitation for a baby shower or a wedding invitation, everyone seems to be going paperless. While some individuals may make a strong case in favor of traditional invitations, the benefits of e-vites significantly overshadow these arguments.

    The Top 8 Advantages of E-vites

    If you’re on the  fence as to which option you must pick, are some of the clear-cut advantages of using e-vites:

    1. Eco-Friendly

    Digital invitations are the best way to embrace your environmentally-conscious side. Even though the celebration may have a sentimental value, when all is said and done, the invitations will only find their way in the scrap. Just think of how wasteful it would be!

    Are you inviting 100 guests in place of 50? No sweat! In addition to being eco-friendly, e-vites are also highly scalable in real-time as you no longer have to wait for them to get printed.

    Show your guests your green side by taking the paperless route.

    2. Saves Time and Money

    The most obvious reason why people choose digital invitations over traditional ones is cost-effectiveness.

    With digital invites, you not only save up on the printing and posting charges, but you can also make use of free invitation templates to create your invitation without spending on a designer. Now that printing the invite is out of the question, and designing it is as easy as dragging and dropping clipart, e-vites also save you a lot of time.

    The double benefit of saving time and money is one of the greatest motivations to adopt e-vites.

    3. Faster Responses

    Whether you plan a destination wedding or a surprise birthday party, it can be frustrating to estimate the number of people who will actually show up! Fortunately, e-vites come with features that allow guests to instantly respond to your invitation.

    As a result, you no longer have to wait days and weeks to get an RSVP to an online invitation. Knowing the exact headcount can put you in a better position to prepare and make arrangements for the attendees.

    4. Fun to Create

    E-vites allow you to explore your creative side. You do not have to be a Michelangelo to pull off a killer invite. Platforms that allow users to create digital invitations are loaded with inspirations and ideas to get you started.

    Choose from the many free wedding invitation templates or create something right from scratch – you make the decision based on your competency. Creating an e-vite will prove to be a learning experience and can be a fun activity to personalize your event invitations.

    5. Convenient

    Distributing digital invitations is a lot easier than distributing traditional invites. E-vites are easily shareable, and you can choose from an array of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to share it with your friends and followers.

    For a more personalized approach, these are also available over instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp, where you can share the invites with your contacts. Now you no longer have to waste time looking up addresses and sending out snail mails.

    Speaking of snail mails, digital invites also help overcome the logistic issues that come with posting traditional invitations. A slight misspell could land your invite from New York to New Ark!

    And you will have to wait for days to locate this issue! In contrast, sending out a digital invitation to an incorrect email address will attract an immediate response citing the delivery issue.

    6. More Manageable and Organized

    Hosting an event can be a stressful affair. You would not wish to add on to this stress by constantly monitoring the status of every invitation!

    Fortunately, e-vites allow you to stay organized by storing all the guest information in a single place. For example, it can create a database that will include details of those who have opened the invites, those who have responded to it, their response (whether it is affirmative or otherwise), and more.

    On the other hand, with traditional invitations, you would still be struggling with sending out the invitations and keeping a tab on the responses. Plus, if you’re the kind to lose track of your keys or coat, what are the odds that you will remember where you may have placed the paper invites?

    7. Easy to Update

    Has there been a change of plans due to some unforeseen circumstances? No worries!

    Update and inform your guests about the same in a matter of clicks. The moment you make the changes, the guests will instantly be notified of the changes.

    You no longer have to get over calls and hunt down every guest and bring them up to date. Plus, wouldn’t it be plain tiring to repeat the same thing over and over again? Once again, e-vites save you a lot of precious time!

    8. Enables You To Add Relevant Links

    Do you have an official website corresponding to the invite? Add it to your e-vite!

    Adding relevant links to digital invitations allow the guests to explore and learn more about the occasion. The link could redirect them to your gift registry, map location of the venue, or an instant responder.

    You may also add actionable links such as:

    • Redirecting them to a gift registry or PayPal where they can send you their gifts
    • Sharing a live location and navigable map location of the venue
    • Adding the guests to a WhatsApp group where they can chat about the event.
    • Taking them to a form where they can leave song requests or share feedback
    • Integrating their positive response with their calendar that blocks the date in their schedule
    • Sharing photos and videos of a previous celebration/pre-wedding shoot, etc.

    Final Thoughts

    Whether you are switching to e-vites for sustainability or due to its pocket-friendliness, the charm of sending out invitations does not dampen due to its digital nature. If anything, it offers you more scope to customize and personalize depending on the type of event and corresponding invite.

    So go ahead, save yourself the pain of creating expensive invitations by adopting e-vites!

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