ReputationDefender Vs. BrandYourself: Explore and Learn the Winning Strategies to a Blemish-Free Reputation

    One wrong move can shatter your online image, and knowing where to turn for dependable help can make all the difference. In this article, we compare ReputationDefender Vs. BrandYourself—dissecting these two competing providers in the online reputation space.

    This article goes beyond the surface to provide you with a unique, in-depth understanding of how ReputationDefender and BrandYourself operate.

    By examining their approaches, effectiveness, and overall value, we help you make a well-informed decision when choosing the right platform.

    Let’s dive in.

    ReputationDefender: An Overview

    Background and history

    Michael Fertik is the mastermind behind ReputationDefender, brought to life over 15 years ago in 2006 . Since its inception, the company has garnered a solid reputation for supporting individuals and businesses in taking charge of their online presence and ensuring their privacy.

    Consistently proving their expertise in the space, ReputationDefender continues to devise potent tools and strategies to assist clients in maintaining a favorable online image and safeguarding their personal data from potential hazards.

    Services offered

    Personal reputation management: ReputationDefender’s personal reputation management services are crafted to aid job seekers, working professionals, and executives in managing their online reputation.

    Their services encompass online reputation repair, which focuses on suppressing incorrect, embarrassing, malicious, or outdated search results, ensuring people don’t find them.

    Additionally, they promote high-quality, positive content that reflects well on you— building resilience for future threats, ReputationDefender strengthens clients’ search results and helps you create a positive first impression when people search for you online.

    Business reputation management: ReputationDefender provides tailored solutions for small and large companies to protect and enhance your online image.

    Their business reputation management services include review management, search engine optimization, and the development of positive content to promote a company’s brand.

    Privacy protection: Besides reputation management, ReputationDefender also delivers privacy protection services to shield clients’ personal information from online threats.

    These services feature data removal from people-search websites and ongoing monitoring of clients’ personal information on the internet.

    Personal branding: ReputationDefender’s personal branding service is like using rocket fuel to drive your online identity.

    They propel your brand in the direction you want it to go by creating a consistent, professional web presence that is easy to find and built with industry best practices and some proprietary techniques that leverage and highlight your strengths.

    Executive protection: Executive protection services are specifically designed to address the unique online privacy challenges faced by high-profile individuals in today’s digital landscape.

    ReputationDefender employs a multi-faceted approach to protect key personnel from potential online threats.

    For example, the service includes proactive monitoring for privacy vulnerabilities, thus maintaining a vigilant watch over potential risks.

    VIP services: Delivered by their elite Special Projects Team, VIP services cater to clients with mission-critical reputation needs, providing some of the most powerful and sophisticated reputation management tools available in the industry.

    The ReputationDefender team offers custom, personalized solutions tailored to your unique requirements, ensuring no two engagements are alike. 

    Pricing and plans

    If you’re looking for a reputation ally that offers full disclosure on pricing, ReputationDefender delivers.

    They make knowing what your costs will be for online reputation services easy.

    For example, finding pricing for five out of the six services provided is easy. Just go to the bottom of the service page and it’s detailed in easy-to-understand language.

    Take digital privacy for example. They offer four packages:

    1. Essentials
    2. Select
    3. Preferred
    4. Premium

    Each plan offers over 100 sources removed from online channels. Plus, they include the number of individuals covered and site compliance scans per year. You even receive oversight from a personal privacy concierge on every plan offered.

    You can easily see what you’re paying and what you get for your investment.

    Other plan pricing available includes search results, personal branding, online reviews, digital privacy, and executive protection.

    The VIP service provides personal attention for customizing your services based on your needs.

    Overall, ReputationDefender willingly discloses pricing in a way most ORM providers keep under lock and key.

    Pros and cons 


    ●    Industry pioneers with an extensive track record of success (15+ years)

    ●    Comprehensive personal and business reputation management services

    ●    An industry-leading focus on security and privacy protection

    ●    Solutions to accommodate different needs and budgets

    ●    Part of a global, publicly traded cyber safety company


    ●    Pricing can be a bit expensive depending on your individual needs

    ●    Plan customization is limited to VIP services

    BrandYourself: An Overview

    Background and history

    Established in 2008 by Pete Kisler, this online reputation management company has appeared on Shark Tank, gaining notoriety quickly.

    The company focuses on improving both personal and business reputation identities. They use powerful software that helps clear up and maintain your digital footprint.

    A user-friendly online platform makes keeping tabs on your results simple. BrandYourself has become a popular choice for individuals striving for improved individual search results and personal brand supremacy.

    Services offered

    Offering services for both personal and business management of your online reputation, BrandYourself provides a clear list of services you can take advantage of.


    Negative Google result services: Negative search results[2]  will tarnish your credibility in no time flat. BrandYourself combats this with services that handle complaints, court documents, news, press, blogs, and images or videos that negatively affect your reputation.

    Personal branding: BrandYourself’s personal branding service helps you by creating a unique and impactful online presence tailored to your specific career goals and industry requirements.

    They do this with a personal branding session, during which the team extracts your career story and identifies your strengths and accomplishments.

    Based on this information, they develop a custom strategy to build websites and profiles that effectively showcase your expertise.


    Negative Google result services: Same as listed above, your business’s search results are reviewed and a plan is set in motion to suppress any negative feedback[3]  that has risen to the top of Google search. 

    Review management services: BrandYourself optimizes your company’s review pages[4] , increasing the visibility of positive reviews and effectively showcasing the company’s brand values and achievements.

    Using a custom strategy tailored to your company’s specific needs and goals, they systematically identify and nurture opportunities for organic positive reviews from satisfied customers or clients.

    Glassdoor review management:[5]  BrandYourself uses the review process described above on Glassdoor (a behemoth in the business and employer review space) to ensure people searching for your company on this website see the best results.

    The difference is your reviews are coming from employees, not customers. In essence, this approach increases your business image on a very credible platform from within your company’s work environment. 

    Employee branding services:[6]  Social media has drastic implications when looking for a job. This is also true for those already employed by a company according to a study conducted by CareerBuilder. [7]

    So, having a company with employees who have unblemished reputations increases the likelihood of job seekers being more interested in working for your company.

    Pricing and plans

    Though several review sites have pricing for BrandYourself, there is no exclusive pricing on their website. So, we recommend calling them and getting an idea of what their services will actually cost you.

    They appear to have just two plans: one for individuals and the other for businesses. Each has a set number of services that we listed above.

    Pros and cons


    ●    Robust resource center[8]

    ●    Free reputation report

    ●    Clear process outline about services provided


    ●    Several complaints of difficulty canceling [9]

    ●    No local search solution

    ●    No privacy concierge service[10]

    ●    Inconsistent customer service experience[11]

    Key Factors When Comparing ReputationDefender and BrandYourself

    When reviewing both providers, we found the inconsistency lies in the overall quality of engagement with customers.

    ReputationDefender believes in providing the highest level of customer support and transparency, giving you direct access to an expert when you need it.

    Our research on BrandYourself finds minimal attention to customer support and several instances of being unresponsive.

    Trustpilot, one[12]  of the best review sites on the internet, has BrandYourself rated with a 3.2 overall, while Reputation Defender receives a near-perfect score of 4.7 overall at the time of this article (April 2023), with over 240 reviews.

    Both offer search result services and privacy protection. When getting data brokers to remove your personal information, ReputationDefender excels. In contrast, complaints of being sponsored by certain data brokers circle BrandYourself’s reputation online, which is something to consider if they are promising to remove your data from said entities.[13]

    Effectiveness in repairing online reputation

    Both providers have credible verified reviews for achieving results. It comes down to consistency and what your needs are today and what they will be in the future.

    Online reputation is a long game and must be managed with unrelenting focus. ReputationDefender has maintained a stellar reputation for delivering results year in and year out for over 15 years.

    At the moment, BrandYourself has sporadic results based on our research and the results voiced by current customers, so it’s important to consider if they can provide a winning strategy for you long term.

    Either way, there are benefits that both providers excel at. You can refer back to this guide if necessary to help you make your best decision.

    Customer service and support

    We all know how important it is to feel heard, even if things don’t go according to plan.

    ReputationDefender however, still responds to complaints in an attempt to help. As we researched BrandYourself, unfortunately, there were no responses to customers’ complaints about lack of service.

    The perception given is customer service is not a top priority for BrandYourself.

    Customization and flexibility of services

    Both companies have a service structure that offers services in a package format. However, ReputationDefender does provide a VIP service that allows you to customize what you need based on your situation.

    At the time of this writing, BrandYourself does not include this as a service.

    Additional features and offerings

    Beyond reputation management, each provider has special features available. Social media management and digital privacy features like dark web scanning are a few.

    BrandYourself also has specific software that helps with identifying social media posts [14] that are potentially damaging.

    The big thing we notice is how ReputationDefender can cater to specific working professionals. For example, it has several resources targeted to certain industries that explain how individuals in those fields can improve their reputations. You can find free advice in their resource center.

    Pricing and value for money

    The value you get depends on several internal factors. But Reputation management is worth it when you get the results you’re looking for.

    What’s most important is that you understand the strategy being used and you have clear expectations on what it will take to improve your reputation over time.

    How your reputation affects your job opportunities and future is what will determine if what you are willing to invest is worth it to you.

    As you already know, if you’re not trustworthy online you can almost guarantee an uphill battle to achieve success in today’s digital-driven society, where everyone is being judged.

    Making Your Decision: Choosing the Right ORM Solution for Your Needs

    We know it’s hard to decide which provider will have your best interest at heart, especially when you are investing so much of your money and time. We get it.

    That’s why we want to offer you a few key points to consider when you finally move toward getting started.

    Assessing your unique situation and requirements

    Have a clear idea and expectation of what you want. Tell your provider and ask every question you have. It’s wise to explain your expectations so you can understand what’s possible and what’s not.

    Evaluating the pros and cons of each service

    Above, we listed several pros and cons for both providers. This is not superficial; it’s here to give you an honest overview of what they do well and what they can do better.

    For example, if customer service is very important to you, ReputationDefender is a clear winner. They also excel at telling you exactly what you can expect to pay. They have been an industry leader for over 15 years. If expertise is what you need, they might be a great place to start.

    But ReputationDefender can be pricey. However, they deliver results.

    BrandYourself has innovative technology. They also offer employee personal branding. If that’s what you want to improve, then maybe they are the best for you. However, their customer service leaves a lot to be desired, and that might be a deal breaker for you.

    Either way, both providers can create a winning strategy for you, but how well they execute is what you will want to focus on.

    Tips for making the most of your chosen ORM solution

    1. Set clear objectives about what you want and how your provider will achieve them.

    2. Know your options if things are not working as you see fit. Understand their terms of service so you don’t have any surprises.

    3. Be flexible to adjustments as your online reputation strategy is underway. Work closely with your expert and try to have an open line of communication. This is a partnership, and you want to be as involved as you can be.

    4. Respond to online reviews, comments, and other areas that involve customer engagement for your business. Just because you hired an online reputation provider doesn’t mean you can’t help yourself along the way as well.

    Final Thoughts

    Investing in online reputation management services can result in increased trust and credibility among your target audience, better visibility in search results, and ultimately, improved professional and business opportunities.

    If you’re ready to transform your online presence and safeguard your reputation, consider partnering with ReputationDefender or BrandYourself. Visit their websites to learn more about their range of services and find the perfect solution tailored to your unique needs and goals.

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