Sproutt Life Insurance Review: Right Policy at Right Time, and Right Place

    We all know the important role a life insurance company plays in our future, but oftentimes we may get confused about our requirements and end up with a life insurance policy that doesn’t fit our needs and our budget. 

    Such confusion can be dealt with easily with a trusted broker. You don’t have to run around the city to find one, you can do it all: fill out an application, ask questions, choose the right policy for you, all with Sproutt, an online insurance company. 

    For those who don’t know what Sproutt is, we recommend reading the rest of this article discussing more life insurance and Sproutt’s offerings and solutions.  

    What is Sproutt?

    You might get confused and assume that Sproutt is an online life insurance distributor, but that’s not the case. It is a web-based marketplace where you can find the best life insurance plan for your family.

    Sproutt may be a newly established company yet it has already received an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau, rating companies on a scale, from A to F. So, being a newcomer in the market doesn’t necessarily mean that the company is not trustable. 

    The headquarters of the company is in Hartford, Connecticut and the business operations are managed in New York City, while the research and development are managed from Tel Aviv, Israel. 

    The best thing about Sproutt is that it is an independent broker company and is not tied up with just one company, but many insurance companies, and works on a commission basis. That means you will be guided in a process that is right for you, not just for the sake of selling a policy.

    How Does Sproutt Operate?

    The company works on the basis of a Quality of Life index which revolves around the type of lifestyle you have and gives customized recommendations helping you make the right choice while opting for life insurance. 

    Sproutt’s system works on a Guided Artificial Intelligence Assessment Platform, developed in-house, measuring the five pillars of health and wellness, namely, movement, sleep, balance, nutrition, and emotional health.

    Other than matching you with reliable life insurance, Sproutt asks you to take a 15 min QL index questionnaire to provide you with a score on the basis of your performance. This score includes an assessment of your current health, allows Sproutt to provide tips and recommendations for improvements, and eventually save a few bucks on life insurance.

    The Quality Life index is based upon:

    • Movement: This index refers to exercise. Sproutt recommends for you to exercise at least 150 minutes weekly, such as physical walking, cycling, swimming, and more into your weekly schedule.
    • Sleep: Another important aspect of the Quality of Life Index is sleep. As research shows, more than 35 percent of the adults in the US are victims of sleep deprivation. According to Sproutt, we must increase bright light exposure during the day and reduce blue light exposure by night, this helps going to sleep earlier hence increasing and improving the quantity and quality of sleep.
    • Emotional Health: A healthy relationship with your family results in better bonds and lower chances of mental health issues. 
    • Nutrition: The QL Index guidelines recommend eating specific types of foods that are healthy. The majority of Americans consume food rich in fat and sugar, which may result in heart-related diseases.
    • Balance: This is the main objective of the Quality of Life index; it means that an individual should strive to balance all of the above pillars to lead a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. 

    Sproutt will try to match you with the best insurance provider according to your QL index score. This will result in faster policy approval and better premium rates.

    Types of life insurance you can find on Sproutt

    Sproutt is a vast marketplace for various types of insurances from top-rated insurance companies. There are three major types of insurances offered, more details below.

    1. Term Life insurance

    Term life insurance comes with a validity of 5 to 30 years. If your kids are still in school, or maybe your home loan is yet to clear, term insurance can be a good choice. If you feel like at some point in life, you won’t need term insurance, you can convert it into a permanent policy. 

    It provides more benefits at low premium fees and is certainly a good choice if you have a strict budget for such things. 

    1. Permanent Life insurance

    Permanent Life insurance, as the name suggests is valid as long as the applicant is alive. The best part about having permanent life insurance is that you can cash out whenever you want and get back all the money you deposited in the form of premiums.

    There are four forms of permanent life insurance:

    • Whole life
    • Universal Life
    • Variable Life
    • Variable universal life
    1. No exam life insurance

    This type of medical insurance doesn’t require to you pass a medical exam. You can get faster approvals in very less time as there are not many formalities.

    What are the features of Sproutt?

    Sproutt is a newly established company with a better understanding of how the insurance industry works and the needs of the individual. Instead of teaming up with insurance companies, Sproutt works on a commission basis and is an independent broker, meaning the agents working at Sproutt won’t sell you a policy just because they are receiving a good commission but sell you a policy that is beneficial for you and your family’s future.

    This is a list of features Sproutt has which you may like:

    QL Index

    The best thing about sproutt is that it takes 15 minutes to fill out its Quality of Life Index questionnaire and give you a score on the basis of your answers. The score you receive helps match you with the best insurance policy. This score will also help you to adapt to a better lifestyle and change your habits.

    Medicals exams are required

    Another benefit of using Sproutt is that you may not be required to undergo a medical exam. This will save you time and in today’s climate may even put you at risk. 

    In general, it’s recommended for you to get a comprehensive medical checkup every year, Sproutt can terminate the need to get one when purchasing a policy if you are healthy and active.  

    User experience

    Sproutt’s website is user friendly and easy to access. The site navigation is not complex and you can find all the useful links and information in the footer. The website works seamlessly on all types of devices.

    Interaction with a human

    You don’t have to talk to bots while purchasing a policy or asking a question. Sproutt manages a team of agents who can solve your queries related to the service on a phone call. This is far better than writing down emails or creating a support ticket.

    Is Sproutt a good choice for me?

    It depends upon your perspective. Sproutt is ideal for everyone who is above 18 and is thinking about his or her family’s future if he/she is the only bread earner. Apart from this, Sproutt is ideal for newly married couples and new parents who want a better future for their family. 

    Moreover, Sproutt is also a good choice for mid-aged couples who are healthy and want to prevent their family from a load of funeral expenses, debts, and other unforeseen events. 

    How Can I contact Sproutt?

    You can directly visit their website for the contact details; however, we have mentioned the correct details here.


    Toll-free number: 888-786-3917 Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET

    Online contact form:

    What’s Our Opinion for Sproutt?

    Sproutt is an ideal marketplace for a life insurance policy. In today’s era, life insurance is very important, even if more than one person is working your family. 

    Road accidents, homicide, health issues, and unforeseen events can tear apart your family if you do not properly plan the future at the right time. 

    In terms of features and support, Sproutt is definitely trying its best to serve its customers, and encourage new customers to opt for a life insurance policy for their betterment.

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