Plagramme Review – Pro Proof-reader and Plagiarism Checker Tool

    Plagiarism checker is a necessary tool in order to check for authenticity and uniqueness for any written content.

    Anyone who has Internet access can use plagiarism tools to check the content which may or not be imitated or replicated from any websites or blogs.

    Being a student, writing thesis or essays and copying the context from the internet can lead to copyright infringement, such behavior easily detectable using reliable plagiarism tools, which presents detailed reports and highlights all intentions trying get away with it.

    However, there are always loopholes to exploit and students tend to exploit them to the maximum. In this review, we will present the ways, which mostly used seeking to bypass plagiarism detection capabilities.

    Plagiarism Checker Tools

    With the aim prevent plagiarism occurrence on any submitted text, certain plagiarism checker tools have been implemented and put into practice in all educational institutions. Even though most educational institutions have their own plagiarism checkers and try deal with this problem constantly, they usually conceal the fact, that they are checking for plagiarism only from their own created databases. Due to lack of databases subscribed in order detect plagiarism over the internet, most of them fail to detect plagiarism. The solution is a search for independent checkers.

    Are you aware of the number of web pages, article, books, periodicals, and documents that are scanned to check for plagiarism?

    You will be shocked when you know the number; a collective of 14 trillion items are reviewed by Plagramme to provide an extensive result and help detect any plagiarism for every individual document or content that is being checked.

    This shows the complexity of the system involved to perform such tedious search in order to provide accurate results.

    With a dedicated section to the teachers in this specific plagiarism checker, Plagramme has been used by teachers and students all across the globe to share their work online.

    Furthermore, let’s talk about how students tend to get away with the copied content by tricking the plagiarism tools.

    #1. Invisibility is an ally

    The algorithm that works for plagiarism check is based on the input text.

    However, if you insert white letters in all plagiarized content spaces, meaning white letters on a white background, it will then be invisible to us as well as the checkers identify plagiarism.

    Using this option and making the letters white in spaces will certainly trick poorly functioning plagiarism checkers letting them believe, that the content is unique and thereby creating the possibility get away with it.

    #2. Sentence order

    You can write the same sentence in multiple ways giving the same meaning.

    Semantics can be understood by us manually, but it is difficult for the algorithm of an older version of plagiarism checkers to detect plagiarism.

    Replicating data based on different sentence construction to convey the same message has been and will be a powerful trick to avoid plagiarism.

    #3. Multi-lingual text confusion

    Some Cyrillic and Latin characters look alike and at the same time are considered as different symbols.

    Letters such as a, e, o, and many more letters are the prime examples. By replacing a Latin letter with Cyrillic symbols, the words become entirely different.

    Using tricks like these, students tend to get away with just “find and replace” words and the plagiarism checker can be tricked again.

    #4. Paraphrasing

    Many plagiarism tools often cannot detect paraphrasing.

    Paraphrasing is most commonly used in thesis and essays to provide greater clarity, however, most plagiarism checkers cannot detect such changes did in the text.

    However, there are some plagiarism checkers that have the ability to detect any paraphrasing and alert the content accordingly showing original source where original content exists, letting the user draw adequate conclusions of the content unauthenticity.

    #5. Language barriers

    Changing languages or translating multiple times using Google Translate which is free to use, also helps in tricking the plagiarism checker and then the text will be unique.

    For example, translating from English to German, German to Russian and then back to English will certainly give a content which is quite similar yet very different and unique from the initial text you used to translate.

    Many checking tools break down, without providing accurate results due to multi-lingual or multiple translations.

    However, Plagramme has been planning ahead of time to provide such an option in the near future, which supports multi-lingual and multiple translated text detection in their service package. Plagramme will be one of the very few tools that provide such a service.

    Plagramme – An excellent plagiarism checking platform

    Plagramme is an excellent platform to showcase your work and even get paid for, if and only if your content is unique.

    This Plagiarism checker has been built bearing in mind the student and teacher interactions.

    This platform has been well known to be used by teachers and students alike to exchange their thesis, essays and similar writing work for their academics and also business purposes.

    Students can share their documents and get them checked via the system with their teachers. You may find an example of such possibility.

    The image shows the way of sharing files between two parties; in this case, students and teachers can share their work after a thorough check has been conducted.

    Sharing files in Plagramme

    Sharing files has been made easier with this platform and you have an option to earn credits for FREE in the free section, there are listed several options, which lets You avail payable services offered by the company. A number of credits, which You can get per sharing via

    • Facebook/ Twitter / E-mail ($1 Each).
    • TrustPilot/Sitejabber – $3 each.

    A teacher’s account will reflect these options:

    • Check document for plagiarism
    • Detailed reports
    • Different plagiarism scores
    • Track original sources
    • Priority-based plagiarism checks

    Plagramme teacher's account

    Easy to sign up for teachers and educators, and to access their students work with ease is provided on this platform; same goes for the students too.

    The plagiarism checks on Plagramme are classified based on colors and each color will specify a certain type of plagiarized text or non-plagiarized text.

    Plagirasim check based on colors

    With these color codes being displayed, you would need to alter text or words to an extent where the content is authentic and unique.

    Below attached is a picture of a test of plagiarism check performed on Plagramme that shows all of the color codes and features mentioned above.

    Having a look at this picture will help you understand the seriousness of the tool and its accurate results.

    Test of Plagiarism check

    The picture above indicates that the report has identified:

    • Invisible letters that are clearly shown in the report spaces
    • Sentence order has been changed
    • English text has been modified by including Russian letters
    • Paraphrases are shown in orange color
    • And the use of different languages

    This shows that the Plagramme tool provides accurate results with various plagiarised markings.

    Bottom line

    Students and teachers interact using the Plagramme platform for various academic and personal purposes.

    Plagramme offers a variety of searches and provides accurate results with the highest precision.

    You could certainly rely on this excellent plagiarism checker for any content or data that needs to be checked for even the slightest of plagiarism. You can completely rely on the results provided by this amazing tool.

    Personally, I would recommend this tool for any content related purposes to find its originality and uniqueness; this helps avoid even legal complications in many cases going forward.

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