Weather Alerts Are Real Lifesavers – Here’s Why

    Severe weather systems will often provide people with fairly obvious warning signs that they are coming, despite this, there are also many occasions where severe weather can strike quickly and mercilessly without warning. 

    Despite these dangers, modern technology and smartphones have provided us with a vital resource to ensure our safety in severe weather.

    Weather alerts are proving to be real lifesavers, here’s why.

    They Can Help You To Plan Your Day

    Typically, with weather apps, you will be given a lot of vague information on the forecast and any potential weather patterns that will appear throughout the day. This will help you to plan your day if nothing changes but the information is also vague in terms of when these weather patterns will appear in your specific location.

    ClimaCell Weather Assistant, an iOS and Android app provided by a tech startup, ClimaCell is changing this. Their weather data intake includes the traditional monitoring methods but also takes in additional data from connected devices, which include cell towers, drones, aircraft, and many more, in what is known as the Weather of Things (WoT). 

    This allows for accurate forecasting and push notifications in the app will alert you about things such as when rain or snow will begin and when it will finish.

    Furthermore, this additional data allows ClimaCell Weather Assistant to provide a hyper-local forecast which can cover an area as small as a city block. This means that you would get specific insights into when the weather will change near you.

    This can save your barbeque plans, or let you know that you need to take cover before that important job interview.

    They Give You Time To Prepare For Severe Weather

    As previously stated, severe weather systems can form very quickly and without much in the way of warning. Thankfully, there are weather apps that provide real-time severe weather alerts to their users. One such example is ClimaCell Weather Assistant, which provides alerts from the National Weather Service.

    ClimaCell’s hyper-local forecasting can also play an important role in the preparation for severe weather events, as users will be able to assess the potential problems that may be faced by these weather events within their own small area. 

    The increased accuracy provided by WoT technology and cutting edge modeling techniques ensures that you can make the right preparations to keep safe.

    They Can Give You Safety Tips

    For those that live in areas with commonly extreme weather, the steps that need to be taken to ensure your safety may be well-known, however, people from out of town may not have experienced a severe weather event and will not know what to do. 

    There are now weather apps that will not only alert you to upcoming weather alerts, but will also give you advice on how to stay safe.

    ClimaCell Weather Assistant actually offers safety tips from the National Weather Service, which will advise you of the best action to take when confronted with severe weather.

    They Can Point You In The Direction of Safety

    The American Red Cross is an example of an organization that creates free apps to help people stay updated on the latest movements of severe weather events, including tornadoes and hurricanes. 

    Not only do the apps provided by the charitable organization help people to avoid the aforementioned storms, but it also helps them find local shelters and other safe spaces.

    In the direst of circumstances, knowing how to get to safety and where that safety may be are critical for when severe weather strikes.


    In conclusion, it can be seen that weather apps are now taking a much larger role in alerting the public of severe weather than they have in the past. This is mainly due to the increased adoption of smart devices, which give people a much more convenient option for on the go weather alerts than they would normally find through traditional weather channels. They are a real lifesaver.

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