The Top 5 Games of Chance

    If you enjoy getting your adrenaline going, and seeing if Lady Luck is on your side, you may enjoy games that involve chance. Usually, people think of heading to a casino to play a game of chance, but many of these games can be played from the comfort of your home. Here we look at the top five games of chance that people from all over the world know and love.


    Depending on where you live, you may have heard of Blackjack under another name: “21”. Much like the name suggests, the player that hits 21 (or closest to), without going bust will win. You can play this at many casinos, as well as at home with family and friends. You can choose to gamble with real money or play for fun. Do you chance it and take another card, or do you stick with your cards and hope other players go bust?


    Bingo is one of the most popular games across the world, and there are tons of bingo halls, bingo apps and online bingo sites. As this is such a simple game, it can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities. Unlike other games, such as poker, there are no complicated rules or strategies to follow. Instead, you simply hope your number is called so you can complete a line and win big. Bingo is a fun game to play for free or for cash.


    Poker is debatably the most popular card game around the world, with many variations including Texas Hold’em and Badugi. While there is some skill and understanding to this game, there is also a great element of chance. Once you understand the rules and the different card variations, you will know when to fold or when to use that ‘poker face’. Having your own poker set at home is the perfect way to spend an exciting evening with friends before hitting the casino or online games.


    As seen on some of the biggest movies out there, including the James Bond franchise and Casablanca, roulette is a timeless, classic game of chance that will live on forever. Although a simple game, roulette can prove to be extremely exciting, especially when played at a casino. Choosing your favorite or lucky numbers, all you need to do is spin the wheel and cross those fingers! If you want a casino experience from home, try Gamble Online Roulette.


    Another fun way to spend some time, and perhaps earn some extra money, is by playing slots. Again, there are many online casinos that provide slots for desktop and mobile, with added extras such as bonus rounds, multipliers, wild cards and much more. Slots come in a myriad of different shapes, sizes and themes, making each game unique in its own way and providing gamers with plenty of options. Choose your bet and spin the reel!

    These games of chance can all provide an entertaining way to gamble, either for free or for real cash. Whether you play at home, online or in a casino, be sure to have fun and gamble responsibly!

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