15 Awesome Monday Alternatives for Project Management in 2023 is essentially a project management software. DaPulse was its former name. It offers multiple features and tools—all these effects your team management. Hence the project delivery is also affected. However, one solution does not fit all factors. This tool also has certain drawbacks. Here, Monday alternatives can be the rescue.

    Pick the right project management software. It is practically impossible to manage every minor project detail. Even more, explaining it to all the team members. Very few software work efficiently on Monday. By 2022, up to 70 percent of people would depend on such tools. The online management and collaboration tools are essential. Having alternatives are incredibly crucial.

    Here are some reasons why you must opt for Monday alternatives.

    First, Monday is expensive. This software fits only specific budgets. Hence, growing businesses are left with no choice. A timeline view is available. However, this too comes with a price. A price of $49 is to be paid by five users at a time. Yet this is the basic plan. The premium plans would cost more. 

    Second, no project invoices are available. This is yet another missing factor. Invoices are the most convenient billing options. It becomes difficult to get bills for clients. Hence, more Monday alternatives are preferable. Third, very few features are available for free. The basic plan offers limited features. For instance, activity logs for a week are available. Therefore, critical documents won’t be saved for long.

    Fourth no Gantt charts are found. Fifth, no recurring task schedules are available. Unlike some project management software, this module is not inbuilt. Team members may need to work with certain task types. That, too, at different levels. It becomes monotonous to schedule those tasks. Fifth, no DMs or private chat options are present. The basic plan even misses some other essential features—for instance, advanced integration and search options. 

    Sixth, the interface is no less than clutter. It undoubtedly has a user-friendly interface. However, numerous comments and assignments make clutter. You may find it under every file. Space must be used effectively. It must work on organizing tasks and subtasks. The users did comment on such changes to be made. Hence, alternatives are preferred.

    Best Monday Alternatives

    1. Zoho Projects

    Zoho Projects is a great alternative, that helps users plan, track and collaborate with ease. It has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, with a minimal learning curve. It is ideal for teams that are looking for a customisable solution that can accommodate unique business needs.


    This online software from Zoho has everything from basic task management and issue tracking to budget tracking and portfolio management. Unlike other solutions that require paid add-ons for collaborating with dispersed teams, Zoho Projects has discussion forums, social feeds, chat, document management, and audio and video conferencing, all built-in.

     Zoho Projects help you add both project and client users, track work hours through manual timesheets or automatic task timers, and invoice these timesheet records for client billing or payroll. You can also set up a project budget, define a threshold limit and track planned vs actual costs. In addition, Zoho Projects also has enterprise features such as EVM, portfolio management, global Gantt, inter-project dependencies, and SLAs for issues.

    Being a tool designed for efficiency, Zoho Projects gives you advanced search capability so you have the right data always, an AI assistant to ensure nothing slips through the cracks and powerful automation features that helps automate just about anything in your projects.  It integrates with Zoho apps and others equally well, and provides APIs and webhooks to push data to third-party applications.


    Zoho Projects has a freemium plan for upto 3 users, and two paid plans- the Premium plan, priced at $4/user/month, and the Enterprise plan, priced at $10/user/month. It offers upto 120 GB storage capacity, and unlimited projects and users in the Enterprise plan.

    2. Smartsheet

    Smartsheet is one of the most popular Monday alternatives. It is a spreadsheet program. Yet, it offers a flexible and straightforward solution. And this holds for all task management of a team. This tool is highly customizable. The users can automate workflow. This is possible based on operations carried out. Besides, team portals and dashboards are also available. This allows for better performance tracking. Hence, updates throughout the project lifecycle can be tracked. More so, third-party integrations are available. This allows a consistent workflow. Thus no work is left behind tracks anytime.


    First, there are dashboards for critical activities in a project. For visualization of the smooth workflow, Kanban boards are present. The team members get multiple task views. Besides, reminders for deadlines are automated. Other features are noteworthy. The summary reports are downloadable. 

    For the team, an activity log is available. It allows everyone to know available updates. Attach any file to the task with ease. More so, the team portal allows centralized team communication. Furthermore, team customizations and sorting filters are available to choose from.

    Pricing plans

    Every individual who opts for this Monday alternative pays $14. For business, the amount rises to $25. All pricing plans are available every month. In fact, for enterprise and premium plans, customized pricing plans are available. 

    3. Jira

    Jira is a modern alternative. This software suits any agile team. Eventually, quality product release happens over time. Its fundamental focus is the implementation of agile frameworks. You may implement Scrum or Kanban. Or it may be a combination of both. You may implement any agile framework of choice. It thus enables a user to achieve project goals. After that, get your work done at a faster pace. 

    Track project performance in real-time. This software provides all sorts of reports. It may be a burn-down or burn-up report. Even advanced velocity reports and sprints reports are available.


    For iterative software development, customize your scrum boards. Visualize any task progress using Kanban boards. The project dashboards are easily customizable. They allow the user to get a detailed view of the project. In fact, for plan layout, road maps are available. 

    Like Smartsheet, Jira also has third-party integrations. Track issues and bugs. Or track work any work performance using several agile reports. Moreover, customize the search filters. This will help you to focus on only the essential things. 


    A free trial of 7 days is applicable. The pad plan comes at an affordable price of $10; up to 10 users can avail of such a single plan. The price per-user decreases with every user addition.

    4. Trello

    This is a free Monday alternative. It is the first choice for any project manager. Trello is light-weight. More so, it is a flexible solution for any task management need. Organize the tasks using boards, lists, or cards. Hence, prioritize them in order. The boards will represent individual tasks. Or it may represent group tasks. 

    Floating cards makes jotting down tasks easier. One can drag and drop these cards anywhere around the main file. Hence one can visualize the project process happening over time. Invite any team member to the boards. Thus collaborate with no glitches. The free version is basic. However, the features are a bit limited. The paid plans are comparatively more advanced. Hence, they offer a variety of unlimited features.


    To increase the workflow visualization, use Kanban boards. One can easily indicate task status. All you need to do is drag and drop tasks. Use labels, tags r even categories to organize tasks. Trello offers notifications and reminders through emails. Checklist management has been more comfortable. 

    Quickly check off tasks with this feature when a task is done. Here one may comment within a task. This will offer to streamline feedback. Work context can be found in the file attachments. Third-party integrations are possible. Hence, power-up to connect with them. 


    Trello offers service all year round. In the case of business class, the plan starts at $9.99 a month per user. For an enterprise, the price is $20.83. The goal is available for up to 100 users. However, every user needs to pay individually. 

    5. Airtable

    This is another fantastic Monday alternative. The functionality of a spreadsheet is combined with a database. This provides integrated task management for users. The interface is pretty user-friendly. To top it all off is the aesthetic tool design. 

    An eye-catching feature is the blocks. It allows you to create a workflow for teams. The team receives strong project visuals. 

    Alongside, it unleashes more formatting abilities. Hence all customizations will suit project needs. An extensive library of templates is available. This allows the beginners to get an idea of the different presentation types. Every template is made keeping different work types in mind. 


    One of the basic features is elaborating task management. Alongside, the project templates are in-built. One can track the time of each task. For efficient team management, a video chat option is available. It even tracks issues and bugs. Thus timely resolution is kept on track. 

    Other features are common to Trello and Jira. There are strong sorting filters for projects. Files can be attached within tasks. Finally, third-party integrations are present. 


    Yes, Airtable is a free alternative offering relevant features. It has a plus plan for $10 per user every month. The pro plan is available for $20 per month. For an enterprise plan, the pricing can be customized.

    6. Asana 

    Asana is a Monday alternative offering robust features. All these features help you to track your workflow. Groups of options suit your unique project needs. Despite the team size, opting for Asana is the right choice for anyone. The team can personalize the project to any possible extent.

    Simultaneously, the projects can be done in the nick of time. The user can use the project timeline feature—the native templates of Asana speed up the project process. Hence work gets done without any delay. 


    The project has a portfolio management feature. It handles multiple projects simultaneously. The project timeline feature lays out tasks. It is carried out alongside corresponding dependencies. Conversations with team members keep everyone in the loop. A library of built-in templates is also available. This ensures all your requirements are taken care of. 

    Use Kanban boards for project visualization. One can attach due dates, tasks, and comments with any file. Agile team management using distinct features is possible—for instance, backlog management and sprint planning. One can even manage the issues and bugs effectively. 

    Features for managing these issues is also available. Third-party applications are integrated into this software. Hundreds of such integrations are available. Hence, the workflow remains coherent across applications.


    The basic plan is available for free. It comes with tasks, assignees, multiple views, and due dates. The premium plan costs $9.99 per month. Even so, the business plan comes at $19.99 per month. All the plans are priced per user. For the enterprise plan, custom planning is possible. It comes with priority support. 

    7. Flow 

    This Monday alternative provides overall project management. Drag and drop anything you want. It may be a task or a project. A different set of features are available. Some are for assignments and projects. At the same time, others are for collaborations and management. Create private or public tasks or projects.

     A new feature called split view is present. It allows the user to balance project management and workload at the same time. The quality Slack provides task and project updates every time. One can create an effective workflow and roadmaps. Different colors and short learning curves can be created. All this allows your team to stay productive overtime. 


    The most eye-catching features are its interface. Everything can be done through drag and drop options. Some notable project management features are as follows. It creates and assigns tasks and priorities. You may even set functions in a card or list view. Subtasks, public and private tasks, recurring tasks can be made. Even so, create task comments, flags, and comments. 

    Manage all your resources for effective team management. Balance the team workload and even monitor team progress. For instance, make use of the split view. Do team collaboration with ease. Team management may include the following features. One can create workgroups. The users can even create guest and team accounts. Share documents and files anytime, anywhere. The app is available on Android and iOS.


    The standard plan is available at $4.79 a month for a single user. The pro is $7.99 a month for a user. The enterprise plan can be customized as per user choices. 

    8. Wrike

    As an easy choice, Wrike is the best option as a Monday alternative. Teams at any level can use this option. Over 17,000 customers opt for this app worldwide. A broad spectrum of features is customizable. They are for the task, collaborations, or even projects. Hence work becomes easy. Moreover, the workflow becomes result-oriented. 

    Time-tracking is available. It helps the assessment of time spend on every task. Hence work-life balance remains at par. Further, multiple payment plans are available. Therefore, it becomes more appealing to teams of any budget. 


    The dashboards can be made personal. Even newsfeed is available in real-time. Task management may include the following. It creates tasks and assignments. Task status, time tracking, and recurring tasks, to name a few. Project management features are as follows. One can create Gantt charts, visual reports, dashboards. Even custom status and workflows can also be made. 

    The team management features include the following. They are member tagging and workload management. One can even track time and budget simultaneously. Share, edit, and attach any file, anywhere. Wrike also includes a calendar, email notifications. Team integrations can also be done. 


    Most features are available for free. The professional plan costs $9.80 a month. The business plan costs $24.80 a month. For marketers and enterprises, customizable plans are available.

    9. Team week

    This is a Monday alternative trusted globally. Some of the known franchise is Disney and Microsoft. Visually organize and manage work fluently. The marketing strategy for this app is unique. It believes a single picture to speak thousands of words. Several options are offered. They range from project updates and capacity planning. It’s time to create change.

     Let go of reading complex reports. Monitor all reports through a simple glance. View roadmaps, organize teams or even download shared timelines. Any event can be customized. For instance, holidays, milestones, and work plans. Another remarkable feature is the annual review. It allows you to know the milestones covered by the team. Hence all investments of a team can be set at par.  


    This, too, has a drag and drop interface. Some features of task management are as follows. It can create backlogs for unassigned tasks. One can even create, customize, or edit tasks. Further, add color-coded and recurring tasks. Some project management tasks are as follows. Create Gantt charts, milestones, roadmaps, schedules, or project view. Customize workdays and holidays. 

    Even public links are available. A team availability view is possible. Multiple users can access the project at different levels. The user may export any event to calendars directly. One may send tasks via the Google Chrome extension.

    Other features include overbooking calculations. This app is available for iOS and Android. 


    The essential features of Team week are available for free. Other pacing plans range from$39 to $299 a month. 

    10. Ace project

    It is a Monday alternative, known for time tracking and project management. All the tools of this app take the basics a notch up. Several modules are available. It includes documents, projects, tasks, etc. In other words, this is a finished tool in every possible aspect.


    Coming to the task management features, create organized tasks. Customize any task reports on the go. There are project management tasks as follows. They are project racking and dependency, inbuilt templates, and Gantt charts are also available. Further, the timesheet module involves the following. They are timeclock, timesheet approval, and advanced time report. 

    Then comes expense management. It involves expense tracking, advanced reports, and approvals. Any task or update is notified by mail. Customize dashboards. The mobile app is available for Android and iOS. 


    The basic plan is free. The standard plan costs $29 a month. Then comes the advanced plan, costing $49 a month. The silver plan is $99, and a gold plan costs $199 a month.

    11. Project Insight

    This Monday alternative caters to all portfolio and project needs. It has a centralized interface. This thus provides numerous features. 


    Some of the task management features are as follows. This app allows customization of fields, forms, and other elements. Next, come to project management. It includes dashboards, Gantt charts, project reports, schedules, and reports. Other features involve tracking time, discussion channel, team collaboration. Next comes the allocation of cross-project resources. 


    The basic features are available for free. The business and enterprise planning costs $45. All features are unlimited. 

    12. Samepage

    This is mainly a collaboration tool. This has a good environment. Yet, it has excellent affordability. Here are some of the features.


    A useful feature of this software is a page to access different modules. Now comes task management features. Its includes sub-tasks, priority level, recurrence, due dates, and description details. Samepage offers meeting management and reminders. Further, it provides CommNet and feedback sharing. 

    Some project management features include tracking multiple projects, Gantt charts, start date, end date, milestones, task dependencies, etc.

    Then come a shared calendar, team chats, calls, conversations with tasks, images, projects, and meetings. Next, come event coordination and document management. It includes co-authoring documents and file sharing.


    This software is also available for free. The pro and enterprise plans cost $7 per month. Non-profit and educational plans can be customized on demand.

    13. Basecamp

    Basecamp is project management Software too. This Monday alternative is available for many project management teams. It aims at simplifying project management, 


    Basecamp cuts down many features of comprehensive tools. It reduces the workload of small businesses. This app is a suitable collaboration space for teams. No bells and whistles are necessary for more advanced solutions. However, the project can be viewed only once.


    This app is free for personal plans. The business plans cost $99 per month. 

    14. Avaza

    This app is a Monday alternative. It ranges from customer quotations to customer invoicing. This team management software is worth mentioning. 


    Task management includes task views through Kanban, Gantt, and List. It also involves group tasks. Project management includes Gantt charts, reports, and project budgeting. Next comes project progress dashboards and project burn-down charts. One may track time for tasks and activity feeds. 

    Comment, collaborate, and share files. Then comes payroll management and timesheet entry. The clients can make online payments. The clients will receive an invoice and online billing. Cloud accounting and credit notes are, among others.


    The plan is free with no strings attached. The start-up plan for small teams cost $9.95 a month. 

    15. Hygger

    This software caters to agile teams. Let’s note the features of Hygger, yet another Monday alternative. 


    Task and project management can be done using Scrum and Kanban. Use Swimlanes or Labels to organize tasks on your boards. Plus, you can identify and tackle potential issues via visible bottlenecks. Track time and estimate tasks through hours. It even provides log time to complete a task. Alongside track hours estimated ratio. The rest of the features are similar to other apps.


    The basic plan is free. The standard one is $9 per month for a single user. The features are unlimited here. Then enterprise plan is available for $14 per month for a user. 


    Monday alternatives cover a wide range. They are budget-friendly. Moreover, they cover robust features. All of these factors make them more demanding. Every drawback of Monday is taken care of. This article covers some curated apps. They are high in demand worldwide. Look for the best option that suits your needs.

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