9 Best Firewalls for Small Businesses

    Your cybersecurity is of utmost importance. When you own and lead a small business, it becomes highly susceptible to cybercriminals. So, you have to monitor every traffic that comes and goes to prevent an attack on your system. Therefore, a firewall is essential. Today, we have listed the top 9 best firewalls that excel in protecting systems. Dig in to know more.

    What is a Firewall?

    A firewall is a network protection device. It monitors outgoing and incoming network traffic and blocks or permits data packets as per some rules and security policies. Its main aim is to establish a barrier between the internal network and the incoming traffic from the internet to omit and block malware, viruses, and hackers. Therefore, your system stays secured from viruses and cybercriminals.

    A firewall analyses incoming traffic based on an already established list of rules and policies and then filters traffic coming from unverified and suspicious sources to prevent attacks. Therefore, a firewall is essential to manage your system to keep your important safe.

    Your system carries a lot of important data, financial records, and other important stuff to your company. A firewall is like a watchman that guards traffic at your system’s or computer’s entry point called ports. Ports are the locations where vital information is exchanged. 

    So, let’s check out the best firewalls for small businesses

    1. Fortinet 

    Fortinet’s firewall is one of the best and respected firewalls in the industry. It has a powerful software backbone. It offers a myriad of essential protections for small businesses. Fortinet has also designed it’s very own ASIC or Application-specific Integrated Circuits processors. These processors offer a high-speed network and have the ability to scale up as your business grows without compromising your system’s security. Therefore, Fortinet is a popular choice in many small businesses. It is one of the best firewalls. 

    For a mid-sized and small business, and even for startups, Fortinet offers several routers. Each router has Next Generation Firewall Protection. Based on your business’ requirements, you can choose from the different bandwidths Fortinet offers. Fortinet offers security in all.

    A single console manages all wireless and wired connections. They are grouped for comprehensive and simple oversight. You can even operate remotely—all credits to cloud management. 

    For small businesses, it has designed a Security Fabric package. It offers an extensive solution that includes a strong firewall, improved security, and device protection.

    In such a small firewall device, you get all the advanced security and privacy features such as web filtering, IPS or Intrusion Prevention System, VPN, application control, advanced threat protection, and a lot more. Hence, this is undoubtedly one of the best firewalls.

    2. Sonicwall

    For small organizations, firewall solutions can be a bit complex, as well as overwhelming. Therefore, Sonicwall TZ is designed with small businesses in mind. It is considered one of the best firewalls for small businesses. It offers very lucid and simple operation and installation so, if you are not that advanced, no need to worry as it is straightforward to manage. 

    Its features include

    • Network Security Management- You can easily manage the firewall from a single location because of its centralized management system. 
    • Capture ATP or Advanced Threat Protection- Sonicwall TX is a cloud-based sandbox program. It blocks ransomware threats very easily.
    • Zero-Touch Deployment- A secure and quick connection process requiring minimal configuration. 
    • RDP MITM or Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection- Sonicwall has a patent-pending feature. This means it works to inspect suspicious and doubtful code with ATP. 

    You can even customize with features like PoE or Power over Ethernet and integrated wifi. Hence, Sonicwall is a trustable and famous firewall. It is trusted by many small businesses and has grown over the years. Therefore, for a small business, Sonicwall TZ400 is a great choice and is more than sufficient. 

    3. Cisco Meraki

    Cisco is a well-known manufacturer of providing enterprise-level networking solutions. It specializes as a wireless LAN product of the SMB market. 

    Cisco Meraki is a hardware firewall and a WIFI router. It has high-quality internet security features. Therefore, users can maintain a great internet connection, as well. 

    The device monitors viruses and other malware by 7 application visibility. It also prioritizes traffic without compromising your bandwidth. The WIFI connection supports 1.2 Gbps. And the firewall supports 250 Mbps throughout. Hence, no hindrance to working. 

    With an additional fee, Cisco also provides advanced security features and services. These options include advanced malware protection, Cisco Threat Grid, and content filtering.

    Therefore, the pros of using Cisco Meraki includes great internet security solutions along with high-internet speed WIFI. It also has splendid cloud management. Cisco Meraki also provides a lifetime warranty as well.

    4. Ubiquiti EdgeRouter

    This is a less expensive firewall but comes with high-end product features. This comes in a compact and simple router case and quite unnoticeable. It also has a substantial grade metallic case.

    You can place this device anywhere you want to. You can even place it on your desk. It is minimal and lightweight as well. Therefore, you will hardly find any problem in handling it. It gives you better coverage and is quite flexible. Moreover, it is easy to use and intuitive, as well. 

    It has a compelling routing performance. This device routes up to at least 2 million packets per year and has a customizable open platform.

    It has multifaceted gigabyte connectivity. This device provides you rj45 gigabit ports, 6 independent, and 2 rj45/sfp combination gigabit ports. It is centrally managed and supported by Ubiquiti Network Management System or UNMS.

    You can configure it in a myriad of ways. All thanks to its integrated EdgeOS. It delivers its users with a one-stop feature, an easy user interface, and advanced router features. 

    Therefore, Ubiquiti EdgeRouter gives good value for money. If you are looking for a cheap yet high-functional firewall, this is the perfect match. It overall gives you great satisfaction and aces in its job. 

    5. Firewalla

    If any virus, malware software, or a cybercriminal is trying to enter your system, Firewalla is on guard to save your system. This firewall effectively filters the user accessing your website. You can even block your employees from accessing any dangerous website. Therefore, Firewalla keeps your security at the top of its priority list. 

    This firewall plugs into your router and starts its work. It is simple. You can even enable the VPN to browse from anywhere in the world securely. It comes with straightforward Android and iOS apps, helping you to work with it very lucidly. 

    Once you install the app, it will automatically detect the device. Hence, providing you the best protection in the market. It has strong encryption, as well. Firewalla makes safe browsing of dangerous websites. It is a small device. But, do not go by looks. It has amazing security features. Therefore, automatically shielding your network from harmful sources. 

    This device uses a cloud-based behavior analytics engine to detect and automatically block problems. It monitors continuously. Therefore, not allowing any suspicious and dangerous stranger to enter your system.

    Hence, there is no doubt. A firewall is a favorite firewall among small business owners. 

    6. Sophos

    Sophos is a great option when you are looking for a firewall and a consolidated threat management system. It is a multi-functional device. You can use it as hardware, a cloud station, or software.

    Sophos provides you with WIFI network capabilities, VPN functions, and deep packet security. Hence, you will be enjoying better security and fewer data breaches. It excellently detects unknown and known malware and takes threat prevention to varied levels. Therefore, Sophos easily detects any threat and stops it from reaching your system and saving your data. 

    It has an intuitive and simple user interface. Therefore, even novices can easily use it. You can easily shield your system and network without worrying much. 

    It has solid-state drives, a superior, fast, powerful memory content scanning, and Inter multi-core technology. Sophos comes with the latest firewall protection. Hence, it effectively protects your system’s data. 

    It also provides endpoint DLP, mobile, web protection, and email encryption. Just choose and deploy as per your preference and need. It has built-in reporting features. Therefore, you know immediately what is happening in your system and network. 

    Sophos comes with the latest technology. Hence, you only get the best performance. 

    7. WatchGuard FireBox

    This is a two-in-one hardware firewall and router. The device can be easily used as an access point for connections and directly connects to the Internet. WatchGuard FireBox supports 802.11b/g/n WIFI and 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz, bands.

    This device is intended for up to five users and offers 400 Mbps hardware firewall speed. When enabled with UTM features, it also offers 90 Mbps speeds. UTM features include software protection mechanisms. These are intrusion detection, ransomware protection, antivirus, data-loss prevention, etc.

    It has superior reliability and high performance. The device comes with 90 days of support. Users can even configure their VPN connections. 

    Therefore, WatchGuard FireBox provides broad protection. It comes with full UTM solutions. With fast transfer speeds, it also supports safe VPN connections. 

    8. Bitdefender Box 2

    With this device, you can easily protect your system from malware, identity theft, and other threats. It continuously protects protection against threats and blocks any suspicious site and sources. Therefore, providing your great security.

    You can even use it as your main router. The device will ensure that you get parental control, malware protection, and device management for all its users.

    This device also has the capability to handle GPS fiber-optic Internet connection. Therefore, making it one of the best firewalls for small businesses. Moreover, when you combine and connect the device with its mobile app, you can protect any device whatsoever in your network.

    You can also use Bitdefender Box 2 to add devices, giving them profiles. Hence, showing their potential restrictions as well as the level of protection.

    Therefore, allowing you to stop devices that you don’t want to use at any particular time. You can even use it for restricting access to the internet at certain times of the day.

    With this firewall, you’ll get instant notifications while threats occur so that you can take necessary actions.

    It regularly scans your data and ensures you get the right anti-virus and anti-malware protection for your system and device.

    Moreover, this device uses a machine-learning algorithm and intrusion prevention system to detect and block any suspicious software or threats that may affect your website.

    Hence, Bitdefender Box 2 is a great option for small businesses. You can easily keep your system and data protected. You will hardly face any problem in using and installing it. Moreover, you can even keep your home connections secured. This is a great choice for users who work both in-office and at home and have important data at both places. 

    9. Cisco ASA

    Last but not least, the Cisco ASA is one of the best firewalls in the market. With Cisco ASA, you get hardware protecting your complete network and software protecting your office devices.

    It provides complete security to your system by providing multiple checkpoints. One of its chief features includes a VPN router. It has amazing security features that protect your business’ central data as well as remote locations.

    Your business is well-protected with this market-leading and VPN firewall. 

    It allows you to control your network access, maximizes network uptime, and protects your central data. Therefore, your system and business data are completely safe.

    Your business tool is completely secured as it protects your servers and business infrastructure. With its amazing policy management feature, it ensures everything in your system is safe. 

    Cisco ASA also offers a myriad of network containment and control services. Hence, you have good control over your traffic.

    It uses market-proven technology; hence this is one of the best firewalls. If you have a tight pocket but still want a great firewall, this can be your perfect match. 

    Summing Up!

    Your evolving business must use the best firewall only to protect its data and important information. I hope this guide helped you to sort your choices in choosing the best firewall. These firewalls are the best in the market and are highly efficient. Therefore, get going and get the best firewall for your small business.

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