How to Look After Your HVAC System

    Every item in our household needs the proper maintenance for a longer lifespan. There are certain steps you can take to prolong your HVAC unit’s lifespan and lower utility costs. The main benefits of having frequent checkups are that you avoid emergency calls and improve the unit’s efficiency. 

    Technology development has led to the emergence of many HVAC software that helps businesses get more clients. Annual maintenance goes a long way in enabling you to enjoy the unit’s benefits, and the article below will discuss how to look after your HVAC system.

    1. Change the Filters

    Ask yourself when you replaced your filters last, and if you cannot remember, it is time to make that move. Disposable filters eliminate the large particles from your house, and you should change them after three months. However, it will help to change the filters often if you have pets at your place. 

    Experts recommend you take the MERV 7-11 filter and any other filter reduces your system’s airflow. This reduced airflow strains your system, putting unwanted stress on it. It will help to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines; suppose you have a purification system when servicing the filters. 

    2. Inspect the Outdoor Unit Visually

    It will help to eliminate the leaf build-up and excess vegetation to ensure they do not affect your outdoor unit’s airflow. You can achieve this by trimming trees or bushes and keeping an eye on trees or bushes with excess pollen.

    3. Clean the Condensing Unit

    Many air conditioners have outdoor units that sit outside the fan to keep off heat during the summer. The condensing unit has metal fins that get clogged with pollen or dirt. It will help to spray the unit’s exterior once per season to clean it. 

    However, it will help not to use pressure washers because they will damage the unit permanently. 

    4. Check the Evaporator’s Drainpipe

    Kindly contact your technician if you are unsure where your drainpipe is before conducting any practices. Ensure the HVAC system does not have any blockages of mold or algae. Wet-dry vacuums clean all clogged areas, and you can also use bleach. 

    Clogged drain lines are the main issues technicians solve, and most clients are aware of it after water pours from their ceiling. 

    5. Have Professional HVAC Maintenance 

    It will help to have at least two HVAC tune-ups annually to keep it in the best condition. HVAC companies will service and inspect the system to shun future breakdowns. 

    The HVAC technician will do the following things during a check-up;

    • Lubricate moving parts
    • Check thermostat settings
    • Check system controls
    • Check the refrigerant charge
    • Inspect gas pressure
    • Tighten electrical connections. 

    6. Keep the Exterior Clear and Clean

    The exterior HVAC unit can accumulate fallen leaves and twigs easily, and you should remove debris from the unit every time you have yard maintenances. 

    Final Thoughts

    The HVAC system is expensive and needs maintenance practices to keep it working efficiently. The above article has discussed all you need to know when looking after the HVAC system, and you can contact us for more details. 

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