How to Secretly Spy on Your Cheating Spouse’s Phone – Cheating Spouses Review

    You fell for someone and it takes a little time to feel like this is the love of your life. You hang out, have some coffee and get closer. You start liking each and everything about the person. Everything is going wonderful, but suddenly the truth strikes. He or she admits that they were with someone else also and now want to end the relationship with you.

    There is a huge chance of happening the same thing with you or maybe something worse. 45-55% of married women and 50-60% of married men are engaged in extramarital sex. So it is always better to be sure about your partner before it is too late.

    Once this happens, people tend to start disbelieving every other person, without giving a chance to prove themselves. Human psychology is weird. But what if you like someone, or starting fresh and get the chance to know the truth from the very first steps without sneaking around every moment? gives you this exact opportunity, so you do not have to be in the middle of indecision.

    How to Use


    iPhone: If your partner is using an iPhone you have to set up the spyware on their device. You can do it without needing the phone physically if you know the iCloud credentials. When the process is done you can log in to your online account created during your registration and you are ready to track all the text messages, emails, chats calls and even current location.

    Android: If the person is using an Android you will need to get your hands on their smartphone and go through the installation process. It will take a bit of time, which is worthwhile. After that the process is similar.

    Control Panel

    So now you already know that you can check their texts and emails etc on real-time. But what are the other feature which will give you the proof of their infidelity (or proof of innocence, hopefully) you may ask?

    With the texts, you will be able to see the contact name and number with whom your partner is having a late-night chat.

    You will be able to see all the application installed on their phone. Most probably you are looking for a dating app, which is included in the list.

    You can track their location anytime. So if you got a text from them that they are sleeping but their current location is in the nearest pub, you know what to do.

    Even if you miss a message, those will be saved for you to check anytime. So there is no chance of hiding.

    Most importantly, your partner will have no clue about this service, so there is no chance to get any precaution.


    This wonderful service comes at minimal price and they also offer monthly or yearly subscription package. For the premium monthly package, it will cost $14.16 and if you opt-in for the yearly package, it will cost you $169.9.

    Wrapping Up

    It does not matter if you are just starting out a relationship or in it from a long time but having some issue. will provide you with every bit of information you can ask for. If you are still not sure, there are some signs which are preliminary steps for being with someone else. For some example, if your significant other is denying you plans, sending too much text suddenly, about why they could not give you time or buying too many clothes.

    If any of these is happening with you, give a go and clear out everything.

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