10 Best Reminder App for Android

    Best Reminder App For Android : Having a busy schedule irrespective of the age or work, people do need a constant reminder of things that are needed to be done and in a timely fashion.

    Reminders are a way to ensure that we don’t forget important things or tasks that have to be achieved on a daily basis.

    For this very purpose, a lot of Reminder Apps have been developed to help make your daily progression smooth and tasks done.

    Today, we will talk about some of the best reminder App for Android devices.

    The 10 best Android Reminder App list that we are about to discuss is solely based on the factors and features of the Apps.

    10 best Reminder App for Android

    #1. BZ Reminders

    An App to help you remember everything that you have to do, BZ Reminder is an updated version of the Bzzz App.

    With easy to use interface, a to-do list, and straightforward reminder features, BZ Reminder is one the best reminder App Android devices have.

    BZ Reminders

    This App is suitable for those people who want to get things done in a jiffy.

    Compatible with the smartwatches, this App is pretty much everything you need for your daily to-do list.

    With advantages like customizable widgets, repeating or recurring tasks, and more, this BZ reminder is an ideal App and one of the best reminder App for Android to make your reminder assisting task easy.

    #2. App is yet another best reminder App for Android, which is better than the regular calendar App that shows you date with a list.

    With features like task customizations, reminders based on time and location, cloud syncing between 2 devices and more, will help with your daily tasks smoothly as per you set it up.

    With high compatibility with other Apps developed by the same developer, you could follow up with tasks and important actions items.

    Another amazing option in this App is the voice entry. You can speak the task with time and date, and you are set.

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    #3. Google Keep

    Google is the giant search engine that it is, cannot be ignored when it comes to best Android reminder App as well.

    This App is considered to be one the best reminder App for Android due to its exclusive features.

    Google Keep

    And, the best part is that Google Keep is included on many smartphones and you need not have to waste additional space for other such Apps.

    With flawless android wear support, Google Keep is a free App compared to similar Apps which are usually paid.

    With pop-up notifications based on time and locations, the reminder alerts are precise and to the point.

    #4. Ike To Do List

    A unique reminder App that prioritizes the tasks by assigning them important values.

    Ike uses Eisenhower’s Priority Matrix.

    You have features to customize, reminders with audio and images, due dates, widgets and more to explore.

    Ike To Do List

    There is a free version of this App with all the basic features and also a paid version that unlocks a few more themes and additional features for you.

    A playful and fun App to use and fulfill your daily tasks, Ike does things in a unique way.

    #5. Life Reminders

    A one-stop shop for all your reminder App needs, this is the best Android reminder App to never forget anything in life.

    Life Reminders are more applicable to those people who need to follow a strict medicine intake on a daily basis.

    Life Reminders

    This App is available in multiple languages making it compatible with many users across the globe.

    It is one of the Reminder App Android devices that offer to donate to the less fortunate.

    This App has a unique feature to set a different tone or talking alarm to different reminders.

    #6. TickTick

    A simple yet powerful reminder App, TickTick has features like cloud synching to keep a track of tasks between devices.

    The option to tag tasks assists in prioritizing and sorting out your tasks with ease. There is a free version of this reminder with basic features.


    With the paid version of this reminder App Android, you have access to improved task management, collaboration support, and more options.

    Like any other App, you will need to get a subscription to get access to all the features here as well.

    However, it is worth it if you really need the best reminder App for Android to assist you.

    #7. Todoist

    Evolving from PC and chrome version, Todoist is one of the best reminder App Android device has.


    You can stay synched everywhere due to the desktop support version of this App.

    This App is recommended to those who plan to purchase the paid version of the App since the free version doesn’t offer much assistance.

    Todoist is one the best reminder App for Android for task management and running errands in a timely fashion.

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    #8. aCalendar

    With 2 versions aCalender and aCalender+, this Android calendar helps maintain schedules on a daily basis.


    Both the versions are equally helpful with free and paid version respectively.

    I recommend using the free version of the aCalendar App to see if it fulfills its purpose and if you are happy with it.

    You can, later on, switch to the paid version, aCalendar+.

    Some of the amazing features of this App are intuitive navigation, full-screen widgets with native calendar backend and synchronization.

    #9. Trello

    Like Google Keep, Trello is one the very few and best Android reminder App that is completely free, which is the reason for its popularity.


    With its unique card-based interface to create your task boards, you have features like Google Drive and Dropbox support, collaboration support and scaling, which is applicable to both a small as well as a huge list to handle the entire projects.

    An excellent and powerful App, Trello was purchased in 2017 by Altasslan and there has not been any change to this App so far.

    #10. RemindMe

    App with a motto ‘Never Forget’, RemindMe is a simple yet effective App, which assists you with your day to day to-do list.


    The App focuses on daily basic tasks that you perform on a routine, which helps you to never forget a task that you are supposed to be doing.

    Some of the excellent features of RemindMe are the simple yet unique user interface, list management, missed call reminders and many more.

    Final Thoughts

    So, here I have listed the 10 best reminder App for Android solely based on the functions and features they provide.

    There are lots of reminder Apps being developed on a daily basis, but somehow, these are the best ones out there, as compared with other such Apps.

    Use any of these best reminder App to fulfill all your reminder needs and smoothen your day.

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