10 Best Domain Registrars for Small Businesses in 2021

    So, after you have established your business, it is time that you must connect to your customers virtually. Having a company website, even for small businesses, is very important. It attracts your customers, ensures sales hoke, more revenue, and eventually brings business. Therefore, you must have a business. But, the first step to create a website is to book a domain. You do not want some random domain name as the domain speaks about your company. Therefore, in today’s article, we have featured the top 10 best domain registrar for small businesses in 2021.

    Google’s domain is “” Hence, the domain speaks about the brand and company. If your company’s name is saying, “XYZ,” you must look for a domain like “” You do not want your domain to be “” Therefore, it is essential to look for a domain name and register it from the right website. 

    What is a Domain Registrar?

    A domain registrar handles the reservation or booking of domain names and the assignment of IP addresses for the domain names. So, a domain name is an alphanumeric alias to access the website. For example, Google’s domain name is “,” and its IP address is “”

    Therefore, domain names make it lucid to access a website without memorizing and entering the IP address. Therefore, a domain name is significant for your business.

    So, let’s check out the best place to buy a domain name for your business.  

    Best Domain Name Registrar 


    GoDaddy has been there in this field for over 20 years now. Bob Parsons founded it in 1997. Currently, GoDaddy is managing over 17 million customers and 75 million domains. Therefore, it is the most popular and best domain registrar for quite a few years now.

    The company’s headquarters is located in Scottsdale and was earlier named Jomax Technologies. But, now, it is known as GoDaddy Group Incorporation. 


    The company’s main focus is domain registering. But, apart from that, you can transfer your domain. It has Microsoft powered professional email, domain value approval, online marketing tools, web security, and a lot more. Hence, Godaddy comes with a lot of features. 

    If you face any issue, then offer 24 X 7 customer support via phone and live chat. To prevent domain-related spam, GoDaddy offers Whois privacy. So, GoDaddy redacts your email address, name, contact number, and address in Whois privacy. Therefore, you are saved from spam and other security threats.


    Let’s face it. Buying a domain from GoDaddy can be expensive and overwhelming. In the first year, it will cost you $9.99. But, from the second year, it will start costing you $17.99. Hence, if you decide to buy a GoDaddy domain, make sure you have a heavy pocket for your website domain name. 


    This company’s main focus is on small and medium businesses. offers the best and popular domains and also sells exclusive domains as a broker. The company has been in this field for over twenty years now. It has upgraded itself from just a domain registrar to web hosting, full design service, and web builder. 

    Features specializes in VPS hosting, web hosting, SSL certificates, Email, domain names, web designing, and online marketing services. At present, they are offering VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, and shared hosting plans as well. has two plans. And it does not matter whichever plan you choose. You will be getting an SSL certificate, unlimited disk space, marketing tools, and eCommerce solutions. Moreover, you also get PayPal integration, templates, and malware protection. 

    Pricing may not be the cheapest domain registrar, but it one of the most-trusted website registrars. For a .com website, you will pay $9.99, and for a .net website, you will pay $12.99. 

    So, for domain protection, you have to pay an extra $8.99, and for the .com website, you have to pay $18.98. You even WHOIS privacy protection. 

    3. Domains.Google

    Domains. Google is currently in the beta stage and was launched on 13th January 2015. When you are looking for a domain registrar, it involves a lot of hassle. You research companies, separate original bargains, and then browse small print and look for hidden caches. When you have small savings for a domain name, you want to tie up with a simple yet significant registrar. So, nothing is better than Domains. Google. It is simple and puts speed to the top of its priority list. 


    There a myriad of advantages you can gain from these exclusive features:

    • Private registration at no extra cost
    • Support round the clock. So, you can contact them via email, live chat, or phone. 
    • New domain name endings
    • Simple and easy domain management features and tools
    • Easy integration with top-notch website builders
    • A custom email with Google Workspace
    • Customized sub-domains
    • Fast, reliable, and secure internet infrastructure with Google
    • Email forwarding


    Google Domains is cheap, and it will cost you just $12 per year. Domains. Google has automatic renewal, and you will get an email notification before it. So, if you plan on canceling the domain’s registration, you can do it before time and effortlessly. You can buy a domain for ten years at $120 and 2 years at $24. 

    Therefore, Domains. Google is undoubtedly the best domain name registrar at a cheap rate. 


    EIG, a world-famous and well-known company, owns Bluehost. It was founded in 2003. It is one of the reputable registrars, and even WordPress recommends Bluehost. Bluehost sells .org and .com domains.

    It handles more than 2 million websites and has a userbase of over 1 million. Bluehost offers you several hosting bundles and great value. 


    Bluehost is mainly a web hosting service provider; therefore, they also offer shared, VPS, WordPress, reseller, and dedicated hosting.

    It also has easy-to-use search options that clearly presents and sorts of your preferences. Furthermore, with Bluehost, you can add protection and privacy along with your purchase. It offers you Whois privacy. 

    Bluehost also offers you round the clock customer support with live chatting, email, and phone. The customer service is well-equipped and is there to help you under all circumstances. 


    When you get a hosting package, you also get a domain free with it. If you plan to register more than one domain, you get it at $11.99 for each domain per year. Moreover, if you take privacy protection with the domain, it will cost you $23.87 per annum. 


    Namecheap’s headquarter is in Phoenix and was founded in 2000. It won the title of “best Domain Name Registrar” in November 2010 and “Most Popular Domain Name Registrar” in 2012 by “Lifehacker.” ICAHN recognizes NameCheap as an accredited registrar. If you are searching for a particular domain, and if it is taken, then with the help of Whois record, you can record or offer to buy that domain. Hence, if you are lucky, then you might get your favorable domain name.


    NameCheap offers SSL certificates, app integration, domain transfers, email, and a lot more. 

    NameCheap is a web hosting service provider as well. So, it offers WordPress, shared, VPS, private email, and reseller hosting. 

    They also offer email ticketing and live chat customer support to assist your 24 X 7. You can even find answers to your solutions with the knowledge base. WhoisGuard offers privacy protection on NameCheap.


    You have to pay just $8.88 per year to register a .com website. They also offer .xyz, .online, .info, and other domains, and the price varies accordingly. 

    6. Hover

    Hover’s website is straightforward and clear. If your company name is common, it might happen it is already taken by some other organization with the same name. Therefore, on Hover, you can even find a suitable name for your domain if yours is not available. Hover is best at this job. 


    When you search for domains, you get a sidebar where you can add filters for easy search. The domain’s price will also reflect along with the domain name. So, it becomes quite easy for you to choose. 

    You can even locate your top-level domain in a quick search. 

    You get Whois privacy absolutely free when you use a domain by Hover. 

    24 X 7 customer support is available, and you can reach out to them via chat and email. So, your problems are for a few seconds until the call gets connected to a support executive. 


    A .com website comes at $12.99. On the other hand, a .org comes at $13.99 and, comes at $10.99. 

    7. NameSilo

    NameSilo is the best choice when you want to buy several domain names with the same name, alternative extensions, or common misspellings. So, if you plan to buy more than 50 domains at a time, you will also get a bulk discount. 


    With every domain you buy, you get the following features by NameSilo:

    • Free privacy protection for the lifetime
    • Domain defender protection
    • DNS management tools
    • Locking and unlocking capability
    • 24 X 7 customer support
    • Easily forward email and domain
    • Monetized parking page
    • Whois privacy protection comes free with NameSilo


    When you buy domains ranging from 1 to 49, you have to pay $8.99 per annum for each domain, and even on renewal, you have to pay the same price. 

    If you get domains ranging from 50 to 100, you pay just $8.89 per annum domain.

    Therefore, if you plan to buy bulk domains for your small business, then NameSilo is your perfect match. 

    8. HostGator

    EIG owns HostGator since 2012. But, HostGator was originally found in 2002 and later purchased by EIG. HostGator’s headquarters in Houston, TX. Most numbers of the servers of HostGator are in Houston, while some are in Provo, UT.

    HostGator now hosts more than 9 million domains and has four hundred thousand customers. 


    HostGator is a web hosting provider along with a domain registrar. The hosting options include web, cloud, WordPress, dedicated, reseller, Windows, application, and VPS hosting.

    HostGator has great page loading speed, uptime, and great pricing.

    If you opt for the Hasting Cloud Plan, then you get one domain completely free of cost. At the same time, the Business Cloud and Baby Cloud plans come with unlimited free domains.  

    The customer support is very efficient. You can get help through email ticketing and live chat. It also offers video tutorials and forums to solve your issues. 


    A .com website registration will cost you $12.95 per annum. It would be best if you went to HostGator as it has the best uptime and great overall. 

    9. Dynadot

    Dynadot is a premium domain registrar. Just like other domain registrars, you type in the name, search, look for prices, but with Dynadot, you get extra features. These features include Internationalized Domain Name and Bulk search tools, and other advanced options.


    Dynadot has a website builder and allows you to host and build a simple one-page website. 

    You also get free domain forwarding. Therefore, this helps you to redirect your customers to other places as well.  

    DNS supports allow you to create 10 email addresses, 5 each of TXT and MX records, and 50 subdomain records. If you change your mind and want to return the domain, then Dynadot offers you Grace Deletion. 


    A .com website costs you $8.99 and the same for renewal. And, if you want to go for a .co.UK domain, then it will cost you $6.95.


    William Mushkin founded in 2003. Right side Group currently owns the domain registrar. It is currently located in Denver, CO. currently manages two million domains and has over 3 hundred thousand users. is also great for bulk domains purchase. 


    The notable features include:

    • Domain transfers
    • SSL certificates
    • App integration
    • Email
    • Website builder, and some other web hosting features.

    Don’t Miss – Best WordPress Alternatives

    When you have WordPress hosting, you get a domain for free. The Startup plan includes supporting one website, the Name builder plan supports twenty-five sites, and the Unbelievable package supports an unlimited number of websites. 

    The customer support is available from Monday to Friday from 6 AM to 6 PM MST, and on Saturday and Sunday, it is available from 9 AM to 4 PM MST. Moreover, customer support also includes a knowledge base. 

    Pricing will cost you $8.99, and during renewal, it will go up to $12.99.

    Summing Up!

    So, these were the top domain registrars you can look for while deciding a domain for your company. A domain is essential for a company. Therefore, you must only choose the best domain registrar for your work. Also, keep in mind the pricing, features, and other factors while making a choice. 

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