10 best new Android games from Jan 2018

    With the arrival of smartphones, we have become too lazy to go out for playing outdoor games. We simply take our Android devices and download various upcoming games from the Play Store and play them for long hours. If you want the best new Android games for your Android phones and tablets, there are plenty of games available in the Play Store which will give you a thrilling gaming experience.

    Most of the games are of themes such as block building and car racing. Play Store introduces the new and unique games each year to the Android users which are really entertaining ones.

    List of 10 best new Android games

    Let us discuss some of the best new Android games of the current year.

    #1. Pukk

    Starting with an interesting gaming concept, Pukk is a treasure hunt game and is one of the best new Android games. You have to find the gold in Sweden. This game has a lot of challenges which you have to face on your way to find the treasure. There is a polar bear that follows you throughout the game to stop you to find the treasure.

    Enjoy the icy cold mountains of Sweden with ice gliding. You can become a master of ice gliding bypassing all the hurdles. Pukk has total 80 levels.


    #2. Just Dance Now

    Dancing is passion and it refreshes the mind, body, and soul. There are more than 300 super hit songs on which you can tap your feet. It is one of the most amazing upcoming Android games of the year 2018. You can even join in group dance by arranging a party with around 1000 players.

    This game also gets updated with new songs every month to enjoy the dance. This game works well on 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi connection. After dancing, you can even know the number of calories burnt. Get coins by unlocking the new songs.

    Just Dance Now

    #3. Fire Up!

    The next on the list of best new Android games are Fire Up! It is a very exciting game which gives you numerous balls to break the blocks. As you break more balls, you can build more blocks. Fire Up has wonderful graphics which will give you more enjoyment for playing games.

    You need to upgrade tank and unlock cool tanks. This game will reveal your capacity to reach far. Many users have downloaded this game on their Android devices and loved it very much.

    Fire Up!

    #4. Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes

    Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes sounds a little dangerous game yet very interesting concept. One player tries to defuse the bomb in the room while other players instruct him giving the different ways by which he can diffuse the bomb.

    All the players discuss the process of diffusing the bomb. You can develop your communication and leadership skills with this game. There are many puzzles which you can solve in middle of the game. It improves the relations between friends.

    Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes

    #5. Slam Dunk King: best new Android games

    You can certainly include Slam Dunk King in the list of new Android games for your Android devices. It is the game specially developed for basketball lovers. There are basically 3 modes of games by which you can master your basketball skills. You can gain more coins by unlocking new balls and mascots.

    There is Game Feed integration feature in this game. Slam Dunk King has amazing graphics and beautiful music to enhance the passion of gamers. It is really a joyful game one should download on its Android devices.

    Slam Dunk King

    #6. Bounden

    Bounden will make your dancing skills more wonderful. It consists of 8 dances on which you and your friends can dance. You can do a romantic dance with your partner on amazing songs. There are many dance forms in this game such as twister and ballet.

    You can use your Android devices as the dance platform and tell your friend to place his thumb on his mobile screen. There is also a classical music in Bounden game. You can take the help of professional dancers who show the ballet dance steps through videos.


    #7. Snowboard Party: Aspen

    Enjoy snowboarding on the snow-covered mountains with Snowboard Party: Aspen game. You have to play various levels in the game of snowboarding. There are different kinds of outfits and more than 100 snowboards which you can select for your player.

    It is one of the best new Android games for Android devices. You can practice the tricks of half-pipes and jumps. You can master the skills of snowboarding with this game and earn rewards too.

    Snowboard Party: Aspen

    #8. Spaceteam

    The next on the list of upcoming Android games is Spaceteam. This game is of friendship and you can really enjoy it by shouting at your buddies. There are switches, sliders and control panels for managing the space team.

    This game develops your leadership skills and teaches you how to work as a team. You will be awarded many honors and titles. You can play it for hours with your best buddies.


    #9. Streets of Rage Classic

    In this game, you have to protect a city with arms and weapons. There are eight rounds included in this game. A special attack from ESWAT team is also one of the special features of this game. You can take the help of Wi-Fi multiplayer to master the skills of becoming a boss. It can be downloaded for free of cost on any Android devices.

    Streets of Rage Classic

    #10. King of Opera

    This game will give a lot of entertainment. You have to prove yourself the best opera performer by beating other players. There are 5 modes in this game. King of Opera is an amazing game which can be played between many friends. It can be played by all age groups.

     King of Opera


    These games are developed with a view to providing full joy to the Android users. They will extract the talent hidden within you and help you to master many skills. The above games are the best new Android games for making your year 2018 special with games and entertainment.



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