5 Best Free Video Editing Software for Marketers

    As the share of videos in mobile traffic is expected to grow to 79% by 2027, it becomes more important than ever to learn how to use videos in marketing campaigns to improve their outreach. Video marketers use engaging content on social networks to drive more traffic and increase the conversion rate.

    The most successful video ads quickly go viral, thus significantly contributing to the promotion of products and services. However, if you have little to no experience when it comes to video editing, it might be a daunting task to select the best tool for creating videos. Below, we have rounded up the best options for video marketing professionals who are on a tight budget. You can use all of them without paying a dime, which makes them perfect for growing companies.

    #1 Movavi

    This popular video editor has versions for iOS and Android devices. What makes it stand out among other similar apps is that it allows you to select one of the available aspect ratios depending on the social network where you are going to post your videos. It enables you to quickly optimize your videos for Facebook or Instagram users. In addition, you can select regular vertical and widescreen aspect ratios.

    If you use a paid version of this video editor no watermark will be added to your clips. Besides, you will be able to add animated stickers and brand elements to your clips and Instagram stories. The app also has a desktop version. However, to access its more advanced features, you are required to pay for a subscription.

    #2 Adobe Creative Cloud Express

    Formerly known as Adobe Spark, this is an essential tool for video marketers as it allows them to work across different storyboards easily. You can use a variety of themes and layouts to produce excellent content without paying a dime. With the help of this video-editing tool, you can create mind-blowing videos that will quickly catch the attention of your target audience. Besides a web-based version, it has iOS and Android apps.

    #3 Splice

    If you are a proud owner of an action camera, you can use this app released by GoPro. It was created for those who want to try their hand at professional video editing but lack the funds to buy advanced software. Using this video editing app, you can add transitions in different styles and make your clips easier to watch by adding text and captions. You can use it to trim your footage and adjust its speed. Another advantage of this app is that it has a library of royalty-free audio tracks.

    #4 Clipchamp Create

    In case you want to find a web-based video maker, Clipchamp Create is what you need. Using the free version of this tool, you can create an unlimited number of projects and access all imaginable video editing tools you might ever want to use. Unlike other apps on this list, it lets you save 480p videos without a watermark unless you use stock videos in your project. You can also use a Premium version, which will allow you to save your videos in higher resolution. This app doubles as a video converter and camcorder. You can also use it to optimize the size of your videos.

    #5 Canva

    Being one of the most widely-used tools on this list, Canva allows users to create stunning videos. Using this online-based video editing platform, you can speed up your workflow. It contains a library of customizable templates and other digital assets. You can use a free version to collaborate with the members of your team. A premium version has more tools for brand development, which makes it perfect for video marketing professionals.

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