6 Reasons Your Online Retail Business Needs A Flipbook

    We all are well aware of how digital marketing has numerous benefits, as opposed to traditional marketing. It is customizable, measurable, and provides a massive reach to businesses. However, there is one thing that it lacks, which is a tangible means of marketing. So, while traditional marketing provides pamphlets and brochures, digital marketing works through eBooks and emails. At times, using the conventional ways may look more interactive and practical. But what if we get the best of both worlds and combine a digital tool with a real marketing tactic. If you have not yet reached there, we are talking about flipbooks.

    As the name suggests, a flipbook is a form of an eBook that you can flip through. But why does flipping make such a big deal? A flipbook gives the effects of a real, physical book. You can turn pages rather than scroll through. And this is the distinguishing aspect of it.

    Moreover, you can also add effects that make the experience more interactive for the users. With the ever-decreasing attention spans of viewers online, making your content as fun and exciting as possible is the key to success. And flipbooks offer this feature.

    If you are still unsure whether flipbooks can be a valuable addition to your marketing campaign, read further. Here we list down a few compelling reasons why we believe your online retail business needs a flipbook:

    1. Flipbooks Are Interactive:

    The most obvious reason: unlike a PDF file or an online brochure, flipbooks are highly interactive. They give you the option of adding videos and other fun features to your content. Running an online retail business means providing users with full details of the products you sell. You may need to add specification details, features, etc. And it would be best if you did this in the most attention-grasping way.

    For example, creating flipbooks can help you add videos about the reviews people give on specific products. If you are a fashion retail business, you can add wardrobe styling videos. Such elements instantly make your content eye-catching. And that is the whole point of content marketing. Flipbooks allow you to achieve this goal by making your online content more interactive and noticeable than a usual only-text PDF.

    2. Flipbooks Are Easy To Create:

    You may wonder that it may take you time and effort to create one, with so much going on in a flipbook. But fortunately, you can easily figure out how to create flip books since numerous flipbook creation tools are available online today. Thanks to these tools, converting your PDF into a flipbook is a simple one-click process. Moreover, adding fun elements such as colors, videos, pictures, etc., is also not an uphill task. Flipbook creation tools allow you to do all without making it look too complicated.

    3. Flipbooks Are Easily Navigable:

    The attention span of consumers is reducing by the day. They want information presented in a single platform, and anything that forces them to scroll through is not worth the time. As a result, marketers have to strictly review every option and evaluate how they can make content more pleasing. Nobody wants their consumers to walk away from the content only because they found it dull or too lengthy.

    Flipbooks allow users to navigate pages easily while zooming and searching for a product they wish to find. In a retail business, your consumers may have to look through various products to find the right ones. A flipbook allows your customer to search through for their desired items, features, and zoom in to see any specifications mentioned. It is a great way to make the experience easy for your consumers. And as a result, your customers may enjoy swiping through your flipbooks.

    4. Flipbooks Are Responsive Across Multiple Devices:

    Undeniably, almost every person uses mobile devices. We typically pick up our mobile phones and land on Google if we ever need to search for something. Laptops or tablets may come in next. However, the bottom line is that today consumers use several devices to view content. And this brings us to the next most crucial benefit of flipbooks.

    In digital marketing, if you wish to make your content liked and viewed by consumers, one significant factor is to make it readable on all devices. And most importantly, your content needs to be accessible on mobiles. Flipbooks provide this element. They detect the device it is being viewed on and adapt to the requirements. They are super responsive on mobiles, which makes them an ideal fit for your retail business.

    5. Flipbooks Are Cost-Effective:

    Creating brochures is a standard part of a retail business. They help provide users with a detailed list of what you have to offer. They are pretty useful in giving your consumers a concise idea of all your products in one place.

    However, printing brochures can consume many resources. First up, the costs of printing a traditional brochure are huge. By creating digital flipbooks that offer the same level of consumer interaction, you can minimize these costs. Moreover, the world is now focusing on going paper-free. Most companies now work online to reduce their adverse impacts on the environment. Going paper-free can also give you an edge over your competitors on how you are focusing on sustainability and not issuing any tangible advertising material.

    6. Flipbooks Can Give You Useful Marketing Insights:

    Marketing focuses on grasping the attention of the target audience. Evaluating where your consumers bounced away or what content gained the most attention are essential factors in strategizing a marketing campaign. Flipbooks allow you to assess the stats of the content and how the customers reacted to it. You can get insights into which aspects of your flipbooks were most appreciated by your consumers or the pages they found least interesting by checking the bounce rate. Through these stats, you can assess your consumer’s perceptions and expectations and improve your content accordingly.


    Retail businesses often use brochures or catalogs that give their users the needed information relating to the products they sell. However, they can be expensive and are also outdated. With the popularity of digital marketing, people now look forward to getting all the information online. Flipbooks are a great way to provide your consumers with an interactive brochure in the most cost-effective manner. We have mentioned a few reasons above why we believe flipbooks are a valuable addition to your digital retail business.

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