Video Editing Simplified with Wondershare Filmora9 Video Editor

    Filmora9 video editor is one of the most popular video editing software used on the scale of Wondershare.

    It is loved for the high-quality experience it provides to the users. Filmora enables you to import audio/video/photos from Android, iPhone, cameras, iPad, and camcorder, including other devices as well.

    It also allows you to share your photos from different social media platforms to the software.

    Interface & Features of Filmora9 Video Editor

    Filmora9 video editor has made it very easy to create a movie. You just have to select and upload your files, select the theme of your choice and then apply it. Rest everything will be taken care off by this wonderful software.

    It works extremely well for both beginners and professionals.

    Once you open the software, you will see a simple splash screen displayed in front of you. Here you can select any option of your choice according to the type of video you want to create.

    Editing & Performance

    • Up to 100 Video Tracks: Users will now be able to organize media into 100 full video tracks and also add composting effects, apply filters, and other effects to those tracks.
    • Faster Import and Export: You can quickly import as well as export your files and play your media at a higher speed.

    Filmora9 import

    • High-Resolution Previews and Snapshots: The software allows you to preview your videos so that you can see beforehand the changes still required to be made. You can also capture high resolution still frames.
    • Enhanced Chroma Key: A green screen tool is also at your disposal to add more controls to your media files.
    • Enhanced Video Stabilization: There will no longer be any shaky footage and you smoothen the shakes with the upgraded stabilization tool.

    Filmora Video Editor

    • Adjustable Playback Quality: Reducing the resolution of the video is also made easy with seamless editing effects without affecting the quality of your exported videos.
    • PC/Mac Cross-Compatibility: Filmora 9 can be used to start projects in a Mac or PC and works on them in either OS.

    Audio Effects

    • Enhanced Waveforms: You will have visible audio waveforms to edit the audio cues.

    Filmora9 Video Editor

    • Envelope/Keyframe Audio Editing: There is an option of adjusting the volume of an audio clip in the timeline. There is a keyframe given using which you can make changes within one clip.
    • Up to 100 Audio Tracks: There are over 100 music, dialogue, and other audio clips in the timeline.

    Filmora Video Editor

    • Adjustable Track Size: There are three track sizes: small, normal, and big. Larger tracks are specially used for editing audio as the waveforms become larger.
    • Adjust Clips within the Video Preview: You can flip, rotate, scale, and move any video clip or image within the preview window.

    User Interface

    The user interface of Filmora9 Video Editor is easy to understand without any hidden menus. Each and every feature is visible in the form of simple icons and can be applied through them.

    Filmora9 all-in-one video editor has a very user-friendly interface and works on a simple drag and drop functionality to add things on the timeline. The timeline that runs on a magnetic system keeps the assets together.

    Filmora is the best video editing software to start. Its intuitive design and simple interface make it is easy to use for beginners and professionals.

    There is a special help feature provided in Filmora for beginners. Using this feature, you can learn from as many as 11 specific videos which will explain the process in an easy step-by-step manner. You can even use this feature if you face any problem while working.

    You just have to click on the “Help” button and you will see separate module displayed on the screen enlisting all the videos listed with their thumbnails and titles set according to the content in them. All the videos are well put together and easy to understand.

    In addition to the above features, Filmora launches new effect packs every month thus offering greater tools to create high-quality videos.

    Features of Filmora9 that we like the most

    • Green Screen Option: You can overlay the subject on to various background video clips.
    • You can share your creations on social media. So, make your very own content to any platform and upload it directly from Filmora9.
    • Just one click and you are done! The aesthetics of your videos in Filmora can be changed. Filmora9 offers creative filters and professional 3D LUTs.
    • Additional features include fast processing, proxy files, and adjustable preview quality help you be more productive.

    How to make a Green Screen with Filmora9

    Follow the steps mentioned below to make a green screen.:

    1. Launch Filmora9 Software and go to “Create New Project”.
    2. Now, import the background videos or images that you want and green screen clips to the media library.
    3. Drag the background file to the video track on the timeline and green screen to another track as follows:
    4. Drag green screen in Filmora9.
    5. Now move your cursor over the green screen clip and double click it. This will bring your settings window at the left corner.
    6. Here, tick the Chroma Key.
    7. You will get the green screen effects automatically.
    8. There are different tools available to refine video such as Tolerance, Offset and Alpha Channel to make background video clearer.
    9. Once you are done, click OK displayed on the lower right corner.


    • Filmora is simple and transparent software that has simplified learning for beginners.
    • Multiple features that stylize your videos or images with robust additions.

    Filmora9 Video Editor


    • There are few options to the likes of surround sound configurator and closed captions etc., which are not present in the software.
    • Watermark of the software gets attached to the video once it is saved.


    All in all, Filmora9 video editor is very nifty video editing software that offers a myriad of features which are otherwise not available on other such platforms.

    You can easily browse through their guide and get a hand of going about video editing.

    The videos will explain the methods in easy steps so that users can have a better understanding of the features without any hassles.

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