4 Reasons Why Your Last eLearning Course Failed and How To Prevent That In Future

    So, you created and launched an eLearning course with all the passion and enthusiasm. But then, it failed.

    Argh! The disappointment can be felt. But don’t worry. That’s not the end of the world.

    Every mistake has a lesson to offer, and in this post, we are looking at the errors with your last course and the lessons that we can take from them.

    So, buckle up. Here are four reasons why your last eLearning course might have failed and how you can prevent that in the future.

    1. It was Too Long

    Yes, many times you may need to add tons of useful information to your eLearning course. This may be crucial for your learners. But does it mean that we can go on and on about it?

    Honestly, not on the best of days. It’s 2020 and learners don’t want to spend time for anything.. That’s why it’ll be best for you to make sure that your course is concise and comprehensive, rather than being overloaded and challenging to go through.

    Also, long content pieces can be boring. And so, if your last eLearning course was too long, there are chances that you might have lost many learners in the first few chapters only.

    You wouldn’t want to do that again, right? So, make sure you don’t repeat this again.

    2. Course’s Content Wasn’t As Useful As Expected

    So, you launched your course and started getting leads and sales. Great! Sounds good.

    But is it the end of challenges already?

    Not if your course’s content was hollow and failed at helping its learners.

    Think about it. A large number of your course sales could have been coming from testimonials. But if that didn’t happen, it’s highly likely that the learners that invested in your training program didn’t find it useful enough to recommend it to their peers.

    As a result, your course’s sales cease to grow, and your course is declared a failure.

    Speaking of how to be safe from this, just make sure that your course’s content satisfies your prospects’ specific learning needs.

    3. The UX Wasn’t In The Right Place

    Take a look at the eLearning scene 20 years ago from now, and you’d hardly see disappointed users. They didn’t have much to care about the UX. The mere existence of eLearning methods was a privilege.

    But then, the times changed for the good.

    This is when user experience matters a great deal, and so, if your course’s UX is on the weaker side, the chances are that it’ll fail to satisfy learners.

    So, one reason why your last course failed may be a bad UX. And to make sure that this doesn’t happen with your next eLearning course, you must use the best LMS for learners along with a qualified authoring tool to optimally manage and design your course’s performance and UI.

    4. Your Marketing Game Wasn’t Top Notch

    No matter how flawless your eLearning course is, with a weak marketing strategy, it won’t reach its right audience, and thus, it’ll fail.

    And so, if your last course failed to sell, this may be time to replan your marketing campaigns for the previous course. Maybe it’ll sell this time.

    Also, this will give you the right intel for marketing your next eLearning course.

    Final words

    An eLearning course can fail for a number of reasons. In your head, you may have done everything right. However, something or the other can still go wrong. That’s when the need for analysis and updation occurs.

    In this post, we talked about the same.

    Hopefully, this was helpful.

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