What Makes a Good Manager?

    In this modern age of business, workloads tend to be high, with multiple tasks being juggled throughout the day. All good workers must be able to multitask whilst prioritizing emails that need an immediate response, and ensure that core responsibilities are completed on time. It is fair to say, that expectations of staff performance, are higher than they have ever been. It is also true, that a hallmark of every high-performing and successful team, is having a good manager who leads by example, and brings the team together. An effective manager is an asset for any team, and can dramatically improve team spirit and motivation when times are tough. 

    Here are just some of the key traits that indicate you have a good manager who can effectively drive your team to success.

    They listen intelligently

    No manager becomes a good manager, overnight. It takes learning, experience, and time. A manager understands how to be a good manager by listening to their staff diligently and acting on what they hear. A successful manager must adapt to the needs of the team and understand how to get the best out of them. This can only be fully appreciated, with a deep understanding of the current tasks and expectations from their team, and the dynamics of how the team operates. 

    All good managers understand the insights that can be gained from active listening and will want to spend a considerable proportion of their time doing this, rather than pushing their own agendas. A manager who demonstrates exceptional listening skills can respond to the changing needs of a team and can use the knowledge gained from key conversations, to shape and improve team performance.

    Give praise to others

    The best managers, know the motivational value the recognition of a job well done, has on team members. They will seek to “shine the spotlight” on key examples of their staff who go over and above, delivering exceptional results. Whilst less effective managers will seek glory and recognition for themselves, a good manager will want it for their team. All managers should recognize that the core work activity in any organization, is completed by their staff, and this is what drives the overall success of the company. 

    When a team fully understands that the work they do is valued, communicated to others, and rewarded by management, it leads to a cycle of motivation that spreads throughout the workforce. This in turn leads to team members pushing themselves to “go the extra mile” to demonstrate their abilities. 

    They seek advice from others

    “Where there is no guidance the people fall, but in the abundance of counselors there is victory.” Proverbs 11:14 

    It should be self-evident to any manager, that they cannot be expected to know everything when it comes to organizational tasks and ongoing projects. Key knowledge and experience is held within all areas of an organization and in the variety of staff members. Good managers will regularly seek advice from other colleagues, when it comes to understanding best practices, or gaining valuable insights into ways of operating. Far from being a sign of weakness, it is an opportunity to share knowledge and wisdom that has been gained from day-to-day experience in an establishment.

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