What Is a Case Erector Machine?

    Packaging and packing is a critical step in the product manufacturing and distribution process. Once products are made, they need to be shipped safely and securely to customers. Propper and efficient packing can provide insulation and protection for manufactured products when they are shipped out to end customers, businesses, and warehouses. The problem is that packing products can take time and resources if manually done by staff. Manufacturing is an important industry and requires expedited shipping processes. Fortunately, packaging equipment can help provide high-speed automation, efficiency, and reliability to this process.

    Box erector machines are case-forming pieces of equipment that will automatically form, fold and seal corrugated cartons from flat boxes. Case erecting systems can reduce labor costs by decreasing the need for operators to build packing cartons for products. Case erector machines are available in several formats and can form over 20 cases a minute. A case erector easily integrates into any packaging line. They can also be paired with a case sealer machine for a complete packaging system. Let’s take a look at what a case erector machine is and how it can benefit your manufacturing company.

    Case erector machines can be used for any type of product manufacturing line. They are especially helpful, however, for high-volume manufacturing and distribution that requires robust packaging automation. Case erector machines help to sustain a steady pace and satisfy throughput goals for operations. These machines can streamline the packaging process by quickly forming corrugated cardboard blanks into consistently and reliable square boxes. They can also apply a high-quality seal with tape or glue to secure the carton. The case erector opens the corrugated blank by applying pressure from both sides simultaneously and then transports the case through the closing and sealing section. The automated process ensures that erected cartons are sturdy and square as they exit the machine.

    Automatic vs. Semi-Automatic Case Erectors

    There are options for both high-speed and low-speed box erector machines. These machines can handle a wide variety of styles and sizes of square cases for applications of various types. These machines are versatile and can support oversized and undersized cases. In addition to versatility, carton erector machines come in automatic and semi-automatic formats. Automatic case erectors can form, fold and seal the bottom of corrugate boxes, quickly and require no operator intervention. Semi-Automatic case erector machines can also handle a wide range of box sizes but require some operator involvement. A semi-automatic machine relies on an operator to move cases through the machine. Whether you need a fully automatic or semi-automatic option, either type of machine will improve the assembly efficiency of your product line.


    Boxes with square corners are important for palleting or stacking products for shipping. A case erector machine forms square durable corners that will provide stable support for stacking cartons. Strong cartons are just one of the benefits of automatic case machines. Case erectors can also create cartons at a rate faster than employees. A person will usually assemble about three boxes a minute, on average. This means that in a full eight-hour shift, an employee would probably form around 1260 boxes. By comparison, an automatic case machine forming six cartons a minute will assemble 2880 boxes in eight hours.

    This can significantly impact your packing and shipping capabilities. Additionally, at an average wage of $14 per hour, it would cost $224 per day to have two employees forming 2880 boxes in a shift. The carton erector, however, with a single operator would require $112 to create the same amount of cases in a shift. A case erector machine will create strong boxes quickly and save in operating costs.

    A case erector machine can have a significant impact on your manufacturing and shipping operations. These machines form durable shipping boxes quicker and cheaper than manual processes. A case erector machine brings speed and efficiency to your operation.

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