In Europe, Netflix Reduces the Streaming Quality for 30 Days

    The lockdown period is the time for people to tick off movies and tv series from the watchlist. Netflix is the hub of entertainment when it comes to watching movies or series. We know how much glued we become when we watch an exciting plotted story. Binge-watching all the episodes and completing seasons feels the best thing to do during this COVID-19 spreads.


    This has been helping people to spend the lockdown without breaking out of the house. Consequently, too many people watching Netflix led to the lowering of the bitrates. As a result, the video quality is low. The rush of Netflix users in Europe can put unwanted pressure on the Internet infrastructure.

    Netflix implements this idea after a conversation with Thierry Breton.

    The European Commissioner had a conversation with the Netflix CEO regarding this issue. And, now, this is put into action, which will last until 30 days. Thierry Breton made a public appeal to all the users so that they watch the videos on Standard Quality and not in High Definition. The company always adjusts the video quality accordingly with the available bandwidth, but this new deal might go further. Hence, this lowered Bitrate can cause an impact on the available bandwidth.


    Netflix assumes this can lower the European traffic by 25%, which will ensure better quality services for the other active members. If someone does not care about the video quality, whether it is 4K or 480P, now they can manually decrease the Bitrate. Netflix allows a user to do it from the “Playback Settings.”


    Final Verdict

    The company has not stated anything about implementing this policy worldwide. But, if the same strain is put towards the internet infrastructure, this might be a possible way out to get things under control. Users cannot opt for this manually.

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