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    Ecommerce in Korea is already consumed by platforms like GMarket, Auction, and 11beonga. Also, there’s overwhelming competition of smaller online shops via advertisement on Korea’s must commonly used search engine – Naver.

    The entry to ecommerce is becoming harder each day in Korea. One ecommerce company from Korea has decided to find an opportunity outside of Korea. Joteta has found a surging demand for Korean products in the United States with a lack of reliable and credible providers.

    People who are seeking for Korean products are looking for products that are either Korean influenced or made in Korea. Amazon doesn’t attract suppliers who flood their warehouse with goods made in Korea because they can find a similar offbrand that’s made in China at a lower cost. Supplier will sacrifice quality for profit. Buyers however are willing to pay more for quality especially when they’re adamant about their products being authentically made in Korea and now they’re searching for such a platform that can deliver their demand.

    Joteta is a Korean online store that’s currently filling their inventory with traditional Korean goods such as a Dol Hanbok for specific celebrations like Doljanchi and 100 Days Celebration. Joteta understands that their target audience desires authentic Korean goods and are willing to pay the extra cost for authenticity for celebrating their Korean tradition. When it comes to Korean traditions, Koreans in the United States hold them to preserve their Korean roots. Their mentality about the products used in the tradition is the same – using products made in Korea furthers the authenticity of the Korean tradition.

    Joteta doesn’t just fill their inventory with authentic Korean goods, they’re also an ecommerce that highly prioritizes aesthetics. They believe that products must not just be of the utmost quality but also look good. Their website, Joteta Korean Online Store, and the pictures used shows their focus on aesthetics.

    Joteta partners with manufacturers in Korea and brands specific products under Joteta with quality control measures to ensure that customers obtain high quality products at a competitive price. Some of the products are handmade whereas others are not, and Joteta overlooks the product and packaging of the product before they reach their customers in the United States.

    Joteta is able to build a brand by building their products inhouse and acquiring a vantage marketing position by placing themselves in front of their target audience on platforms where consumers from the U.S arrive or shop around prior to buying a product – google, etsy, amazon, or ebay.

    Joteta has found success in the volume of their orders through their newfound website with an aesthetic appeal, quick shipping, and strategic marketing.

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