Top 5 Online Gambling Innovations to Expect in 2020

    Like other industries, online gambling has also been massively affected by the rise of technology in the past few decades.

    The pace of change is such that what is looking new and state-of-the-art now might get outdated in a few years’ time.

    As a result, any online casino in Australia that wants to stay relevant in the industry cannot help but know more about innovations that could change the online gambling industry beyond recognition.

    With this in mind, let’s take at the top 5 online gambling innovations which might be coming our way in 2020.

    1. Increase in popularity of eSports betting

    According to an estimate, eSports revenues might cross the $1.5 billion mark next year. This projection has led many to believe that eSports will become the next big thing in the gambling industry.

    One can already find a plethora of betting markets organizing eSports tournaments, and that number is surely going to go up in the upcoming decade.

    2. Augmented and Virtual Reality Casinos

    While the atmosphere of the casino is undoubtedly a huge attraction for players, not many of us have the time to physically visit the nearest station every day.

    Won’t it be brilliant, then, if we can play face-to-face with other players, interact with them, and throw dices from the comfort of our living space?

    That’s the experience virtual reality headsets aim to provide us starting 2020.

    3. Online gambling becoming legal in various US states

    Earlier in January this year, the US Justice Department declared all forms of online gambling illegal. Unfortunately for the bureaucrats, their decision came after US Supreme Court’s decision in which it legalized sports betting in the country.

    Hence the reason why the likes of Delaware, New Jersey, and Nevada, to name a few, have already legalized online gambling.

    4. Casinos accepting payments in virtual currencies

    With the likes of Starbucks, Whole Foods, and dozens of other businesses accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment, online casinos have already started following suit with Bitcoin casino games.

    That means that while we can currently count on our fingertips the number of casinos and Blockchain developers who accept virtual currency, that number is set to grow in 2020.

    5. Advancements in mobile platforms

    It was in 2016 that mobile gaming revenues surpassed the ones created by computer console gaming and PC gaming for the first time.

    That allowed casino owners to invest a lion’s share of their profits in the development of their mobile gambling platforms.

    Throw into the mix the anticipated rise of VR and eSports, and one can easily predict that the inauguration of mobile VR casinos, among other advancements in mobile platforms, isn’t that far.

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