Find your next laptop with these Top 5 Laptops of 2019

    Time has drastically changed with the structure, technology, and standards of devices coming up each day. The desktops and personal computers have turned into laptops and now smartphones are drifting into the competition.

    Though the smartphones have replaced many typical devices, they still don’t fit the bill when it comes to business, powerful gaming, comfort etc.

    Top 5 Laptops of 2019 :

    So, the laptops are still in vogue and are cornering the market. There are different concerns for which an individual uses the laptops. And, for which there are dime a dozen laptops found in the market that are specifically designed for different purposes.

    Here is a list of a few top quality and best laptops at reasonable prices that are at most and below $1000, and are categorized under different concerns of an individual.

    # When watching movies is the primary concern :

    Dell’s XPS 13

    Dell’s XPS 13 can be the ideal choice for watching movies. It is the most favorite consumer laptop, with a borderless display, sleek aesthetic and lighter weight. This mode of Dell’s premium flagship has a slimmer design and gorgeous white-and-gold scheme.

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    The XPS 13 offers an optional 4K display that makes it easier to watch movies without much strain. It also supports eGPUs and a cooling system that ensures stronger sustained performance.

    # When Gaming is the primary concern :

    Dell G7 15

    A recently phased Dell’s gaming laptop series called G7 15 favors something exciting, and powerful. It offers an overall solid performance for almost all the multi-tasking needs. This 15-inch gaming laptop is specially designed for the gaming lovers.

    Its design features an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics and the latest 8th generation Intel Quad-band Hex Core CPUs that gives a powerful and immersive in-game experience.

    So, if online gaming is your greatest concern then choose this amazing device to get a great gaming experience. Whether you choose to play games at an online for which mostly good amount of RAM is needed, as they are mainly played via browser and their complex construction chews quite a bit of RAM, or you just want to dive into some blockbuster games, whereas an SSD will deliver the promise of a great gaming experience, DellG7 15 won’t let you down in any gaming regard.

    # When Speed or say, RAM is the primary concern :

    Asus Vivo Book X507

    Asus has been a rapidly growing brand name in the previous couple of years and the great level of value of their products has earned them the fame tag. The recently launched Asus Vivo Book X507 laptops offer a great set of hardware coupled with a luring price tag.

    The laptop is powered by the 6th generation Intel Core i3 processor with a whopping 8GB of DDR4 RAM, which defines it as a superb performer. Another attention seeking feature of this device is that it has a fingerprint sensor that makes use of Windows Hello for Biometric authentication.

    # When a stylish looking laptop is a primary concern :

    Asus Zen Book Pro UX501VW

    Another one from Asus, which is pretty darn nice is the Asus Zen Book. It’s brushed metal exterior really pops out when the eyes are first laid on this device. Its sleek aesthetic and circular brushed finish gives it a gorgeous matte sheen look that lets you slay around while on work or anywhere.

    It comes with a comfortable keyboard, long lasting battery and is also light-weight to carry around.

    # When battery life is the primary concern :

    Lenovo ThinkPadT470

    If you are looking for a fantastic battery life with strong performance, then look no further than the Lenovo ThinkPadT470. It makes an amazing optional extended battery that gives the laptop over 16 hours of endurance with it’s optional, 6 – cell battery.

    Charge the laptop over a proprietary ThinkPad connector through its Thunderbolt 3 port , which is getting installed on more and more laptops. The durable MIL-SPEC- tested chassis helps this long-lasting notebook stand up for an all-day travel.

    Conclusion :

    It all depends on what your priorities are! So, think what you need, sort your priorities out and then go on with the selection for the best laptop based on your requirements.

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