Tips to Follow When Picking a VPN for Your Android Phone

    It’s reasonable to assume that you’ve heard of VPNs more than once by now. It’s a service that’s taken the market by storm, even more so in certain countries with stricter internet laws. Mobile VPN solutions are very popular on their own due to the number of smartphone users these days and the threats they often face online. Browsing the internet from a mobile device is different compared to a desktop computer or laptop, and requires its own precautions.

    And while signing up for a VPN service only takes a few clicks, you should be careful which one you choose. There are many differences between the providers on the market. This is even more true for Android users who might sometimes face compatibility issues. Some providers also can’t be trusted with your data. You should focus your attention on established companies that have been around for a while.

    Why You Need It

    A mobile VPN should be considered a basic necessity these days. And yet despite all the talk about the tech, many people continue to ignore it. The benefits of using a VPN on your Android device go beyond unlocking those extra Netflix shows. You can enjoy a safer, more protected browsing experience, and know that you can connect to any public WiFi network without worries.

    Otherwise, you’d have to be very careful with that choice. Any network could be unsecured and even designed to steal your information once you’ve connected. You should treat the open internet with great suspicion in general, and that applies especially to mobile users. You might also enjoy the benefits of having fewer interruptions in your browsing and a more relaxed surfing time in general.

    You will notice fewer annoyances during your regular surfing time. Your browsing speed might even be increased, depending on the kinds of sites you visit on a regular basis. Some VPNs can provide you with a better mobile gaming experience as well.

    How to Pick a Reliable Provider

    Once you’ve decided to get a VPN subscription, the most important question to answer is which company you’re going to put your trust in. There is no shortage of providers on the market today. Many of them offer mobile solutions, too. However, not all of those companies can be trusted by default. You should be wary of newcomers without an established reputation, for example.

    Another thing to watch out for are companies that try to lock you into long-term contracts with no other options. A good VPN provider should give you the chance to try out their service for some time before committing to it. This doesn’t have to mean a free trial though. Providing you with adequate month-to-month billing options is another good way to verify that the company is worth your money.

    Of course, if you decide that you do like a company’s services, check out their long-term plans as well. Many of the quality providers on the market have good programs for annual subscriptions, sometimes even longer. This can save you a lot of money if you can see yourself using a VPN for a long time. And if you’re conscious about your security, this should be on your mind in any case.

    Things to Watch Out for

    Some VPN providers on the market are not only low-grade in terms of service quality, but they’re also downright dangerous. When you consider how the system works, it’s a double-edged sword. If you don’t know that you can trust your VPN provider, you’re risking a lot. In the end, all of your communication and other important information will pass through their servers. You’ll want to work with a company with a clean track record that has proven to be reliable on the mobile VPN market in particular.

    If you’re still not convinced that this can go wrong, take a look at the recent fiasco with Facebook’s VPN service. The old saying “there’s no free lunch” is even truer when it comes to services meant to protect your privacy. This is not the appropriate place to cut any corners, so pay attention to what you’re signing up for. If you can’t decide between two options and the price is the only factor, you should often go with the more expensive one. It will be a worthy investment in the long run.

    You shouldn’t have a hard time finding a reliable VPN service if you start searching today. The market is rich and diverse, full of companies offering quality services. It doesn’t take too long to find one that works for your specific needs. And once you have, you’ll experience the internet in a whole new way. Surfing in complete safety and with the reassurance of extra privacy is invaluable these days. It can also open up your eyes to certain details about the way the internet works in general.

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