5 Tips for Clearing the ITIL 4 Examination

    You must pass the ITIL 4 examination to gain certification. As a candidate preparing for the test, you may feel anxious, as many people do. However, proper preparations can help you pass the ITIL 4 exam on your first try so that you can put the worry behind you for good.

    Many candidates prepare by extensively reading the course material. While doing so is essential, you must also take additional measures to pass the test.

    Use study guides

    Preparing to take an exam can be pretty stressful. You might feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information you have to master. The situation is even worse if the exam covers many topics. Using a study guide to prepare for exams can help ease your stress.

    A study guide helps you focus on the most critical information. Such information is likely to get tested during an exam. Study guides also help you retain information for a longer time. As you prepare for your ITIL 4 exam, you can leverage Beyond20’s ITIL 4 complete guide.


    Doing something multiple times gives you a certain level of mastery over the subject. As you get ready for your exam, you must do lots of practice. This practice involves working on sample exam papers and practice quizzes. Doing so will help you know what to expect with the actual ITIL 4 examination.

    An ITIL 4 training course can also allow you to practice for the test. If you want to take an ITIL 4 training course, choose one with asynchronous learning. It will enable you to study at your own pace, leaving room for your busy schedule.

    Learn and memorize keywords

    Keywords refer to the terms used in ITIL. Examples are service level agreements, service strategy, and service design. You need to get such keywords right to clear the ITIL exam.

    Some keywords are usually connected to other keywords. Ensure you know which ones link to different keywords. With that knowledge, you can answer questions correctly and at a faster pace.

    Read questions carefully

    Just as attention to detail is essential for any successful business, it’s also important when taking the ITIL 4 exam. When presented with the test, take your time to read and understand every question fully. Failure to read the questions carefully may lead to mistakes.

    It’s common to find questions worded in a way that would confuse you if you aren’t keen. So, avoid reading just the first few words and proceeding to the answers. Make sure you understand the question first.

    Memorize groups

    In your test, you may find a question with multiple alternatives. All the options may seem correct, but only one is right.

    A typical example of such a question is one where you’re provided with two options. The test then asks which one is the correct answer. Your choices will include answer 1, answer 2, both, or none.

    It’s easy for such a question to trip you up. To avoid this problem, ensure you memorize lists in the correct order.

    Parting shot

    As a candidate preparing for the ITIL 4 examination, you need all the help you can get. You now have all the information necessary to help you prepare for your exam.


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