Templ Review: A Great Managed WordPress Host

    Creating a website for your business is one of the best ways to attract online customers. If your store is quite popular in your country, providing a fast and downtime-free online shopping facility to your customer is a responsibility.

    When it comes to hosting websites online, a few brands will come to your mind, I won’t name them, but when it comes to serving customers for technical issues, such big names badly fail at it.

    So, wouldn’t you want to host your website on a regularly maintained server by professionals who are also available to you in case of any technical faults with your server? If that’s what you want, then Templ hosting is the best choice for you, and having said that, we will pen down a detailed review of the same.

    In this review, we will be covering various features of Templ and how they are beneficial for your business.

    An Overview of Templ

    Templ is a hosting provider that offers fast and worry-free hosting services for business owners, online stores and web agencies.

    The best part of choosing Templ for hosting websites is its Google Cloud partnership. Yes, that’s true, it is a certified partner of Google Cloud, and the websites are hosted on Google’s cloud servers, offering fast, stable, and downtime-free service.

    There are some features of Templ that I would love to share, so read on to find out.

    Features offered by Templ

    Templ offers various features that every site owner would look for in a reliable hosting company. I have picked a few features that’ll help you know more about this hosting provider.

    Free Migrations

    If you have multiple sites to manage or don’t have enough knowledge of migrating sites from one hosting to another, let the experts do it for you. Templ offers a free migration service for its customers, with no hidden charges.

    Although migrating a website is quite easy, but if you are not confident enough, and fear losing your site, Templ will handle it with care. All you need to do is provide credentials of your WordPress site installed on an old server.

    Affordable Pricing

    When it comes to pricing, Templ offers an affordable pricing plan for every type of user. From micro to large, it has plans for every website. Starting off with a $15 plan, to a $149 plan, Templ can handle multiple WordPress sites on a single server, efficiently.

    Moreover, it lets you test their service free for 10 days. This free trial helps you to test their service to the fullest and then finally upgrade to the plan of your choice. And the best part is that you get a 1-month free service upon choosing an annual billing plan.

    There are several features that are included in every plan, some of them are:

    • Google CDN
    • HTTP3 Protocol
    • Site cloning/Free migration
    • SSL Certificate
    • SSD storage
    • Nginx webserver

    Being a blogger myself, who has tried several hosting companies, Templ offers a lot more than any other hosting company. You won’t have to shed extra dollars for a CDN, SSL certificate, site migration, downtime detection services, and whatnot.

    Managed WordPress Hosting

    If you are a blogger, you understand the trouble of finding a reliable server that’s easy to manage. Imagine getting ranked for a keyword that’s sending 10,000 users to your site every day, but your server is incapable of handling it?

    That sounds like a nightmare, isn’t it?

    But with Templ’s managed WordPress hosting, you won’t have to worry about downtime anymore.

    WooCommerce Hosting

    While some people would recommend using Shopify for an eCommerce store, we cannot underestimate the power of WooCommerce’s flexibility and ability to integrate with thousands of plugins.

    But since WooCommerce requires a lot of server resources, dedicated hosting that’s specially designed for WooCommerce is what you would need. Templ offers you a WooCommerce dedicated hosting at affordable rates, along with various other features we discussed in the pricing section.

    Speed Optimization

    Templ helps you optimize your site’s speed and eliminate issues that can affect your site’s loading time. Since Google’s core web vital update has already rolled out, keeping your site’s page speed fast enough to rank higher is crucial.

    Automatic Backups

    Having a most recent site backup is highly crucial, and if your site is serving hundreds of thousands of customers/readers every day, it is essential for you to always keep the site up and running.

    But if you manage more than a dozen sites, creating backups of each of them individually can be time-consuming. That’s where Templ’s automatic scheduled backups come to the rescue. And the best part is that these backups are stored for over a month.


    WordPress hold’s the majority of the market share when it comes to CMS for websites, and it is important to keep the servers secure from threats that try to bypass the security loopholes and cause huge damage to your business.

    Templ keeps your website and the servers it is hosted on secure from any kind of threat. You won’t have to worry about regular security checks or hiring someone to keep the server secure.

    Account sharing

    This one is another useful feature of Templ. It allows you to share access to your templ account with a person whom you trust, be it your server manager, SEO manager, or whomever it may concern.

    Just enter their email and click on continue, that’s all.

    Easy to use Panel

    Templ has its own panel, which is smooth, and easy to use as compared to traditional control panels like CPanel, DirectAdmin and Cyberpanel. All the necessary features are on the left sidebar, and easy to find.

    Pricing of Templ

    Templ offers affordable pricing for its users as compared to others. Keeping in mind the features offered, I find it way more affordable than any other hosting service that offers Google cloud servers, which are costly.

    The micro plan costs $15 per month, which reduces to $14 per month upon opting for a yearly plan. The large plan costs $149 per month, which reduces to $136 per month. This plan is for those who run a site with 10-15 million page views a month. But if you wish to host multiple sites on the same server, a large plan is highly recommended


    How good is Templ’s Customer Support?

    When it comes to choosing a hosting service, customer support plays a major role. Templ offers a live chat feature, and it’s really awesome. I tested it, and received a reply in less than a minute, check out the screenshot below.

    However, if the VA is unavailable, just leave an email at

    My Final Verdict for Templ?

    There’s no doubt Templ is a trustable and reliable hosting company. So far, it is the only hosting company offering a truckload of features that I have come across. If you are looking for a reliable cloud hosting solution, choose Templ without a second thought.

    It offers SSD storage, CDN, site staging, downtime detection, security, and more features that will help you run your business or blog.

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