Importance of PPC advertising during Covid-19

    COVID-19 pandemic has affected the entire population of the planet in some way or the other, more than 19 million people have or are suffering from the virus while the other humans are suffering due to lockdown as they have lost their jobs and have ran out of money.

    Almost every sector has seen an adverse effect of the pandemic, even the digital marketing industry has suffered a huge loss. The ad spend has fallen by almost 10 percent in many countries, the consumer behavior has changed a lot during this crisis and the way we use our internet has changed entirely.

    Marketers are pausing their ads as there is no sale and the money is getting wasted on Ads, but that is not the case of every sector, isn’t it? People are still purchasing goods and services, maybe not in a large number but they are. If you also use PPC marketing as a primary method to get visitors to your site, you should not ask your PPC management agency to stop the ad campaigns, we will be telling you the reasons in this article.

    5 Reasons Why PPC Marketing is Important During Covid-19

    1. Building Relationship with Your Audience

    PPC campaigns are mainly done to increase sales, that’s the main goal of every business but during the pandemic, a major chunk of your customer is not capable or not in a mood to spend money on purchasing stuff that is not useful at this point of time.

    But you can choose to build relationship with your audience and help in increasing your brand awareness. You can educate them about your new product that you are going to launch in the coming future, share demonstrations of your products, how-to guides, and educated them on fighting the pandemic.

    In this way, you can effectively utilize PPC marketing to build trust among the existing audience and also attract new audience to your business, which may later turn into a customer.

    2. Not every industry is suffering

    If you are from the industry which is always in demand, such as food, skin care, medicine, education, you should not stop your PPC campaigns at all. Few industries such as entertainment, education, has seen a significant rise in their sales and their PPC campaigns are giving good ROI.

    If you are also in a business which is directly or indirectly related to industries that are high in demand, you should try to revamp your PPC campaigns in try to sell the product and show that you are here to serve them during the even during the pandemic.

    3. You can provide more value to the customer

    Instead of turning off your PPC campaigns because the sales are down, you can try building effective PPC campaigns and provide more value to the users than you usually do. Moreover, you can distribute free courses or educational videos related to your product, or some premium features for free.

    Moreover, if you sell subscription-based service, for example SEO tools, you can offer a free 30-day trial, or a free course upon purchasing annual membership. People are in mood to make the best use of this time; courses are a great way to improve sales.

    4. Ensure the customer that you are following the guidelines through PPC ads

    The best way to build trust among existing customers and new audience is by telling them how you are dealing with the situations during the pandemic. You can show them the changes you have made at your workplace amid the pandemic and how packaging of the product is being done at your end.

    Moreover, you can also share the benefits your company is providing to its employees which will also help in increasing brand awareness, trust and a good image among the audience. All of this can be achieved with an effective ad campaign.

    5. More people are on the internet now

    Another good reason why you should not stop advertising is because a lot of people have started using the internet now. Everything has shifted to the internet, the classrooms, the businesses and that is done via apps and websites.

    The social media sites have also experienced a significant boost in the number of users, this can be a great opportunity to reach out to more users at this time and increase your brand awareness and let people know about your business.

    Wrapping Up

    PPC marketing is still an effective and best method to generate quick traffic and convert visitors into potential buyers. With a little change in your campaigns, you can target new audience and the old audience even during the pandemic.

    In this article, we have shared the reasons why PPC marketing is important during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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