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    Temok Review : To start an online business or a website, you have certain parameters and certain prerequisites to begin with.

    A lot of thoughts might linger in your head when you’re taking a decision regarding your new online business. This might be a niche, an ideal domain name, an appropriate hosting service, templates, page design etc. Among all these aspects, the most important one is undoubtedly the hosting service.

    If you go on to choose a top-notch hosting service, half of your issues are sorted. The relevance of content matters equally. A hosting service is the most essential thing that provides for the existence of your website online.

    Temok is one of the top-quality hosting services of all time. It has succeeded in garnering a lot of attention and positive reviews till date. Your expenses are also cut down to a large extent.

    Sometimes, our marketing psychology tends to tell us that services that come at a cheap price are not of great quality. However, Temok has ensured to change people’s opinion in this matter. It has earned a great name for itself and its reputation currently, knows no boundaries.

    Let’s get to know Temok better : Temok Review

    Temok has data centers that cover a lot of places in Europe (Stockholm, SE-Amsterdam, NL-Windhof, LU). Temok is known for the uniqueness of its resources. It does not share the resources that are under its control with any third party.

    Hence, Temok can be completely relied on, in terms of resources and hardware. You’re guaranteed therefore, to work with completely managed technology and resources. These services are not restricted to Windows but they’re also extended to Linux platforms.

    Various hosting services under Temok

    If you go for shared web hosting, then numerous websites are served using a single server. In the case of Temok, “Starter USA” plan is the most ideal one for start-up businesses as the services are offered to you at a rate of only $2.99 per month for Linux.

    However, there are other plans waiting for you as per your needs and desires. Plans like Business USA, Premium USA and First Class USA vary depending on the disc space, bandwidth, price etc. The set up comes for absolutely free with all the plans.

    Below is a list of a few pros of “Starter USA” plan:Temok Hosting plans

    • Customizable control panel
    • Unmetered disc space and bandwidth
    • 9% uptime
    • Unlimited domains, sub-domains, FTP accounts and email accounts
    • Unlimited transfer of MyAQL, domain and free webites
    • Obtain around 4500 free website templates and $100 worth Google Adwords offer

    Virtual Private Servers : Temok Review

    VPS can be expanded as Virtual Private Servers and they are accessible on both Windows and Linux platforms. Traffic can be handled better in VPS hosting as they are set up on strong foundations of potent main nodes with ultimate connectivity.

    This boosts the overall performance and it provides for the running of large applications without any impediments. Temok offers you its VPS hosting services at a minimal rate of just $26.95 per month. Moreover, with absolute control over your website, you’re sure to enjoy a lot of perks.

    Other features of Temok VPS hosting:

    • Technical support is available day and night
    • Reboots and OS reinstallations free of charge
    • Hardware guarantee is provided for lifetime
    • 9% network uptime
    • Powerful Intel Processors and fully managed servers
    • Full root access

    Dedicated servers : Temok Review

    Dedicated servers are something you might really opt for. These servers dedicate themselves to one single client. To put it in another way, a particular server is entirely allocated to a single client.

    This is definitely not possible in shared hosting. Dedicated servers make sure that you’re not left behind when there is heavy traffic. Temok’s dedicated servers can be found in various places across the USA, Netherlands, Russia, France, Italy and Canada.

    It supports flexibility and secures your data. It also delivers 100% uptime and round the clock customer support.

    SEO Hosting and Reseller hosting

    There is not a single issue that Temok overlooks. It addresses most of the major hosting issues and has come up with brilliant solutions like SEO hosting.

    The Linux SEO hosting plan lets members generate multiple websites on the same server using different IP addresses. Every website of yours is also provided a unique C class IP address so that the data is kept secure.

    SEO hosting starts at an affordable rate of $1.5 per IP, which appears to be both supreme and nominal. Reseller hosting is also presented to users, where a reseller pack can be both bought and sold under your name and identity to your customers.

    The base price of the starter pack is $24.4 per month, including complete support.

    Domain registration : Temok ReviewTemok Domain Registration

    Eventually, the name of your website or business contributes a large deal to the eventual success of your company. Temok assists you even in picking an ideal domain name. You’ll be able to find TLDs at an economic price.

    You will also be able to spot country specific domains. Temok accounts for domain renewal, domain transfer and bulk registration.

    To excel in multiple niches, other than its normal functions, Temok also gives way for web designing, logo designing, app development, web development and other marketing activities.

    The outstanding package that includes magnificent features is known to be one of the best hosting services worldwide. You would be surprised by the amount of dedication put in by the customer support team. Hurry up and check out Temok!

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