What Do the Top 10 Talent Management Software Vendors Have in Common?

    When you’re looking for talent management software, you want quality over quantity. Some talent management software vendors offer so many bells and whistles that it can be hard to sort through and find the best option for your company.

    To simplify your search, we’ve taken a list of the top 10 talent management software vendors and examined some of the core components that they share. Without a doubt, these are the items you will want to consider as part of your talent management suite.

    Employee Self-Service

    With features like employee self-service, your staff can access the system themselves to perform a wide variety of functions, such as signing in on a time clock, approving their timecards, requesting time off, reviewing or tracking their professional goals or logging into a professional development lesson or class.

    Allowing your employees to set and track their own professional goals gives them a sense of ownership of their career paths. It also holds them accountable for meeting their performance standards.

    Integration With Other Apps

    Integration with other apps is a great quality that some of the top 10 talent management software vendors have to offer. For example, the talent acquisition programs of certain vendors can connect with major job search engines. So you can post a job to these search engines, review and track applicants all in one place. This makes for a faster, more streamlined approach to sourcing and selecting the best candidates before your competition finds them.

    Talent Lifecycle Management

    The top 10 talent management software vendors boast robust talent lifecycle management. This means there’s a plan for your employees from the time they apply to your business through hiring and onboarding, performance and learning management, succession planning and even when they’re ready to move on from your company. Initial and ongoing training (onboarding) can be documented as well as creating goals, tracking and measuring performance toward those goals (performance management).

    You can extend learning for those you believe might be eligible for promotion by assigning them learning tasks that demand additional responsibilities (learning management). Finally, you can put a plan in place for those who are leaving and others who may fill the gaps internally (succession planning).

    To be sure, talent lifecycle management is the backbone of talent management software, which is why all the top 10 talent management software vendors have some form of it. Your talent, of course, is the reason talent management software exists.

    Compensation Management

    Several of the top 10 talent management software vendors offer compensation management programs. These help you track who earns what amount of money and when. You can also track bonuses and those deserving of a raise based on the findings of the performance management tool. Some compensation management programs can even handle direct deposit and check distribution.


    When searching for the perfect talent management software, know what to look for. The best programs have strong talent lifecycle management components since, after all, you wouldn’t need talent management software without the talented individuals you have working for you. This is the heart of any talent management software program.

    Other helpful features of the top 10 talent management software vendors are:

    • Compensation management, which allows you to track your employees’ earnings.
    • Employee self-service, which extends ownership and responsibilities to your staff.
    • Integration with other apps, which allows you to post vacancies, screen, follow up with and select the best candidates seamlessly.

    Talent management software is so much more than a human resources tool. With the right talent management software vendor, you’re on your way to a more efficiently run business and happier and more self-directed staff.

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