Soul Zhang Lu Serves as Film Producer in a Crossover Collaboration

    Collaborating with companies from totally disconnected industries has recently become a trend worldwide. Such kind of collaborations always brings surprises! The film ‘Sweet Potato Flavored Ice Cream’ will be released in China on June 24th, according to a recent announcement. Zhang Lu, the founder of Soul App, will make her debut as a film producer. How does this crossover collaboration benefit the story? Let’s take a look.

    The film ‘Sweet Potato Flavored Ice Cream,’ directed by Wang Chong and starring Wang Xiaokun and Zhang Yihan, portrays a story about growth, friendship, and nature. For some reason, Biubiu, a young kid from Taiwan, was dispatched to live with his grandma. When he first arrived in this beautiful rural area, he quickly made friends with a group of people living there. They went on an adventure together to find the ‘guardian god’, discovered the mysteries of the forests together, and developed a profound friendship with everyone involved in the defense battle… During this voyage of self-discovery, Biubiu gained the admiration of his buddies and recollections of youth that were the purest and most beautiful.

    Zhang Lu, the founder of Soul App, chose to become the producer because she agreed with the film director that the film and Soul App have something in common.

    Soul App is a social networking app released in 2016 and has received widespread recognition from younger generations. To give users an immersive and dynamic social experience, the platform is built on the interest graph and social profile of younger generations, as well as gamified product design. According to publicly available data, SOUL has 33.2 million monthly active users, with over 70% of its members belonging to Generation Z. 

    Under the leadership of Zhang Lu, Soul App has developed a warm ecology which is known as soul metaverse. It indeed is a social metaverse where young generations prefer to gather. They meet like-minded individuals here and form lasting social connections. 

    Wang Chong, the film’s director, has noted that ‘Sweet Potato Flavored Ice Cream’ and Soul App have something in common in ‘pureness and healing’. He believes the forests in the film enshrine children’s wonderful memories, much as Generation Z’s memories of friendship flourish in Soul App. Wang Chong also discussed the moment he met Zhang Lu. He stated that after reading the script, Zhang Lu was touched by the warm storied and. She said that these seemingly simple moments had rekindled the warmth of her childhood recollections.

    Actually, SOUL has always persisted in investigating cutting-edge gamified product features, with the hope of continually constructing more complex and diversified social scenarios and providing everyone with a soothing interactive experience. SOUL’s original purpose is seen in its investment in ‘Sweet Potato Flavored Ice Cream’.

    Soon, ‘Sweet Potato Flavored Ice Cream’ will be officially launched. Please stay tuned to find out what kind of surprise Soul Zhang Lu and director Wang Chong have in store for us. In the future, Soul Zhang Lu will continue to lead Soul App to explore the social metaverse and provide users with a better social experience.

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