Top 10 Songwriting Software You Must Try In 2019

    A real musician touches the heart of the audience with his voice. But, one cannot be a great musician without composing some best of the songs. It is not just enough if you have a melodious voice to become a great musician. Apart from that, one should also know how to compose the songs synchronizing all the beats of the music. Earlier, there were not enough musical instruments or software to create beautiful music. But, as we all know how computer today has made everything simpler than before.  You can now write a song with the help of best songwriting software on your computer.

    List Of Best Songwriting Software

    There are some amazing songwriting software which are easy to use and you can perform your task within few minutes. They will help the musician to create his favorite songs. Let us discuss the best songwriting soft wares of the year 2019 for your computer.

    #1. Steinberg Cubase 7 DAW

    This software comes with many accessories such as instrument plug-ins, FX and much more. It is a nice songwriting software for musicians and music directors. One can compose unlimited audio tracks on Steinberg Cubase 7 DAW. The appearance of this software has changed totally. There are many other features of this software like chord track with chord assistance and superior quality audio.

    It has a beautiful user interface by which simplifies your task in few minutes. The music composers can know exactly where they go by using this software and later they can correct their mistakes. This software has been improved much now.

    Steinberg Cubase 7 DAW

    #2. Studio One 3 Professional

    The next on the list is Studio One 3 Professional software which is good software for amateur musicians who want to compose their songs. There are amazing tools in this software such as wonderful user interface and 64 bit sound. It has many production and songwriting tools which will help you in going ahead in music filed.

    This songwriting software is used by many professional musicians all over the globe. It is also affordable in price and you can compose multiple songs in high-quality sound. You can mix and combine the tunings and create your beautiful songs.

     Studio One 3 Professional

    #3. Cakewalk Sonar Platinum

    This software helps to create unlimited audio tracks and MDI tracks. You can add various effects in the song while composing and enhance your songwriting creativity. It is one of the stunning tools for musicians who want to become experts in composing music. There are various guitar tones in Cakewalk Sonar Platinum songwriting software which will help you in making beautiful music.

    After composing any track, you can share your tracks with friends on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook,and YouTube. There are tunings of 12 musical instruments with 27 FX which will help to create songs adding the different tunes.

    Cakewalk Sonar Platinum

    #4. FL Studio

    The latest version of FL Studio has an amazing user interface which entertains every musician to create songs in an easy way. This software is specially designed by experts for musicians who love music all year round. You can record, edit and mix various tunings and make good songs. Also, you can arrange the audio with the help of the playlist feature.

    You can also extend the time for recording the song. There are many other cool features such as beat slicing, cropping and pitch shifting. FL Studio is easy to understand and use and it helps you to become expert.

     FL Studio

    #5. BitwigStudio: Songwriting Software

    The next on the list is Bitwig Studio which is one of the best tools for musicians. If you have to perform on the stage, this songwriting software will help in creating beautiful songs. There are clips which help in the making of various tunes. There are many improvements and features in this software. It comes with 30 brand modulators for modulation.

    When you combine many tunings, you can see them on dynamic displays. There are spectrum analyzers, remote controls and many other tools in this software. With this software, you can find new ideas for composing the music.


    #6. Apple Logic Pro 9 Studio

    Apple Logic Pro 9 studio comes with the latest features which will boost your music passion. It has many musical instruments and audio loops for composing music. You can add various effects to your music and combine different tunes to make your own songs. This songwriting software has Flex Time to change and set the timings while recording and editing the music.

    You can write and record and produce all the songs by yourself due to the easy features of this software. There are free 20,000 loyalty loops in this software which will help you in creating the music in your style.

    Apple Logic Pro 9 Studio

    #7. ACID Pro 7 Digital Audio Workstation

    This songwriting software is one of the best tools for musicians. You can record and combine the various tunes and create your own songs. There are many other features such as legendary loop manipulation, multi-track mixing,and MIDI sequencing. It also comes with tempo curves, input busses and mixing console which help you in making the best songs.

    This software will help both the singers and music producers to write and record or compose the music. There are also tutorials in this software which are provided by experts which will help you in composing every song.

    ACID Pro 7 Digital Audio Workstation


    #8. Pro Tools 10 Audio Recording And Editing Software

    This is one of the unique music tools which you can use for composing the tracks. You can mix various tunes of musical instruments and create wonderful songs. There are many musical instruments such as pianos and drums which will make your songs more amazing.

    There are also advanced features in this songwriting software such as editing tools which will improve your skills of composing the music. It comes with an audio interface which makes it easy for you to compose, edit and record the songs from computers or laptops.

    Pro Tools 10 Audio Recording and Editing Software

    #9. Propellerhead Reason 7

    The next on the list is Propellerhead Reason 7 which is again good songwriting software for musicians who want to compose their own songs. There are many tools such as loop players, samplers, and synths which can create some melodious music.

    There are various musical instruments such as guitars, vocals, and MIDI which you can add to the songs. This software has many cool effects which you can add to your songs to make them more popular.

      Propellerhead Reason 7

    #10. Ableton Live 9 Suite

    The last on the list is Ableton Live 9 Suite songwriting software which is a beautiful tool. You can create live music on this software. It has many features such as time stretching and sequencing features by which you can set the time while recording, editing or composing the music.

    This also has amazing effects and sounds to add to the songs. It records the songs in 32-bit/192kHz. It comes with sound libraries and advanced wrapping features.

     Ableton Live 9 Suite


    This is the list of best songwriting soft wares which musicians can use for composing the tracks. They have tunes of various musical instruments which make your songs more interesting. If you want to perform live on the stage, these tools will help to create live music. Pick your favorite songwriting software and create your lovely tracks.

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