How to Set Up a Remote Working Team for Your Business?

    Remote working compatibility has become the need of the hour. Contingencies and emergencies can necessitate people to work from home, but is your business ready for it? How can you ensure that your business can function seamlessly in a remote manner?

    Flexible working locations and hours can do extreme benefit to your business. Be it any role or responsibility, there are remote working solutions. All business owners need to do is prepare for the business in a manner that it is ready for remote working.

    In a remote working environment, the biggest challenge is ensuring that the team is working to the fullest of their potential. There are ways, such as getting an 0300 business number from WeNumber, to curb this apprehension. Below are some effective tips:

    Clear Remote Working Guidelines

    There need to be efficient guidelines in place that suggest and support remote working. If people are not clear about the way they can ensure remote working, there will be confusion. 

    To clear the ambiguity, there must be a mass virtual meeting wherein such policies and guidelines are discussed.


    There are certain roles that essentially focus on answering calls. How can such jobs be remotely accessed? Well, there is a solution for everything, even this. 0300 numbers are your answer to this persisting question.

    As a business owner, you must have the foresight to choose a number that prepares you for any adversity. While you can check more on WeNumber about the kinds of numbers available, 0300 numbers provide flexibility to redirect calls to another landline or mobile. 

    This makes the job for calling roles easier. Further, the rates are concessional and WeNumber can further provide concessional rates for such numbers. Getting 0300 numbers from WeNumber is a reliable and prompt solution to your number woes.

    Regular Meeting

    Staying in touch is essential in a remote working environment to ensure the sincerity of the working team. Conduct of regular meetings is important with agendas and workable points to dither upon. It also keeps the workforce meeting regularly to ensure work is being done.

    Therefore, regular and recurring meetings are the organizational equivalent of staying in touch. Weekly meetings to give work updates are a good way to go about it. Soon it will inculcate a remote working culture.

    Effective Team of Line Managers

    Line managers must communicate with their team more often. There should be a line and chain of command so that people can focus on their core work. Line managers must use all possible mediums to motivate their subordinates and take updates from them.

    Customer Service

    Remote working must not hamper the quality of the customer service. Ensuring the right calling numbers like 0300 ensures that customer services are rendered in a hassle free manner. Such numbers can be obtained from WeNumber almost instantaneously.

    In addition to offering flexibility of work location to the customer service staff, 0300 numbers are also cheap to call. They are not restricted by geography and can be reached out by customers from anywhere within the UK. 

    Regular Reviews

    Conduct of regular performance reviews will keep the workforce engaged in proving their mettle. They need to be aware of the need to prove their work and their inputs in order to get good reviews.

    Technological Support

    The company needs to invest in the right kind of technological support for remote working. There are many modes to ensure the availability of your staff, video meetings, audio meetings and even accessing each other’s systems in emergencies. 

    Educate Employees About Remote Working Practices

    Working from home isn’t the same for all. Everyone has a different personal story. You can publish your anonymous story in doe. Therefore, the employees and staff must be educated on ways to ensure that they can work to the best of their potential in every circumstance.

    Bottom Line

    Remote working is a boon in the case of a crisis. The fact must be acknowledged and rendered to. Therefore, preparing your business for remote working is required. 

    The communication methodologies of business must be more extensive to keep room for possibilities. When investing in necessities for your business like technological support and communication lines, you must keep a provision for remote working. 

    You can check more on WeNumber about why 0300 numbers can ensure cheap, reliable and remote working options. As a business owner, you must provide all such essential tools to your staff that their work is only bettered with remote working.

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