7 Best Subscription Management Software for SaaS Business

    Subscription Management Software eases the process of billing and supporting product and services which works on a recurring basis. There are few types of recurring method, which include monthly, annually, metered and one-time usage. In this payment model, a customer has to pay monthly or yearly, to get access to a service.

    Who Needs Subscription Management Software

    All the businesses which run on the subscription-based system need Subscription Management Software. For example, cable TV operator, software and utility provider, websites like Netflix, financial service firms, fitness clubs, music sales club etc.

    In this article, I will show you the 7 best subscription management software which you can use for your business. Also, the software mentioned in this article has many different pricing. So before start using one, be sure about how much you are willing to pay for their service.

    Best Subscription Management Software for SAAS

    1. Pabbly


    At the top of our list, we will talk about Pabbly. It is one of the best subscription management software for SaaS with an affiliate management system. This software lets you automate the subscription cycle process of your business. The user loves the most about Pabbly is that it is affordable for both small and large SaaS businesses.


    • It has sales analytics reports.
    • Does not have any transaction fees.
    • Customer portal for solving your problems.
    • Offers Unlimited and branded invoice creation.
    • Integrations with third-party apps.
    • Recurring & One-time payments.


    • It sends automatic email reminders on every failed payment that helps to recover sales.
    • Creates branded and unlimited invoices for customers.
    • Special coupons and discounts to attract customers.
    • Customer self-service in the individual customer portal.
    • Supports 25+ currencies and no transaction fees.


    • Payment analytics has limited features.


    Pabbly Subscription management software offers three plans for its user. The Starter pack costs $6 per month, the Rookie plan costs $24 per month, and finally, the Pro plan costs $49 per month.

    2. Zuora


    Next on our list, we will talk about Zuora as one of the best subscription management software. You can use it to bill your customers at a specific fee through different payment options. It manages the billing cycle and the transactions of your business subscribers. You can easily connect work with your CRM and ERP with this software. It provides order to revenue capacity for Software as a service.


    • Easy to use user interface.
    • Provides around 50 different charge models.
    • Real-time tax.
    • Offers recurring billing system.
    • Clean and Clear invoice for customers.


    • CRM and ERP that helps accurate billing.
    • You can discover improvements and new opportunities.
    • Easy to understand invoices that are good for the customers.
    • You can bill your customers in different ways such as monthly, annually, etc.


    • It does not have any pricing page.
    • Low amount of in-app editing capacities.
    • It has a steep learning curve.


    As we said earlier, there is no specific page for pricing in Zuora. You can make a request for a call with all the necessary requirements that you need on their website.

    3. Chargebee


    Then, we will talk about Chargebee. It is one of the best subscription management Software for SaaS businesses. It has a neat and clean user interface that users love the most. You can do a lot of works with this software. It includes managing your subscription, daily billing operations, applying coupons, creating different subscription plans, etc.


    • It has a built-in coupon system.
    • Customizable add-ons.
    • Offers recurring and prorated billing system.
    • Also manages all subscription management.


    • You can create different subscription plans.
    • Built-in prorated billing for different plans.
    • Create trials to help to improve your business.
    • Self-service option in the customer portal.
    • You can also manage everything from a single dashboard.


    • Configuration is a little bit tough.
    • Again, it has a difficult discounting system because of a lot of restrictions.


    Chargebee subscription management Software has a total of 4 plans for its users. The first plan is free to use for new business users. Then there is the Rise, Scale, and Enterprise plan. The rise plan is for startup businesses who want to grow their revenue with quick experiments. It costs $249 per month. After that, the Scale plan costs $549 per month. Finally, you can get custom pricing according to your needs on the Enterprise plan.

    4. FastSpring


    Following our list now we will talk about FastSpring as a great subscription management Software. It helps to grow digital businesses by managing their subscriptions and payments. The software is specially designed for SaaS business. It comes with all the features that you may need to run your subscription in one place. The Software is very active, agile, and also customizable.


    • Comes with multiple pricing options.
    • Gives special promotions.
    • It has an automated message service to enrich the customer experience.
    • Manages every payments and subscription of your business.


    • FastSpring comes with automated electronic invoices and account summaries to the customers.
    • It also has automated reminder notifications about the past due accounts.
    • Customized pricing according to your need.
    • It can set up special promotions, flash sales, etc.


    • It is not easy to use. You need technical knowledge to run this software.
    • It has multiple reports of customer link failure.


    You can get your own custom pricing in FastSpring according to your need. You have to request a demo on their official website to get your custom pricing.

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    5. Paddle


    Next on our list, we will talk about Paddle. More than 2000 Software businesses use this as their subscription management Software. It is a perfect choice for the businesses those are looking to sell their product or services. You can customize your own pricing, promotions and layouts. It also combines taxes, licensing, checkouts, and subscription in a single dedicated platform.


    • Includes Taxes and VAT.
    • High protection for fraud.
    • API and JS Library access.
    • Around 20 different payment methods.
    • Allows advanced customization.


    • It allows the customers to buy without a merchant account.
    • Customize your invoice and checkout that mostly suits your business theme.
    • It can take payment from all over the world.
    • Paddle also manages and tracks subscriptions on a daily basis.
    • It features robust metrics that keep you on the top of user engagement.


    • Paddle is a bit expensive.
    • It does not have any website validation system.


    There is no monthly subscription to sign up in Paddle. You need to pay a percentage of your transaction fee. The pricing is 5% + $0.50 per sale.

    6. Chargify

    Chargify is one of the most popular Subscription management software for SaaS business. It brings more than a billion in revenue every year by managing thousands of SaaS business. The software was designed for subscription management, recurring billing, and revenue retention. It helps your business to grow faster and personalize your billings as you want. It is also very easy to use and flexible to grow.


    • Offers recurring billing system.
    • Subscription and payment management.
    • Give full analytics and insights into your progress.
    • It also offers revenue retention.
    • Has integrations with third-party apps.


    • It creates PCI consequential billing plans.
    • Different pricing and customization options.
    • Very easy to use interface.
    • Seamlessly navigable data entry.


    • Not affordable pricing for new business users.
    • The API and Customer invoice needs improvement.
    • Blending with more than a thousand third-party applications.


    This subscription management Software has a total of 4 plans for its users. The first plan is for new business users that costs $599 per month. Then there is the Standard, Specialized and Custom plan. The Standard plan costs $1499 per month and the specialized plan costs $3499 per month. Finally, you can get custom pricing according to your needs on the Custom plan.

    7. SaaSOPTICS


    At last of our list, we have SaaSPOTICS as one of the best subscription management Software. It grows as you grow your business. This software is specially designed for ‘B2B Software as a service’ business. It helps you to manage your subscription process to provide robust metrics and analysis. So, you can understand your customer very easily.


    • It has automated subscription billing and payments.
    • Comes with renewal management.
    • Detailed Subscription metrics & Analytics.
    • Integrations with third-party tools.
    • Easy subscription billing and invoicing.


    • It has robust subscription metrics and analysis.
    • Shows every customer’s lifetime value, cohorts, cash, projections, etc.
    • You can use fully customizable invoice themes that suit your business.
    • Click to pay option.
    • Saves a lot of time in finding different deferred revenue.
    • Tracks orders, cash and renewal process at once.


    • Difficult Configuration
    • Low amount of customizable themes.


    SaaSOPTICS’s pricing is dependent on your trailing one-year revenue that is billed annually.

    Wrapping Up

    So these were all the best subscription management software you can use to grow your business with ease in 2021. Some of them also come with a trial period, so you can try them before starting to pay.

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