9 Best Microsoft Visio Alternatives for Creating Flowcharts and Diagrams

    Microsoft Visio has become popular in recent times. It is a great Microsoft tool for constructing different flowcharts and diagrams. Visio is a potent tool. It can easily construct even the hardest of the diagram. Therefore, today we have a list of the best Visio alternative to use in 2020. 

    The tool has a myriad of stencils, objects, and shapes. You will be making your custom shapes and work accordingly. The main objective of the tool is to help professionals ace complex diagrams.

    Microsoft Visio is a great programming tool. It has a plethora of layouts, shapes, designs, and templates. However, Microsoft Visio is not free. Its standard charge is 300 dollars,, and for the pro version, you pay 590 dollars. Moreover, there are several free Visio alternative. We have picked up the top Visio alternatives. Let’s check them out.

    But, before we move on to the Visio alternative, let us learn about Visio a bit more..

    What is Microsoft Visio

    By using vector graphics and data diagrammatically, you can shine in your office with Microsoft Visio. Visio is a programming tool used to create flowcharts, diagrams, shapes, and objects. Therefore, it does your tiresome job of creating complex flowcharts easy.  

    The tool comes in two versions- Pro and Standard version.

    The interface of the standard and pro version is the same. But, you will find some added features on the professional version. Added features include complex shapes and objects, additional templates, and layouts.

    You can easily portray some of your data graphically through Visio. Visio is here to help you and make your job easier. Hence, it is being preferred by a lot of professionals. Moreover, it is a Microsoft tool and has authenticity and brand name. 

    Important features of Microsoft Visio include:

    • With the Visio diagram and data visualizer, you can incorporate and import the data from your custom Microsoft Excel template. A proper Visio diagram will be ready by using the data.
    • The app or tool comes with a predefined and integrated set of creative and great diagrams. Basic tricks and tips come in handy with the tool. Therefore, you have an amazing work experience.
    • For a professional-looking diagram, you get customized smart themes, shapes, and effects.
    • The brand-new version of the tool allows you to create a visual representation of the data in a specific way.
    • It allows connection to crucial and different databases like Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL.

    Therefore, now you can understand why Visio is so popular and important. But if you cannot afford Microsoft Visio, we have featured some free alternatives as well. Read to know more. 

    Top 9 Best Microsoft Visio Alternative

    1. LucidChart

    LucidChart is a great Visio alternative. Medium enterprises use the Lucid Chart. Therefore, if you are a part of a successful company that needs a lot of flowcharts in a meeting, LucidChart is a perfect match.

    IT Companies and reputed industries use LucidChart to make diagrams. You will also get Android mockups as well as integrated floor plans. Therefore, if you need a myriad of diagrams and shapes, go for LucidChart. 

    visio alternative

    Notable features include:

    • Firstly, using three documents simultaneously.
    • Next, for great work, you can use inbuilt shapes and free templates.

    LucidChart has a free plan for a single user. You will get a Pro version for $9.95 per month.

    Hence, this is a great alternative for IT companies that have tons of data to manage. 

    2. Gliffy

    If you are a regular HTML user, Gliffy will be your favourite. You can draw diagrams via HTML. You can create flowcharts, diagrams, floor plans, and UML in the online platform. Therefore, Gliffy helps you to cover a myriad of works.

    visio alternative

    You can share your work in contemporary browsers easily. You can also share them on Firefox, Google Chrome, and others. Hence, it is a very adaptable software.

    Gliffy features include:

    • Firstly, modern diagrams for better work.
    • Secondly, the software simplifies excellent flowcharts and org charts.
    • Thirdly, it has a friendly user interface.
    • Lastly, you can quickly make the URL diagrams online.

    Gliffy has 14 days free trial. Then, it comes in different packages. Therefore, if you have a large organization, Gliffy is great to work with. 

    3. Google Drawings

    Google created Google Drawings. It is a free diagram software. Google Drawings allows you to create diagrams and flowcharts for websites.

    Google Drawings
    Google Drawings

    It can be used online as well as offline on Google Chrome. Therefore, it is a very accessible Visio alternative. Different users can edit and access the files on Google Drawings.

    Salient Features include:

    • You can get several flowcharts and shapes with the software. 
    • You can edit the diagrams and even add borders.
    • With Google Drawings, you can draw diagrams precisely.
    • You can easily save presentations and spreadsheets on drafts. 

    Google Drawings is free software. Small to medium enterprises can effectively use it. 

    4. SmartDraw

    SmartDraw is an amazing designing software. This software is used for strategy planning, processing documents, and managing products. It is a very user-friendly software and is used by large enterprises.


    You can use a wide range of symbols and templates to create an impressive flowchart presentation. Therefore, if you want to impress your boss with your flowchart skills, use SmartDraw.


    • The business and standard apps are a bit expensive.
    • You will get premium services on the Business app.
    • Advanced and smart administration is available. 

    SmartDraw costs $297 per month for a single user. For multiple users, it costs $595/month. 

    5. Pencil Project

    Pencil Project is quite similar to Visio. You can use this on different platforms,, including Windows and Linux. Therefore, it is a very versatile app.

    You can use this app for medium to huge projects. It perfectly delivers your diagrams, shapes, and flowcharts.

    visio alternative
    Pencil Project

    Notable features:

    • Firstly, the app includes stencils and tools.
    • Secondly, it helps you in professional programming.
    • Lastly, you can work on multiple projects simultaneously. 

    Pencil Project comes free to you. Therefore, you can use it multiple times and gain benefits. 

    6. is a great multitasking app. You can operate multiple projects at a time with ease. It is used for planning a project and working on it. 

    You have to stay constant with your style. You can use the latest tools to create shapes and diagrams.

    Essential features:

    • First, you can save drafts on Google Drive or your desktop.
    • Next, you get a myriad of amazing options to draw varied diagrams.
    • Lastly, it can give different effects to shapes and diagrams. is free for 30 days. After that, you can get a pro pack for $200 and a basic for $20. Therefore, if you love working with after 30 days of the free trial, you can extend your package. 

    7. Yed Graph Editor

    If you are looking for an app that can draw diagrams quickly, then we have Yed Graph Editor for you. You can easily draw graphs, diagrams, and flowcharts.

    You can create powerful diagrams in a simplified process. Therefore, it is a powerful software to create top-notch diagrams.

    visio alternative
    visio alternative

    Salient Features:

    • Yed Graph Editor is a Visio alternative free.
    • You can position elements as per your preference.
    • You can import elements easily.

    Therefore, Yed is cool software to work with. It delivers prime diagrams and graphs in no time.

    8. Creately

    With Creately, you can easily create mind maps, charts, flowcharts, and diagrams. It is very lucid to use. Moreover, it can draw diagrams and shapes 3X faster than other apps. It also has a 1-click create a feature.


    Essential Features:

    • Firstly, you have separate libraries for separate diagrams to avoid cluttering.
    • You have intelligent diagramming.
    • Next, the app delivers magnificent diagrams and flowcharts.
    • Then, the stretching objects get automatically added to the timeline.

    It comes with 30 days of a free trial. Then, for a single user, it costs $5/month and for a team $25 per month.

    9. LibreOffice

    LibreOffice is an open-source graphics editor. It is best suitable for medium enterprises. You can use polygon, curve, and straight features to draw complex diagrams and flowcharts.

    visio alternative

    Salient Features:

    • Firstly, you can easily draw and create various files,, including flowcharts and diagrams.
    • Secondly, the app supports macro execution.
    • Thirdly, the configuration parameter easily defines the graphical plan.
    • Lastly, you can even recover your old documents.

    LibreOffice is a free tool and another free Visio alternative.

    To Sum Up!

    Microsoft is a great tool for simplifying drawing flowcharts, diagrams, and graphs. It is a great way to ace at a presentation. You can effectively show important data through graphical representation and diagrams. If you do not have Microsoft Visio, you can easily go for any of the above Visio alternatives.

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