Rethink Your Software With These 3 Unique App Development Tips

    Creation of applications, if you do not know how to program, is quite real. You just need to understand why you are making the application, choose the appropriate constructor and work in stages using enterprise mobile app development company.

    When can you create an application yourself

    On your own, you can create a small and simple application that will cover the needs of your existing customers. This will help build loyalty by showing that the company is trying to become even more convenient.

    In general, if there is a need that can be quickly closed by an application, it is worth creating it. Here are some more examples. A news outlet can make an app to make it convenient for subscribers to read the news. Medical clinic – so that clients can choose the right doctor and make an appointment. Company – so that employees have quick access to standards, rules and knowledge base.

    But creating an application on your own for the sake of promoting a company is a bad idea. You need to be very accurate in guessing the request of potential customers and make an application that will be seen, downloaded and not deleted after the first use. This is difficult and most likely will not be worth the investment.

    Ways to create applications

    The classic way to develop is to hire programmers. But there is also an option when you create an application yourself, using special services. Let’s consider both.

    1. Development with a programmer

    The method is suitable for teams that have a developer on staff with relevant experience or money to hire one. It can be either an individual freelance specialist or an entire agency – the choice will depend on the complexity of the application and the size of the budget.

    Before hiring a specialist from the outside, make sure of the experience – ask for examples of work. Ideally, these should be examples in your topic, such as shopping or booking tickets.

    2. Zero-code app builders

    For those who do not know how to program, there are services on the market for self-creation of applications – the so-called no-code or zero-code services. You will receive a selection of such services with descriptions and prices further in the article.

    Zero-code services work on the principle of constructors: you assemble an application from an existing set of elements and functions, create your own design. Traditionally, there is a set of ready-made templates that you can adapt for yourself.

    The functionality of these services directly depends on the tariff. A minimum of features are available on free or cheap. Read more

    3. Services for creating mobile applications

    There are zero coding services in which you create applications using visual logic – you assemble them from ready-made blocks, customize the appearance and functions.

    What to consider when choosing a service:

    • Language. Most of the good services for creating applications are in English, there are very few Russians, but there are some in the collection.
    • Interface and functionality. If there are any special requirements, then check their feasibility at the stage of choosing a service. At the same time, look at the interface – can you work in this.
    • Results format. It should be a ready-made package with application files. Or the service itself will help you upload the application to the stores – this is ideal to avoid unnecessary complications.

    I have collected services for you that allow you to create a mobile application and share the result – download ready-made packages, create a download link for users or upload it to the store. The price is indicated for the tariff at which you can get packages for uploading to stores or help from a download service.

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