How Does Netflix Knows What You Like – The Recommendation Algorithm of Netflix?

    Netflix needs no introduction in the world of online streaming services. This online streaming service was started in 1997 before digital streaming took over conventional streaming. The company came up with amazing ideas to produce shows, series, and movies online to give the users an experience of binge-watching their favorite shows and movies while being in their beds. Though it has some geo-restrictions that block content region wise but with the premium VPNs for Netflix, you can access all the content libraries. However, the amazingness of Netflix and its popularity is not because of this factor but due to the kind of shows it produces and suggests. While talking about the suggestions that Netflix makes to its viewers, it is purely surprising and shocking to see how Netflix can predict what a viewer likes and wishes to watch.

    What’s Data Got to Do with It?

    The term big data is what we hear all around in this time, and from business to tech-products and even in the entertainment industry, there is nothing possible without correctly analyzing the numbers. Data sciences have made the companies predict what people are liking and how many people are liking one thing. This makes the companies analyze their most selling products, most-watched shows, and much more. The ability to automatically collect data from millions of users and interpret it in the best cause has made Netflix able to bring the on-point recommendation to its users.

    How Netflix Tops the Recommendation Game?

    Netflix has got around 7000 shows, series, and movies in its libraries, and it is almost impossible for a user to find a movie or show that they will like. Thus, to make the viewers have the best shows according to their likes and interests is one thing that Netflix has done. They came out with a recommendation algorithm that suggests the shows and movies to viewers based on their search history.

    According to Netflix’s official website, your search history and other interaction with the services are the basic sources to know about your likes and dislikes. This is then used to suggest or recommend the shows and movies that you will enjoy for sure. Moreover, Netflix has also mentioned that you are asked to select a few titles that you like when you create an account. This helps Netflix to give your experience with the platform a jump start. To make it a more personalized experience, Netflix gives you rows and ranking representation. This makes the contemplations on suggesting more movies and shows that you can watch.

    Conclusively, the point here is pretty simple. Like any other business organizations or digital media tools, Netflix considers the data that it collects to make its users have the best suggestions on things to watch. They get the jump start by taking the viewers’ input and then keeping a check on their search history to suggest them the best shows and movies from their liked genre.

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