The 25 Prettiest Baby Girl Names

    Are you recently blessed with a baby girl? Congratulations! 

    Picking the most unparalleled name for your munchkin may seem pretty daunting for many parents. As the names reflect her personality, you must be picky while choosing a classic yet out-of-the-box name. However, pretty girl names sound attractive and also ladylike. 

    Here we have put together an enormous baby girls’ list to make it relishable and easier to rummage the top-notch name. 

    25 Baby Girl Names for your Pretty Child

    Prettiest names remind us of angels with a sweet smile on their faces! Since parents seek the best for their daughters, our recommendation will be the CocoFinder website 

    Now, without wasting any time, have a look at the top 25 prettiest baby girl names so that you will never be left seeking ingenuity for your future progeny. 

    1. Ashley

    Such a dulcet name ‘Ashley’ has its roots in England; it means ‘dweller close to the ash tree meadow.’ Therefore, the name is somewhat local, and it holds the history of both feminine and masculine names. 

    2. Jasmine

    Girls are like flowers, so the pretty girl names, such as ‘Jasmine’ itself holds significance! What is cuter than a delightful fragrance? The name is well-known for its fragrant blossoms. Moreover, ‘Jasmine’ is the embodiment of sweetness and profound beauty.

    3. Hayley

    Who does not want to name her child ‘Hayley’ because of its awe-inspiring sweetness? Apart from being a unisex name, it is a traditional name for girls, which means ‘meadow of hay.’ 

    4. Olivia

    We have the name ‘Olivia,’ which is broadly famous due to its rich Latin background. However, it is the feminine term that comes from ‘Oliver.’

    5. Amelia

    ‘Amelia’ has got its recognition due to its pleasantly feminine and charming nature! The name has German origination, which means hard-working. 

    6. Camille

    A pretty girl name, ‘Camille’ sounds as delicate as it rolls off our tongue. Despite its vague meaning, English-speakers translate it to ‘young ritualistic students.’

    7. Niamh

    Every parent’s dream is to see their baby girls growing up as radiant and intelligent. This ‘Gaelic’ name ‘Niamh’ would be a superior moniker.

    8. Victoria

    The name itself showcases royalty and grace! If you are rummaging around any glamorous name, ‘Victoria’ would be perfect as it means ‘goddess of success.’

    9. Everly

    If you add a dash of Eva, and a pinch of Emily, and some of Beverly, it spawns a beautiful name, ‘Everly.’ Often it is spelled as ‘Everley’ or ‘Everleigh,’ which means ‘from Ever’s meadow.’

    10. Mia

    Doesn’t it sound cool when you call your daughter ‘Mia?’ It is one of the pretty girl names, which is sweet, short, and comparatively feminine. Being a short version of ‘Maria,’ it means ‘mine.’

    11. Ariadne

    The name ‘Ariadne’ may sound exaggerated or a mature one for your baby. But, it means ‘timeless quality,’ which is mainly a Greek goddess name.

    12. Emma

    Emma has conquered the beautiful girl’s list as it is significantly popular for a few decades. Its origin is from Germany, which means ‘universal.’

    13. Sophia

    According to the adage ‘old is gold and it will renew again,’ it has its unique connection with Sophia. It is a sweet name, popular one among parents, which means ‘wisdom’ in Greek.

    14. Bella

    If you want to dig into a prolific yet beautiful name, it makes sense if you name your child ‘Bella.’ In Italian, ‘Bella’ means pretty and also an eye-alluring personality.

    15. Rose

    A fancy name like ‘Jasmine,’ ‘Lily, and ‘Daisy,’ the name ‘Rose,’ hit the list of pretty girl names. However, ‘Rose’ has a positive vibe in it.

    16. Ada

    It may sound a bit old-fashioned, but ‘Ada’ has its stylish appearance as it means ‘nobility’ or ‘noble.’ Furthermore, it is also remindful of ‘Ava.’

    17. Charlotte

    An elegant and classic name, ‘Charlotte’ originated from a ‘French’ background. Therefore, it hits the list of pretty girl names, which means ‘free man.’

    18. Luna

    Are you a die heart fan of astrology? So, naming your child after ‘Luna’ will be a leading choice, which is a Latin name. ‘Luna’ means ‘the moon.’

    19. Elodie

    With an exquisite meaning of ‘foreign riches,’ ‘Elodie’ gets wide inspiration from the Greek name ‘Alodia.’ Hence, it would be a unique and top-notch moniker, originated from England.

    20. Lucy

    Love for ‘Lucy?’ It should be as the name is potential enough, which means ‘saucy and solid.’ This moniker comes up from the Roman version of ‘Lucia,’ which dictates ‘light.’

    21. Evelyn

    If you had a complicated conception, you must consider the name ‘Evelyn,’ which means ‘anticipation for a child.’ Such a cute and delicate name came up from ‘French Aveline’! 

    22. Alice

    A dulcet German name means ‘noble.’ ‘Alice’ is among the pretty girl names, which are simultaneously trendy and outdated. As the popular character Alice drifted to wonderland, it will be a perfect choice for literary parents.

    23. Eloise

    The name ‘Eloise’ is reminiscent of a famous child’s book series, which showcased a young girl’s life in Plaza Hotel. The name has some powerful meaning of ‘wide’ and ‘healthy.’

    24. Anna

    Anna got significant applause on the list of pretty girl names for years! This Hebrew name means ‘grace,’ which would be a famous substitute to the simplistic ‘Ann.’ You may identify it from Kristen Bell’s character in ‘Disney Frozen’ or maybe from Leo Tolstoy’s ‘Anna Karenina.’

    25. Peyton

    The name ‘Peyton’ is unisex mainly, but it recently hits a peak and ranks higher for females. According to old English, it means ‘royal’ or ‘farm of Paega.’ 

    Concluding words

    These names listed above are recently bubbling up, and the baby naming CocoFinder website keeps track of the parent’s interest in names. We are diligently catching those prettiest names gaining immense popularity. Parents are nowadays inclined to opt for those unisex names for their baby girls. 

    Therefore, every name means something divergent with this significant rise in these pretty girl names. You may pick any name from the aforementioned list, which will be an embodiment of cuteness, strong personality, wisdom, and many more!

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