10 Best Predictive Dialer Software in 2021

    Predictive Dialer Software is an automated telephone system that is designed to contact potential customers with sales agents from call centres. This whole system was started in the late ’90s and since then has upgraded a lot. Whenever an agent finishes the conversation with a potential client, and the call is done, the next call is done automatically.

    It helps those agents to cut down the time of going through the list of phone numbers of customers and calling them individually. It uses a complex algorithm that analyzes the performance of the call centre agents to give them the best call possible at any given time. Other than that the system automatically drops busy numbers and unanswered phone calls. The predictive dialer system is also known as an automated dialer and telemarketing dialer.

    Forms of Predictive Dialer Software

    There are multiple ways the system can be implemented depending on the need of the company and the cost to performance ratio.

    1. Soft Dialers

    The first form of PDS is Soft Dialers which are essentially a software-based solution. Thus it costs less than the other options. This type of PDS needs to be connected with some kind of existing Private Brunch Exchange system to work.

    With it, you can get call analysis, call recording, interactive voice response etc. Soft Dialers are mainly used to cut costs and flexible design. Although, older Private Branch Exchange might not work with it.

    2. Hard Dialers

    Then we have Hard Dialers which are hardware based systems, thus do not depend on Private Branch Exchange and sometimes can even work without it. This system demands fewer telephone connections as it can connect directly with Public Switched Telephone Network.

    Although it costs higher than Soft Dialers, you get many advantages. For example, there is no need to upgrade the system while upgrading PBX and it provides a higher call capacity, approximately 100,000 calls per hour.

    3. Smart Dialers

    Next up is Smart Dialer which is a newer option you have. This system comes with integrated voice messages. The main benefit is as it can start the call without the need of an agent, it can pass the calls which have a higher chance of success to the real agents. Thus, saving time and labour.

    On the downside, many people hearing an automated message might not even try to listen to what the call is saying and turn it down. Also, many states and countries need prior permission to use this type of system, making it a worse option.

    4. Hosted Dialer

    Another newer alternative is Hosted Dialer. This uses the SaaS model (Software as a Service) where a third party takes care of the hosting of the predictive dialer system. You only need a computer and internet connection to start working on this module. The main reason to use this system is there is close to no investment needed at the start and if you face any issues, the hosting companies will take care of that.

    On the flip side, if your internet goes down your agents are forced to sit back and relax. Not only that, the success rate is much lower than expected as the predictive system used in this type of dialling is not top of the line most of the time.

    5. Hybrid Dialers

    Finally, we have Hybrid Dialers, which is a form of Soft Dialer but it uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) rather than PBX system and uses internet connection like Hosted Dialling system.

    The best part of Hybrid Dialers is it has all the advantages of Soft Dialers and a Hosted Dialer but supports less capacity than hardware-based dialers.

    Best Predictive Dialer Software Providers

    Keeping everything in mind, let us dive into the best predictive dialer software you can use in 2021 for your business:

    1. ICTBroadcast


    First up we have ICTBroadcast which is a multi-tenant, unified communications and telemarketing software solution. Other than voice, it has support for SMS and Email broadcasting. It comes with inbound IVR, IVR Studio, press 1 campaign, complete call centre, AMD, HLR, DNC, survey etc. This is suitable for small businesses and service providers.

    2. VocalCom


    Then we have VocalCom which is a reliable solution for managing call centre calls. This can be used in any kind of enterprise and is really easy to learn. So if you just started your business, you might want to check this solution. If you need more than calling, with add-ons they offer SMS, email, and call recording. The best part is it does not need a Private Brunch Exchange.

    3. VoiceNT


    Next up is VoiceNT. This is another easy to use solution for predictive dialling, preview dialling, a progressive dialer and manual dialling. You can add unlimited contacts and generate reports depending on the outcome of your agents. To handle this many calls, you can automate customer-based triggers, set up email drip systems and run marketing campaigns.

    4. AirCall


    If you want to cut costs on hardware, AirCall can be a great solution as it is a complete cloud-based system that can connect with your favourite CRM & Helpdesk software. At the time of writing, more than 8,500 companies are relying on AirCall and it is easy to set up in seconds. You can also connect it with your pre-existing tools like Microsoft Dynamics, Freshdesk and Shopify.

    5. Aspect


    For a complete call centre solution, Apect is a great tool. It can automatically detect busy signals, not answering calls and redial or call the next person. You can also start a campaign and modify it depending on your needs. It can also handle time zones, number portability and maintain local and state calling rules.

    6. Ameyo


    Next on the list is Ameyo which recently merged with Exotel to provide a better solution and to create the largest customer engagement cloud platform in emerging markets. Companies like Ola, HDFC, Start Chartered and Swiggy is taking advantage of Ameyo. This is best suited for enterprises and big businesses. Thanks to VoIP calls, you can use Ameyo to provide audio-visual help to your customer to ‘humanize’ your Contact Center Interactions.

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    7. IQAutoDial

    IQAutoDial is a cloud-based auto dialling software that comes with many ways to raise the sales hastening processes. It comes with built-in CRM, easy to access interface, seamless application integration and 24/7 online servers. On their website, they say you can boosts your agent’s productivity up to 300% with it, which is a bold claim. Their basic pricing is also listed on their homepage.

    8. CallHub


    Then we have a telephony service that integrates with your CRM, CallHub. It is a call centre software, which can also be used for voice broadcasting and SMS marketing. More than 3,000 companies are using this solution in over 200 countries. With this tool, you can reach the right people at the right time thanks to their political phone banking, robocalls, peer to peer texting etc.

    9. CallCenterHosting


    In the time of the pandemic, most of the companies are using cloud-based solutions, so their agents can take a call from the comfort of their homes. CallCenterHosting is a tool you can use for this type of situation. It comes with a predictive dialer that helps you to connect with potential customers around the globe. The best part is it comes with 24/7 customer support and a free trial.

    10. RingCentral

    Ring Central
    Ring Central

    Last but not the least, we have RingCentral which is a call centre program that is stable and reliable. This tool is meant to be used in enterprise to small business platforms. Their main features are built-in agent monitoring and coaching tools, comprehensive WFO/WFM solutions, seamless agent blending, configurable callback tools and others. You can also record all the calls and use text to speech functionality.

    Things to Consider While Getting a Predictive Dialer System

    Getting a predictive dialer system might cost a lot, so there are many things that you have to consider first.

    • The first priority should be the features. Many programs come with a slightly different feature set and you should consider those depending on your needs.
    • The second thing is the cost. If you just starting out, you might not want to invest a fortune, which might not work out later. Many tools, like CallCenterHosting also comes with a free trial. So do take advantage of that. The cost has two parts. First is the initial cost, to get the system. But after that, there will be recurring costs, like a subscription, or the expense you have to do for service.
    • You also have to check if the PDS is compatible with your existing system, like the Private Brunch Exchange. All the software does not run in all operating systems, so you will have to check that too.
    • But the most important aspect of a PDS is user-friendliness. The worst thing that can happen is the tool is too hard to use for you and your agents.

    Wrapping Up

    So, these are all the best 10 predictive dialer software you can use in 2021. As you read through, you can also go to their website for more information. On the other hand, if you have any questions about any specific program, you can get help from their customer support.

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