Popular item: why is it profitable to sell e-cigs?

    An electronic cigarette is an electronic device that looks like an ordinary cigarette and allows you to simulate the process of smoking. It includes a replaceable cartridge and a charger. In the case of the cigarette, there is a battery and a tiny steam generator. The whole mechanism is activated as soon as you do tightening. In the process of smoking, steam which contains a dose of nicotine is generated,

    By inhaling the vapour, nicotine is delivered to the human body by puffing the electronic cigarette and inhaling the smoke, followed by exhalation. A conventional electronic cigarette is equipped with a light-emitting diode that visually simulates the smouldering of tobacco. The strength and taste of a cigarette depend on electronic filters, which contain nicotine and flavouring liquids. Filters are unscrewed from the main body and easily replaced. One filter is equivalent to 15-50 cigarettes.

    Is it profitable to sell e-cigs?

    Every year, smokers spend about  $750 billion on their habit. This gives tobacco companies the most strong motive and an almost unlimited resource for protecting the place under the sun. They can make even the fashion for smoking electronic cigarettes without tobacco to benefit them.

    The annual sales of electronic cigarettes and liquids in the world reached $ 8 billion. This is just over 1% of the tobacco market, but its participants are concerned about trends. Because of the loss of access to the most effective types of advertising in the US and Europe, it became difficult for them to attract new smokers. Fashion for vaping among young people can deprive the tobacco industry of the inflow of consumers in the future.

    In a long struggle with doctors, social activists, and state regulators, tobacco companies have turned into steel rats of business and are not going to surrender.

    What about the vape industry in the USA?

    In the United States, this industry seems to be on the verge of total extinction due to the active action of the FDA. Created for the benefit of the American population, the organization quickly changed its orientation with obtaining real power over the situation. Nevertheless, two congressmen, Tom Cole and Sanford Bishop, recently submitted amendments to the current legislation, which can constrain one’s intentions of the FDA.

    Over the past year, the FDA has been focused solely on exterminating the vaping industry, using false statements as evidence, without relying on actual research results. Undoubtedly, initially, the amendments against the vaping industry were aimed, first of all, at protecting the population from the effects of a potentially dangerous, unexplored product and carcinogenic substances. With the passage of time, it eventually became more like a defense of the interests of the monopoly of large representatives of the tobacco industry.

    The results of numerous studies confirm that vaping is much less harmful and has less carcinogenic substances, both for the user and for others. In general, the figures confirm that the vaping is about 95% safer than traditional cigarettes.

    After unsuccessful attempts to classify electronic cigarettes as medical devices aimed at establishing control and subsequent prohibition of their import into the US, which was not supported by the judicial system, the FDA demanded inclusion of the products of the vape industry in the list of “tobacco products.” The absurdity of the situation was not at all embarrassed by the experts of the organization for control of food and medicine. The resulting inconsistency is due to the lack of electronic cigarettes and tobacco components in the composition of the devices and liquids. Instead, there is only a nicotine component obtained by the laboratory, without which it is impossible to stop the withdrawal syndrome in traditional cigarette smokers without being exposed to tobacco.

    Because of the wrong classification of e-cig vaporizer, the industry will continue to expect unpleasant surprises. They are included in the long-term and complicated procedure for certification of products, which will be carried out by experts from the FDA, in each case, deciding on the possibility of selling goods in the US. To approve one commodity position of the average manufacturer associated with a paper, it will take a certification activity of 500 hours, the cost of which is more than 300,000 dollars.

    Vaping can help hopeless smokers

    Independent world organizations, through their research, confirmed the effectiveness of quitting conventional cigarettes with electronic substitutes, which are safer than tobacco products by about 95 percent. Neither the research of authoritative sources nor the opinion of people who use them to abandon cigarettes – have not convinced representatives of the FDA. This fact pushes smokers into the abyss, directly to return to traditional tobacco products.

    In a recent experiment, the results of which were published in Nicotine & Tobacco Research, the use of an electronic device for nicotine consumption instead of cigarettes could potentially lead to a 21% reduction in deaths among the population born after 1997.

    Despite the convincing evidence of scientists, the FDA insists that electronic cigarettes do not give any real benefit to the health of the population. At the moment in the society and the US authorities, there is a split of habitual thinking and an avoidance of usual stereotypes, which is not always beneficial for the population. Fortunately, there are still people and pro-government organizations that help Americans fight for their rights to use nicotine substitutes aimed at reducing harm to the human body from smoking cigarettes.

    A little respite

    The law proposed by Congressmen can provide a small delay for the industry to prepare for changes in working conditions in the US market. Also, by making amendments, it is necessary to limit the current capabilities of the current regulator about electronic cigarettes and related commodity items.

    Besides, it can free the producers of vaporizers that went on sale until 2017 from the complicated procedure of certification and downtime of production facilities during it. Of course, this will not solve the difficulties that have arisen but will provide equal opportunities for the tobacco industry and the make this industry to stay afloat.


    Florence Temples is a healthy lifestyle blogger and independent journalist. She lives in Orlando (Florida). Florence researches her friends’ and relatives’ attitude to health and writes informative posts,  encouraging people to give up bad habits.

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