Play, Download And Stream 4K/HD Videos for Free with 5KPlayer

    Tired of basic video players degrading the quality of your favorite movies? Or streams that buffer more than actually playing the important matches you just cannot miss on? Download 5KPlayer that solves all your playback issues—for free! Now play, download and stream your favorite videos and music in high resolution with 5KPlayer.

    What’s more? We have put together 3 main features that you must check out!

    1. Playback

    Be it your favorite movies or DVD, music or live radio, IPTV/MU3 or 360-degree videos— now play all your favorite media using 5KPlayer. What’s interesting is that there’s no need to install different apps to play different files, 5KPlayer supports almost all formats that make playing media absolutely hassle-free for you!

    • Powered by the best in the industry, 5KPlayer is GPU accelerated and has NVIDIA Intel DXVA and AMD hardware acceleration, which takes your entertainment experience to the next level!
    • Need to watch large videos but cannot find a platform to? Your search truly ends here! 5KPlayer is capable of dealing with UHD and large videos. Not only that but also supports 10-bit HEVC (HDR) video and H264 8K videos for absolutely no extra cost!
    • Oh, also, no need to install any other applications for editing videos! Now cut, edit, rotate, change playback speed, color balance— and more with 5KPlayer.
    • Tired of opening up of random links and too many ads keeping you from converting your videos? 5KPlayer easily allows you to convert any video to MP3/AAC!

    2. Streaming

    Streaming made easy! Forget buffering and broken links, 5KPlayer provides an excellent streaming experience that lets you stream videos and music between DLNA compatible devices. Now get the benefits of 5k as well as 4k video player.

    From Android to PC, it can serve as a 4k player for Windows  and from  Android to Mac, it serves as 4k player Mac features too.

    • From a computer to Android/Smart TV/PS4/Xbox, it can easily stream high-quality videos for free!
    • You also get an option to AirPlay mirror iPhone/ iPad/ iPod screen to Windows/Mac in simple steps! Easily record iPhone / iPad screen while mirroring.

    Play your favorite movie, video, music or download the visual content available online with 5kPlayer. You can also airplay the streaming files as the software of this player provides a library where users can create their own personalized media collection in a very fancy manner. One can easily access your favorite video content as per their desire.

    3. Download

    Its downloader easily supports plenty of audio and video websites without any subscription. You can freely download the desired format in Ultra HD, 1080p quality or directly access them through Facebook, MTV, Vevo or any other platform. 5KPlayer can easily convert online audio-video tracks to AAC, MP3, MP4 or another format. Save video to MP3 without going to external links for the same. Now download video music in just one touch!

    • Need subtitles for the videos you watch but cannot find the ‘with subtitle’ versions of your desired media? Easily download videos with subtitles using 5KPlayer!
    • Download ranges of files in simple steps by the option to batch download.
    • Want to take a break but cannot remember where you left your video? Now you don’t even have to, resume your videos from the breakpoint with 5KPlayer!

    Why 5K Player?

    With these amazing features, 5KPlayer is definitely one of the best applications right now that allow you to take all actions you need, at a single place. This player automatically renders high-quality video and audio content intuitively detecting for the multiple sound formats.

    You can get astonishing quality with the content along with having ultimate experience with the sound. One of the perks is that it is free and you can play your favorite part of your music with absolute convenience. This player performs multitasking like HD video player, music player, airplay enabled audio-video streamer, DLNA and many more.  Also, it can be recommended as a media player for Windows 10 too.

    Some additional benefits of 5KPlayer are mentioned below.

    • 5KPlayer works perfectly on Windows 10/8/7/Vista and Mac OS X/High Sierra
    • A genuine application, it is safe to install and is bug-free
    • It’s free and has no ads
    • Now play videos, stream and download without creating any virus, malware or forcing extensions on your browser!

    5kPlayer refers to the perfect amalgamation of the DLNA controller, renderer and server. It can instantly link a large number of systems supporting interoperability among each other. Its devices can also access the extreme media content from the library.

    Install 5KPlayer now!

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