5 Tips for Planning Document Management

    Companies often overlook the practice of document management. Did you know that the employees at work, on average, spend over 25% of their time searching for information they need to carry out the task? 

    This, in turn, not only adds stress to the workspace but impacts the overall efficiency and productivity of the company. The answer? Board portal software. 

    But what does a board portal do for your company? It helps you build a champion team and effortlessly maintain connection with it, while keeping track of all the essential processes. Let’s learn why it is worth investing in your document management strategy, as well as board software,

    What is a document management strategy?

    A document management strategy is a strategy that enables you to create, track, deliver, and store essential business documents. 

    From board document management to sharing files to tracking to monitor and evaluating, and storing the data, a business needs a reliable platform to cover it all. One of the most efficient platforms to cater to those needs is the board meeting software. A well-designed board portal is crucial for facilitating the seamless flow of information within the company.

    Why is creating a document management strategy for your business entity so important?

    Documents are a manifestation of the hard work you have put in building your business entity. Nonetheless, it would be of no use if you haven’t put your documents systematically or mishandled them. Without a doubt, opting for a robust document strategy helps the employees find, access, deliver, and share important documents quickly.

    Investing in a cloud-based web portal such as the Directors Desk and other board meeting software may seem overwhelming at first. But, the good news is they will help you in the long run. Having document management system:

    • Protects critical information
    • Reduces operating cost
    • Improves access to information
    • Decreases litigation risk

    Top 5 tips for planning document management

    Consider these miniature document management tips that will help you save time and make the best out of it:

    1. Set up a team: What gets measured gets done

    Yes, the company has to set up a team and realistic goals before embarking on the journey of document management. Make sure you are curating quantifiable goals. That’s because merely logging in to the virtual boardroom and hoping the system will do the work on its own results in nothing but failure.

    Hence, forming a team to wrap up all of the documentation processes ensures everyone is on the same page and creates accountability that makes sure the project gets done.

    2. Organize electronic file management

    In today’s fast-paced digital world, managing and keeping track of electronic files plays a crucial aspect of document management strategy. Companies all over the globe chalk out different business strategies to ensure the convenient and secure board of directors software, to manage the documents efficiently.

    Also, you can’t overlook the possibility of a loss of data due to error or any accidental leaks. Hence, a strong document management system is required. Good board management software includes all important aspects of documentation, starting from the creation and delivery to storage, retrieval, security, and a lot more.

    3. Examine your current process

    Data management system plays a vital role when managing workflow regardless of where you are across the world. However, the board of directors and trustees need to do due diligence. Why? It’s because looking at the current process of documentation will give you a better picture of how things are going and whether you are in the right direction.

    Don’t know what an effective examination of the documentation process should look like? Fret, not! Here’s what you can do to explore existing documentation elements:

    • If everyone has access to information
    • If the files are end-to-end encrypted
    • Whether the communication channel is unified
    • If the files are received or still pending

    Thus, investing in the board portal would save you a lot of time, hassle, and other resources. It’s a suite of tools from note-taking and annotation tools to voting features to digital board packs and many more.

    4. Make the optimum use of cloud storage: Draft your strategy

    Cloud storage automates much of the work for your company. Cloud is one of the most adopted technologies by businesses of all sizes as it allows them to store large data. It’s trending in the business world since businesses are now operating globally and are open to remote hiring. Hence, a need for an effective document management system is growing.

    Gone are the days when you have to rely on project management apps and other digital tools such as Zoom Apps. The board portal moves all of the company’s annotations, documents, agendas, and board meetings in one and secured platform. The benefits of using cloud-based portals include:

    • Better work engagement and collaboration
    • Ease of access to data
    • Better control of documents and security
    • Ease of data retrieval in case of accidental leaks of the data
    • Remote access from anywhere in the world

    Looking for the best document software solution? Streamline your company’s board meetings with the Directors Desk, and you won’t regret the investment. It has all from advanced security options to collaboration tools to calendar management to electronic signatures, etc. The biggest plus, you can access its features and functionalities from any device or setup.

    5. Manage your strategy in the long run

    Now that you have successfully landed up a team, determined your company’s goals, and implemented a document management plan – don’t overlook the importance of keeping a regular check. 

    Regular audits will help you measure the effectiveness of the team and ensure everyone is in the loop within the company.

    Final words

    Whether you are planning for work documents or personal documents – documents need to be in a well-organized structure and stored for better accessibility. 

    Once you have implemented a document management system, be sure to keep a check on it and engage your employees so that everyone is well-informed. Directors Desk, BroadPac, and Board Effect are some of the options – choose what works the best for your company.

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