Main Advantages of Using VDRs

    Understanding the Benefits of a Virtual Data Room

    Global businesses everywhere are striving for efficiency, constantly optimizing all processes within the company. This trend extends to corporate systems and technical upgrades and ensures a higher level of information security. At the same time, every organization has a large proportion of office workers who are used to working ‘the old-fashioned way’, approving documents by print or email. Very often, especially in government organizations, employees work with colleagues to negotiate documents on paper in meeting rooms, exposing the company to risks.

    Virtual data rooms provide the most natural online communication, as when interlocutors are in the same room. This format levels out the disadvantages of remote communication, so more and more companies are actively introducing video calls into the work process.

    Nowadays one can find a lot of software technologies, such as online data room, on the market. They can differ in terms of features offered, price, level of customer support, etc.

    In such companies, meetings take more time and money – both on the part of the organizer and on the part of the participants. Significant resources are required to make travel arrangements, and employees have to take the time to come to a meeting or training session. For the same reasons, communicating with partners is complicated. The company is simply limited geographically.

    Solving issues via e-mail and messengers often delays the coordination of projects, because it’s not easy to discuss the problem simultaneously with all participants in this format. In addition, important information can get lost in the flow of messages, which will affect the overall result.

    Difficulties also arise with employee feedback and engagement. Without personal interaction, less meaning is conveyed in the messages, and the sense of involvement in the common cause is reduced. This problem is especially acute if there are people in the team who need regular social interaction.

    A virtual data room solves these problems thanks to its functionality. A virtual secure data room software has much more benefits than a regular data room (access control, viewing, copying, printing, etc.). Because of increased efficiency, many enterprises and industries have switched to virtual data room services.

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    What Is a Virtual Data Room and What Is It For?

    Let’s imagine a situation: an important contract is being negotiated, the details of which are considered confidential. One of the invited partners posts the document online. The deal is blown up. Or another case: employee access critical corporate data and shows it up on one of the leaked telegrams feeds. There are dozens of situations where a confidential document can be lost or deliberately compromised, but the ways to counter this are few.

    One of the solutions is the use of permanent or temporary cloud storage or so-called Virtual Data Rooms (VDRs). According to many studies, this approach to working with documents already increases the efficiency and security of any organization.

    A virtual room is a space where documents are sorted into folders, and all participants have a certain level of access rights. They can download files, and upload and share them only with permission. This format of space allows organizing convenient collaboration within different business processes.

    Main Benefits of Virtual Data Rooms

    There are several features when choosing a VDR:

    1. Decreasing outer and inner network traffic – Email attachments are automatically reformed into safe links.

    2. Controlling admission to company data, no matter where it is located.

    3. Decreased incident inquiry expenses – the history of each employee’s work with each document is stored.

    4. It is Convenient and Functional – VDRs are increasingly replacing physical data rooms, which were traditionally used for document disclosure and sharing. With the globalization of business and an increased focus on cost reduction, online data rooms are becoming an appealing alternative to physical storage. VDR solutions are commonly available, immediately accessible, and more secure.

    5. An electronic data room allows you to share files in real-time. If you need to make quick changes or conclude an agreement, VDRs are a great option. They allow documentation to be delivered quickly. Just upload and send it to where you need it. The recipient can see it almost instantly and take action.

    6. VDR can save your company money. When it comes to the business budget, every bit helps. When you use this software instead of physically mailing documents, you save money on postage, paper, staples, and even copier consumables. These costs can increase over time, making VDR a smart solution for your budget.

    Many different industries can benefit from the use of VDRs, such as:

    • Auditing;
    • Mergers and acquisitions;
    • Banking;
    • Law;
    • Real Estate;
    • Technology,
    • Financial, and more.

    As VDRs may not be for everyone, be sure to discuss your options with investors, affiliated team members, your board of directors, and any potential VDR providers before registering.


    Using a virtual data room is an effective tool for storing and sharing documents with internal and external agents. Folder creation, differentiation of access rights, and other functional features of VDR allow organizing a comfortable collaborative workflow.

    However, both the cloud storage itself and the files contained in it need protection, which can only be ensured comprehensively by using secure dataroom software together with invisible document tagging. Implementing such a solution in a company will create a preventive effect and identify the source in case of information leakage.


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